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Honolulu Hahalua
Current season
Established 2037
First season: 2037 Honolulu Hahalua season
Play in and headquartered in The Kū Dome
Honolulu, Hawaii
Honolulu Hahalua logo
League/conference affiliations

NSFL (2037–present)

Current uniform
Team colorsBlue, Yellow          
General managerGregward Graves (Raven)
Team history
  • Honolulu Hahalua (2037–present)
League championships (0)
Conference championships (0)
  • ASFC:
Division championships (0)
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Playoff appearances (0)
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The Honolulu Hahalua is a professional American football franchise based in Honolulu, Florida. The Honolulu Hahalua currently compete in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL) as a member club of the league's American Simulation Football Conference (ASFC) which currently only has one division. The franchise was established in 2037 in the league's third expansion.


The Honolulu Hahalua were founded after the historic Season 22 DSFL Draft that saw the league get over two-hundred new recruits. Their founding general manager Gregward Graves used their first selection and the second overall selection of the expansion draft to select linebacker Mack Arianlacher as the first pick of the team. They traded back from the first overall selection that they were given in the Season 22 ISFL Draft, and ended up selecting Momona Keiki-Kāne with their first pick and the seventh pick overall; a pick that would be the first of many as they led the league in selections with 41 total. After that the team was also able to acquire pro bowlers Keʻokeʻo Kāne-Maikaʻi and Shawn Dawkins during the draft. Along with future defensive performance of the year award winner Jim Waters.

The 2037 season got off to a rough start for the Honolulu Hahalua as they went just 1-3 over their first four games, although that was not an unexpected result for the expansion franchise. They improved over the middle of the season by going 2-3 including a road win against the eventual Ultimus Bowl XXII winners the Colorado Yeti. After that the last stretch of the season was as rough as the start as they went just 1-3 to close out the season. Their final record of 4-9 left them last in their conference and kept them out of the playoffs.

Expectations were high as the team went into the Season 23 ISFL Draft though as the team once again had the most selections and looked to be trending in a good direction. Using the third overall selection the team was able to get linebacker Heinrich Kackpoo who was coming off a pro bowl berth. They continued to focus on defense as they went that way with five of their first six selections. Only four of their 14 selections were on the offensive side of the ball in fact.

Thus the 2038 season got off to a similar start to their previous season as they went just 1-4 over the first five weeks of the season thanks to a huge home win over their conference rivals the San Jose Sabercats 35-7 in week three. Their interconference games went far better as the team went 3-3 over the middle six games of the season. Upward trends continued through the last games of the season as Honolulu won 40-3 against the Austin Copperheads in week twelve en route to a 3-2 close to the season. While their 7-9 record was comfortably an improvement; it still only saw them to fifth in their conference and another season without a playoff berth.

With the third overall pick in the Season 24 ISFL Draft the Hahalua made the "can't miss" pick of Asher Montain. The Alabama Defensive Lineman had excelled at the DSFL level and would look to continue that trend at the ISFL. Though their opening two rounds would be defensive selections from there on Honolulu would focus primarily on Offensive positions with two Tight Ends, a Wide Receiver and two Offensive Linemen. Closing out the draft with the Mr. Irrelevant section they selected a third Defensive Lineman. With a primarily defensive focused draft in Season 23 and a primarily offensive draft this season the tides were turning for the Hahalua.

The 2039 season should have been the beginning of a turnaround for the Hahalua. They opened the first five weeks of the season going 3-2, including a victory against the San Jose Sabercats in Week 3. The remainder of the season would see Honolulu win one only to lose the week after. This was reflected in a 5-5 Conference record and an 8-8 record over the duration of the season. A one game improvement on the previous season kept them in fifth in their conference and maintained their status as perennial playoff outsiders. Should one more game have fell their way they would have experienced their first playoff game as the remainder of the conference saw playoff games all with 9-7 records, including the eventual victors San Jose.

Season-by-season records

Season Regular Season Record Post Season Record
2037 4 9 0 .308 0 0
2038 7 9 0 .438 0 0
2039 8 8 0 .500 0 0
Total 11 18 0 .379 0 0

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