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New York Silverbacks
Current season
Established 2040
First season: 2040 New York Silverbacks season
Play in and headquartered in Concrete Jungle
New York City
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NSFL (2040–present)

Current uniform
Team colorsGray, Mint          
General managerChabuddy G (zaynzk)
Team history
  • New York Silverbacks (2040–present)
League championships (1)
Conference championships (1)
Division championships (1)
Playoff appearances (5)
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The New York Silverbacks were introduced to the ISFL after the second largest draft class in league history appeared with the Season 25 ISFL Draft. Unlike past expansion teams GM Woelkers and bwestfield made a move in the off-season to get their quarterback of the future in Sam Howitzer with the Yellowknife Wraiths. The Silverbacks swapped picks with the Wraiths in rounds 1, 2, and 4 and giving up a 3rd round pick to get the franchise quarterback. The trades did not stop there as the GMs for New York moved from the 2nd to the 5th and then to the 13th after a trade with the Colorado Yeti that saw New York get Ashley Owens and Thor Kirby while giving up their swapped second and getting back their third. New York believed that in the stacked draft class they could afford to move down spots and it showed as in just their second season in the league the New York Silverbacks were able to make the playoffs, and even the conference championship game.

The expansion draft worked different for New York than it did for Berlin Fire Salamanders as they had already secured their Quarterback, New York went with a playmaker on defense with their first pick, and secured linebacker Jack Banks from the Honolulu Hahalua. Due to having a solid QB they needed a playmaker and grabbed Jackson Kingston from the Colorado Yeti a receiver who had flown a bit under the radar and would end up breaking out for the franchise securing breakout player of the year in his first season with the club. Another notable pick in the draft included corner Lord Beerus longtime player for the Orange County Otters who the GMs of New York then traded back to them for a fourth round pick and a future third.

During the Season 25 ISFL Draft New York nailed some very solid picks, in the first round they grabbed Hank Winchester the user Time Consumer a long time user in the ISFL with loads of experience. In the second they traded back with New Orleans Second Line and later picked their GM Dukburg Quakstak netting a 6th round pick. In the third they grabbed future defensive breakout player of the year in Bob Roberts. This doesn't even begin to cover some of the things later picks such as Marlon Alexander, Buster Bawl and Brick Van Sanzo would bring to the team.

During the Silverback's inaugural season the club managed 4-12, some say this was better than they thought while others argued this looked to be a team destined to go 0-16. While they may not have won a ton of games the Silverbacks were a hyper competitive team in their first year, despite a 4-12 record New York lost 7 of their games by only one possession. Flipping the script on all one possession games New York would have gone 9-7 on the season. Potentially good enough for playoffs in their first season. New York started slow losing many close games, and not securing their first victory until week 11 against the Arizona Outlaws. Despite the team not winning a lot of games there were many positives to the season. Their Quarterback Sam Howitzer Posted 27 touchdowns through the air to 14 interceptions, a solid rookie season by the face of the franchise. However this stat line is not possible without the assistance of his number one weapon Jackson Kingston acquired from the Yeti in the expansion draft Jackson really showed he could be the top option if he was allowed to be. Jackson went from 800 yards receiving to 1300 along with a boost from 3 touchdowns the year prior to 15 in his first season with the Silverbacks. Jackson road this statline into his breakout player of the year award at the end of the season to solidify himself among the top WRs in the league. The defense was solid as well coming in third in sacks, third in defensive touchdowns and third in tackles for loss. The secondary needed some work but would flourish into a force in year two of the franchise.

During the Season 26 ISFL Draft New York would continue to work on their young defense that had a lot of positives the season prior. With the second overall selection New York selected standout safety Dogwood Maple a highly touted safety prospect Dogwood would come in for the team and help them reach the playoffs in just their second season. Along with defensive line prospects Makoto Otawara and Primo Berto the New York Silverbacks would improve to be one of the top defenses in the league in terms of points allowed, 2nd in the league, first in their conference. Much of this breakout would stem from their previous draft pick, Bob Roberts on his quest to earn defensive breakout player of the year. New York also signed highly touted FA running back Captain Rodgers New York improved on the season and earned themselves a playoff berth and secured the first seed in the conference. A true worst to first story in the ISFL, The Silverbacks went from 4-12 to 9-7 on the season. However due to some wonky tie breakers in the ASFC, as there usually are, New York was not awarded homefield advantage in their playoff game against New Orleans Second Line and fell just short of an Ultimus trip.

S27 saw a few new faces enter the fold with Colt Mendoza being traded from Austin for picks + Tomage McGuligar. Also saw the drafting of James Wilkenson in the first round. New York biggest change however would be the stepping down of bwestfield and the appointment of new GM zaynzk. This season started strong with the silverbacks winning 7 of their first 11 games; however they would love that last 5 costing them a chance of a 2nd playoff appearance.

The next season was S28 which saw a few names leave the big apple; with Ashley Owens, Thor Kirkby, and Steco Oswielder all retiring. However their holes where filled by transitional pieces like Elijah Torres and Sandro Ryeu. The S28 draft would see a few prospects enter the team; names like Mongo and Brandon Prince likely the biggest two to have been drafted that year. Midway through the season New York added young WR Tugg Speedman who was able to help keep the momentum going. This was a very good New York team that was able to go 10-6 and make the playoffs for the 2nd time in their history. In a highly contested game, it New York lost by 4 points to the Austin Coperheads

S29 started with two very important moves, with woelkers stepping down as GM and TheRocheLimit stepping up to replace him. Also a big trade for Keʻokeʻo Kāne-Maikaʻi for Primo Berto and Sandro Ryeu. This season also saw the departure of Elijah Torres and Jay Kearse. New York managed a 10-6 record again however this time the belief was in the air. New York beat New Orleans Second Line in the wildcard game, and then handled the Arizona Outlaws in the Conference Championship Game then proceeded to play fellow expansion team Berlin Fire Salamanders in the Ultimus. New York ended up lifting the trophy, making them the fasted team to win a Ultimus after expansion.

Season-by-season records

Season Regular Season Record Post Season Record
2040 4 12 0 .250 0 0
2041 9 7 0 .563 0 0
2042 7 9 0 .438 0 0
2043 10 6 0 .625 0 1
2044 10 6 0 .625 1 1
Total 40 40 0 .50 3 2

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