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Austin Copperheads
Current season
Established 2030
First season: 2031
Play in and headquartered in Austin Stadium
Austin, Texas
Austin Copperheads logo
League/conference affiliations

NSFL (2031–present)

Current uniform
Team colorsCopper, Dark Silver, Orange[1]
General managerQueen Elizabeth II (frazzle14)
Team history
  • Austin Copperheads (2031–present)
League championships (2)
Conference championships (3) 2035 (S20), 2038 (S23), 2060 (S45)
Division championships (2) 2035 (S20), 2046 (S31)
Playoff appearances (18)
2033 (S18), 2034 (S19), 2035 (S20), 2036 (S21), 2037 (S22), 2038 (S23), 2041 (S26), 2043 (S28), 2045 (S30), 2046 (S31), 2047 (S32), 2048 (S33), 2054 (S39), 2055 (S40), 2056 (S41), 2057 (S42), 2059 (S44), 2060 (S45)
Home fields

The Austin Copperheads are a professional American football franchise based in Austin, Texas. The Copperheads currently compete in the National Simulation Football League (NSFL) as a member club of the league's American Simulation Football Conference (ASFC) which currently only has one division. The franchise was established in 2030 (S15) as one of the two most recent expansion teams. They began play in 2031 (S16).

History of the Austin Copperheads

Charlie Law was trusted with starting a NSFL franchise in Austin Copperheads, as a part of the most recent league expansion. Austin Copperheads first season was 2031 (S16), but the team was allowed to participate in the 2030 Draft, in reason of the immense size of the draft class. Their tactics in the 2030 draft were put under scrutiny, due to the fact of forgoing so many late picks and never getting a quarterback. More of the same in the Expansion Draft, following the conclusion of the 2030 (S15) season, where the team opted for stacking their defence and their scoring threats. Little did people know about the quarterback by the name of Easton Cole, the 2031 Draft 2nd round pick, out of Palm Beach, arguably a steal for that season.

However, Austin's first NSFL season was a complete disaster. No wins over 17 games, 4 losses in the preseason, 0-13 wins in the regular season, last in offence, last in defence, losing by an average of approximately 15 points a game, and allowing at least 24 points in 11 out of 13 regular season games, 30 points in 6 games, and allowing a league season-high 55 points, in a shutout loss to the San Jose Sabercats. The only salvation to their season was the overall first pick they obtained for the 2032 Draft.

In 2032 (S17), Austin Copperheads showed signs of improvement. Apart from 2032 Draftees, RB Ashley Owens, S Takeda Okura, and WR Jackson Valdez the Copperheads' roster remained intact. And they only became better. The offence was led by a poised Cole, and the defence was led by Dermot Lavelle Jr.. They had a rocky start to the season, winning only 2 of their first 7 games, missing on the playoffs early in the season. They finished the season with a respectable 5-8 record, but there was more to be desired in Austin Copperheads. And the next season was living proof of just that.

In the 2033 Draft, Austin Copperheads stayed true to their tradition, drafting defensive players all across the board. Again, apart from the draft additions, their roster remained intact for the 2033 (S18) season. They had a rough start, being 2-4 after 6 weeks, but they hit their stride in the following weeks, winning 4 or the last 7, including an upset of the Arizona Outlaws in week 10, to finish with a 6-7 record, making it to the playoffs for the first time in their history, as the 3rd placed team in the ASFC. In the wildcard game however, their cinderella run came to an end. The Arizona Outlaws took revenge for the week 10 game, fully taking advantage of their home field, beating the "Snakes", 33-26, ending their season.

Yet another season for the Snakes, yet another success story, despite rough performance. Austin Copperheads entered 2034 (S19) with the same roster as previous season once again, and results were more of the same. Cole leading the offence, and Lavelle Jr. leading the defence. The Copperheads were only with a single win after six games, and two wins after ten games, both wins coming against Arizona Outlaws, with all playoff hopes lost, with three games left to play. Could it be another miracle last year? They were set to face Yellowknife Wraiths, Chicago Butchers, and Philadelphia Liberty, needing only wins. It looked grim, considering Yellowknife's strong showing. But Austin Copperheads slithered to a 27-24 home win against the Yellowknife Wraiths, reigniting any lost hope for the remaining two games, which the Snakes won, finishing with a 5-8 record, edging the Arizona Outlaws in a tie for 3rd in ASFC due to the season sweep. Another miracle playoff run was in the looks for Austin Copperheads. But the New Orleans Second Line stopped them, beating them 28-17.

In 2035 (S20), the Austin Copperheads were feeling strong. After a really good season, the year before they were poised to make a real run at the Ultimus Cup. However, the New Orleans Second Line had other thoughts, as they were also loaded and ready for a run. Luckily, the season started between these two Conference rivals, with Austin prevailing. Austin went on to win 8 games that season, getting taking the regular season title led by QB Easton Cole and WR Rod Tidwell on offense, even though they lost in the last game of the season to a flailing Chicago Butchers team. Going into the playoffs they were hoping to get over on teams and make a run at a title. Austin was able to squeak by a really good Arizona Outlaws team in the first round to face New Orleans Second Line. Austin finally got past them, to get to a Ultimus game against the juggernaut that was Yellowknife Wraiths. Austin was able to take down the beast for their first ever Ultimus, winning the game 37-20 off the really strong performance from their QB Easton Cole. Austin was able to win the Ultimus for the first time, after only a few years past their inaugural season as an expansion team.

Following up their Ultimus trophy in the 2036 (S21) season, the Austin Copperheads were hoping to go on another magical run for a title. They got to face their rivals in New Orleans Second Line to start the season, as they typically do. Unfortunately, however for Austin they would drop this game 34-26, which is not the way they wanted to start their season. They would however have a bounce back game against Arizona Outlaws, in their second game. This was a bit of a down year for Austin as they were both good and bad at points, they could never find their pace and touch. They ended up trading wins and losses the whole season, finally ending the season off with a big 30-16 victory over the Philadelphia Liberty. This propelled them into the 2036 (S21) playoffs, where they were hoping to really surprise some teams. Unfortunately, for the Austin Copperheads they ran into a very very good New Orleans Second Line team, who handed them a close loss 23-17. This was a disappointing end to the season for Austin, as they were hoping to take hold of some of the magic from the previous year. They went out, hoping the following season would be a better one.

The 2037 (S22) season saw the start of a new Era for the International Simulation Football League, then known as the National Simulation Football League. This was the first time since the Austin Copperheads were formed that a new couple new expansion franchises were being added to the league. With these two new Franchises, Austin was no longer the new kid on the block. That being said there expectations were still really high for this season, but those would come crashing down to reality early. For whatever reason, Austin started this season very slowly. They reeled off 3 straight losses to being the season at the hands of Arizona Outlaws, Honolulu Hahalua, and Orange County Otters. The early season loss to one of these new expansion teams in particular was tough for the team. However, halfway through the season Austin found it's bite. They were able to end the season on an incredibly high note as they took off on a tear. They beat an expansion team in Sarasota Sailfish and from there they could not be beat. The Austin Copperheads were able to take the next 7 straight games on their way to making the playoffs. From the jaws of defeat and despair, Austin took their fate into their own hands and won. Led by a stellar season from QB Easton Cole and CB Dermott Lavelle Jr, Austin went into the playoffs hot. Austin would once again find themselves playing New Orleans Second Line in the first round of the playoffs, but were able to overcome their foes by the score of 34-27, moving on to play Orange County Otters. There the game was a shootout, ending in a score of 50-38 with Austin being on the wrong side of that scoreline. After such a slow start to the season however, this was an impressive outcome to Austin's season.

Coming off the loss in the Conference finals, Austin was really set for a good season, though some of their players were getting long in the tooth. It was good to see new stars like Net Gaines and old stars like Mako Mendonca really excel in their roles. Austin was hopeful that they would have a really good team in the 2038 (S23) season. However, their trend of slow starts continued to happen, as they lost two of the first three games of the season to New Orleans Second Line and Orange County Otters. Following those games, Austin turned things around for a short time, before tripping up in week 9 against Yellowknife Wraiths and that sent them on a down wards trajectory. They however, were able to right the ship against their rivals, New Orleans Second Line in week 13 on a big win 24-6. This helped to propel them into a huge win vs Arizona Outlaws in week 15, in a tight game 16-15. Austin was able to claim a playoff birth the following week and they were hoping to have a strong playoffs, despite being underdogs. Austin shocked the league by reeling off wins versus New Orleans Second Line in the first round and then vs Orange County Otters in the second round. This was good enough to send Austin to their second Ultimus Cup. However, it was not meant to be for Austin as the Yellowknife Wraiths were able to capture the Ultimus Cup, leaving the Austin Copperheads just a bit short for their chance at a 2nd title.

The Austin Copperheads were looking at a down season in 2039 (S24) going through a slight rebuilding process. They started the season on a 2 game losing streak, facing San Jose Sabercats and Arizona Outlaws, before gaining some traction beating a good Orange County Otters team. They spent all season winning 2 games and losing 2 games until week 9, where they went on a tough 4 game skid. They came back into victory beating Arizona Outlaws, who beat them earlier in the season. They were able to beat Honolulu Hahalua to finish the season. This season was really weird for them, as they beat very good teams, but lost to teams they should have beat. Austin ended the season at 7-9, which was disappointing for them. They were led by Easton Cole and Mendonca, who had decent seasons. Unfortunately, there record was not good enough to make the playoffs, ending an impressive playoff run for the former expansion franchise.

Following a disappointing season for Austin, they came back into 2040 (S25) hoping to really step up their record. They were bringing up a promising young rookie in Zoe Watts as their new running back.Zoe Watts was hoping for a offensive rookie of the year campaign and starting for a young Austin team, the opportunity was there. They started off really strong, beating Honolulu Hahalua in a close game. However, they would then lose the following game to Philadelphia Liberty in what was a pretty close game. They wouldn't get back on the winning way until they faced the new expansion team in New York Silverbacks, which gave them a pretty easy win. The rest of the season was very up and down, never really going on any type of run to gain traction. They ended the season on a really high note, by beating Orange County Otters which was a surprising win for Austin. They finished 7-9 again this season, which was not good enough to make the playoffs. They are shaping up with some young talent, to hopefully have a bounce back season in 2041 (S26).

The Austin Copperheads made a bold move during the 2041 offseason, trading away its 1st round pick that's 3rd overall and a 3rd round pick to the Baltimore Hawks for standout safety Maverick Bowie. With their second round pick, the Copperheads selected cornerback Slurms McKenzie, and in the 4th round they picked up a Kicker Gluteus Maximus.

Despite the promising additions to the team, the Copperheads struggled in their first game of the season, suffering a disappointing loss to the New Orleans Second Line. However, they bounced back in the following game, narrowly defeating the Honolulu Hahalua in a hard-fought battle and a stunning upset, the Copperheads then took down the heavily-favored Yellowknife Wraiths in their third game of the season.

From there, the rest of the season was a rollercoaster for the Copperheads, with both highs and lows. They managed to string together a few wins, but also suffered some tough losses along the way in the final game of the season for the 1st seed of the ASFC Playoffs the Copperheads lost it's crucial game to the San Jose Sabercats in the final week of the regular season.

The Copperheads managed to secure a playoff spot as the 3rd seed in the ASFC conference. Unfortunately, their journey came to an end in the Quarterfinals when they lost to the New York Silverbacks by the score of 34-15.

2042 (S27)

The Austin Copperheads entered the 2042 season with high expectations after the recent playoff berth last season, following some key trades during the off-season. The team parted ways with Mack Arianlacher and traded it's 2042 1st round pick in exchange for Brach Thomaslacher from the Yellowknife Wraiths, a trade that proved to be a valuable addition to the team.

In another trade, the Copperheads sent Three 2nd round picks and a kicker to the New Orleans Second Line for the 13th overall pick and a 2nd round pick. With the 13th pick, the team selected Candice Fitinyomouf, a dominant defensive tackle, and with the 2nd round pick, they drafted Jim The Vampire , a skilled linebacker.

The Austin Cooperheads' 2042 season was nothing short of a disaster. Despite high hopes and a promising offseason, the team struggled to find their footing and ultimately finished the regular season with a record of 3-13, making them the second-worst team in the league.

The Copperheads' disappointing record was marked by a series of losses and setbacks, with the team struggling to find consistency and maintain their focus. Despite the talented elite defense of the Copperheads the team was unable to generate the kind of cohesive, sustained effort necessary to win games.

2043 (S28)

After a disappointing 2042 ISFL season, the Austin Copperheads made some changes and to get back on track in the 2043 season. However, many analysts were skeptical of the team's decision to trade away their S28 and S29 1st rd picks to the Baltimore Hawks for Tony Yeboah and Felix Archstone. Despite the criticism, the Copperheads stood by their decision.

In the S28 draft, the Copperheads selected Bayley Cowabunga in the 2nd round and Daniel O'Leary in the 3rd round, both of whom showed promise throughout the season. However, it was the veteran players like Tony Yeboah and Felix Archstone who really helped to turn the team's fortunes around.

The Copperheads had an incredibly successful 2043 season, finishing with a record of 9-7 and securing a playoff spot as the 3rd seed in the ASFC Conference. The team's success was a testament to their hard work and determination, as well as the leadership of their veteran players.

In the playoffs, the Copperheads faced off against the New York Silverbacks in a close and hard-fought Quarterfinal game. The Copperheads emerged victorious with a score of 21-18, thanks to a strong performance by the entire team.

The Austin Copperheads' Semi-Finals matchup against the Arizona Outlaws was one of the most highly anticipated games of the 2043 ISFL season. The Arizona Outlaws were the top seed in the ASFC Conference and were considered by many to be the favorites to win the Ultimus.

However, the Copperheads came into the game with a strong defensive game plan and executed it to perfection. The team's defense put intense pressure on the Arizona Outlaws' offense, forcing them to not score in the first 2 quarters of the game.

In the end, the Copperheads emerged victorious with a final score of 16-13, causing a huge stunning upset and sending shockwaves throughout the league. The team's defense was the star of the game, with key contributions from players such as Troen Egghands, Hamish MacAndrew, Lesean Crooks and Maverick Bowie

The Copperheads' Semi-Finals victory over the Arizona Outlaws was a testament to their resilience and determination. Despite being considered underdogs, the team came together and executed their game plan flawlessly, ultimately securing a place in the ISFL Ultimus game.

The Austin Copperheads entered the 2043 ISFL Ultimus game against the Yellowknife Wraiths with high hopes after an incredible Semi-Finals upset victory over the Arizona Outlaws. However, the Yellowknife Wraiths proved to be a formidable opponent, and the Copperheads ultimately fell short in a close matchup, losing 24-19.

Despite the loss, the Copperheads put up a strong fight, with quarterback Jackie Daytona leading the offense and defensive standout Dex Kennedy making key plays throughout the game. Ultimately, however, the Yellowknife Wraiths were able to pull ahead and secure the victory.

Although the Copperheads were disappointed with the outcome, they can be proud of their incredible season and their stunning Semi-Finals victory over the top-seeded Arizona Outlaws.

2044 (S29)

The Austin Copperheads had high hopes for the 2044 season after reaching the Finale the previous year. However, things did not go as planned for the Copperheads, who struggled to find their rhythm throughout the season.

After trading away their 1st round pick a season earlier to the Baltimore Hawks, the Copperheads had to make the most of their 2nd and 3rd round picks. With their 2nd round pick, the Copperheads drafted wide receiver Ivan Toastovich, a promising young talent with good speed and great hands and also selected kicker Jean-Jacques Leroy in the 3rd round, hoping to improve their special teams.

Despite their efforts, the Copperheads struggled to put together consistent performances on the field. After winning their first game against the Honolulu Hahalua, the Copperheads suffered a 9-game losing streak that ultimately doomed their season.

With a disappointing record of 5-10-1, the Copperheads missed the playoffs and were left to ponder what went wrong. Despite the setback, the Copperheads remained committed to building a competitive team and looked forward to the challenges of the upcoming season.

2045 (S30)

The ASFC (American Sports Football Conference) season showcased an intense competition among its teams. The Arizona Outlaws dominated with a remarkable 14-2 record, securing a strong position in the league. The New York Silverbacks and Austin Copperheads both held a solid 11-5 record, displaying consistent performances throughout the season.

Offensively, the teams showcased their prowess, with the league averaging 25.9 points per game. Passing leader Jackie Daytona made an impact with 4621 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. On the ground, Zoe Watts stood out with 1404 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. Receiving leader Videl-San accumulated an impressive 1645 receiving yards and 13 touchdowns.

In terms of team statistics, the offense displayed its strength by averaging 408.9 yards per game, while the defense held strong by allowing an average of 394.0 yards per game. The competition was fierce, with teams vying for dominance in both offensive and defensive aspects.

2046 (S31)

TheAustin Copperheads had a dynamic and eventful season, showcasing their prowess on the football field through a series of compelling matchups. Despite a couple of initial losses during the preseason, they quickly rebounded with a series of strong victories, setting the tone for an exciting journey.

During the regular season, the Copperheads demonstrated their resilience and adaptability. They managed to secure crucial wins both at home and on the road, showcasing their ability to navigate diverse challenges. Notably, their offense led by quarterback Jackie Daytona and supported by a robust receiving corps displayed consistent performance, leading to a series of impressive victories.

Key highlights include their dominant victory over the San Jose Sabercats, where their offense put up an impressive 41 points. They also showcased their ability to secure hard-fought wins against the Honolulu Hahalua and the New Orleans Second Line, solidifying their position within the league.

The Copperheads' ability to excel in both offense and defense was evident throughout the season, allowing them to emerge victorious against formidable opponents like the Arizona Outlaws and the New Orleans Second Line. Their victories over these teams showcased their versatility and determination.

While they faced some challenges along the way, such as losses to the New York Silverbacks and the Berlin Fire Salamanders, the Copperheads' ability to bounce back and secure critical wins highlighted their resilience and commitment to success.

As the season progressed, the Copperheads' performance continued to impress, culminating in a dominant win against the Orange County Otters, where their offense erupted for 46 points. Their well-rounded and impactful contributions across various aspects of the game showcased their status as a formidable force within the ASFC. They would go on and lose to Honolulu Hahalua 30-27 in the ASFC

2047 (S32)

The Austin Copperheads had a commendable season in the ASFC, finishing with a solid 11-5 record and a .688 winning percentage. They showcased their prowess both at home and on the road, securing a 6-2 record at home and a 5-3 record on the road. The Copperheads performed admirably within their conference, posting an 8-4 record, and they also excelled within their division with another 8-4 record.

Offensively, the Copperheads displayed their scoring ability, tallying 493 points throughout the season, which contributed to their average of 30.8 points per game, ranking them second in the league. Their balanced approach to the game allowed them to rank third in total yards per game with an average of 403.0 yards. Their rushing attack was particularly noteworthy, ranking third in the conference and fourth in the league with an average of 117.2 rushing yards per game.

On the defensive end, the Copperheads held their opponents to an average of 25.3 points per game, positioning them at third place within the conference and sixth in the league. They also demonstrated a strong pass defense, limiting opponents to 284.0 passing yards per game, which ranked them tenth in the league.

Individually, the Copperheads had standout players contributing to their success. Their passing leader, Jackie Daytona, showcased his skills with 4572 passing yards and 36 touchdowns. In the rushing game, Zoe Watts made a significant impact with 1559 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns. Jim The Vampire, stood out in the receiving category with 1259 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns.

Throughout the season, the Copperheads demonstrated their ability to secure victories against formidable opponents, highlighted by their two-game winning streak towards the end of the season. Their performance showcased their competitive spirit and determination, solidifying their position as a strong contender within the ASFC. Losing to the eventual Ultimas Champions New York Silverbacksin a heart-breaking overtime loss in the first round.

2048 (S33)

The Austin Copperheads had a balanced performance during the ASFC season, finishing with an even 8-8 record. Their offense averaged 28.2 points per game (2nd in the conference, 4th in the league), gaining an average of 406.9 yards per game (2nd in the conference, 2nd in the league). Their passing game was particularly strong, with quarterback Jackie Daytona attempting 620 passes, completing 406 of them for 4980 yards and 40 touchdowns. The rushing game, led by Zoe Watts with 268 carries for 1242 yards and 9 touchdowns, maintained a solid presence.

Defensively, the Copperheads allowed an average of 25.8 points per game (3rd in the conference, 7th in the league), and opponents gained an average of 362.1 yards per game (1st in the conference, 3rd in the league). Their pass defense was especially effective, limiting opponents to an average of 264.4 passing yards per game (1st in the conference, 2nd in the league).

In terms of team performance, Austin Copperheads displayed strength at home, going 5-3 in their own stadium, and a more challenging 3-5 on the road. Their conference record was 7-5, and they held a 7-5 record within their division. The Copperheads finished the season on a positive note with a two-game winning streak.

The Austin Copperheads showed a balanced offense, particularly excelling in passing, while their defense performed well against the pass. Although they had an even win-loss record, their competitiveness and ability to secure victories, especially during the latter part of the season, indicate a team with potential and room for growth. They would make the playoffs but once again lose in the first round to the Orange County Otters.

2049 (S34)

The Austin Copperheads had a somewhat challenging season in the ASFC league, finishing with a 7-9 record. Their offense was strong, averaging 30.9 points per game, with Jackie Daytona leading the passing game with 2426 yards and 20 touchdowns. Jim The Vampire stood out in rushing, gaining 945 yards and scoring 10 touchdowns, while Bayley Cowabunga excelled in receiving with 1440 yards and 11 touchdowns.

The Copperheads had a notable trade, sending Cliff Burton to the New Orleans Second Line in exchange for an Arizona Outlaws 2052 7th Round Pick. Additionally, they acquired Sam the Onion Man from the Baltimore Hawks in exchange for a Copperheads 2050 7th Round Pick.

In terms of team performance, the Copperheads had some ups and downs, securing victories against opponents like the New York Silverbacks, Chicago Butchers, and San Jose Sabercats. However, they faced challenges against teams like the Arizona Outlaws New Orleans Second Line, and Baltimore Hawks, resulting in a few close losses.Their defense allowed an average of 26.9 points and 371.9 yards per game.

2050 (S35)

This is the start of new quarterback Tight End Eighty-Two. the Austin Copperheads had a challenging season in 2050 with a record of 5 wins and 11 losses. The team struggled on both offense and defense, averaging 22.4 points per game on offense and allowing 29.9 points per game on defense. They had a rough start in the preseason as well as the regular season, facing tough opponents like the Berlin Fire Salamanders, Colorado Yeti, and Honolulu Hahalua. Despite the difficulties, the Copperheads managed to make some trades and acquisitions, like trading for Sam the Onion Man and Bayley Cowabunga , as well as releasing Jackie Daytona. They also made trades involving players and draft picks with other teams like the Honolulu Hahalua and the Yellowknife Wraiths. The Copperheads had some ups and downs in their schedule, with notable wins against the New Orleans Second Line and the San Jose Sabercats. However, they also faced tough losses to teams like the Arizona Outlaws and Orange County Otters. Overall, it was a challenging season for the Austin Copperheads.

2051 (S36)

The Austin Copperheads had yet another mixed performance in the ASFC league with a 7-9 record. Their offense averaged 22.7 points per game, ranking 6th in the conference, while their defense allowed 25.8 points per game, placing them 6th as well. In terms of yards, their offense gained an average of 375.8 yards per game (1st in the conference), with 72.4 rushing yards (7th) and 303.3 passing yards (1st). Defensively, they allowed an average of 362.9 yards per game (5th), with 97.2 rushing yards (2nd) and 265.8 passing yards (6th).

In terms of individual performances, quarterback Tight End Eighty-Two attempted 714 passes and completed 471 of them for a total of 4853 passing yards and 24 touchdowns. Running back Jim The Vampire carried the ball 158 times, accumulating 699 rushing yards with an average of 4.4 yards per carry, and scored 9 touchdowns. Wide receiver Johnny Patey made 118 receptions for 1697 yards, averaging 14.4 yards per catch, and scored 11 touchdowns.

When looking at their schedule, the Copperheads had notable wins against teams like the Berlin Fire Salamanders and the New York Silverbacks, but they faced challenges against strong opponents such as the Sarasota Sailfish and the San Jose Sabercats. Their performance was marked by inconsistency, with both wins and losses against teams they faced more than once. The Copperheads seemed to perform better in home games, with a 3-5 record on the road.

2052 (S37)

The Austin Copperheads had a disappointing season in 2052, finishing with a record of 2 wins and 14 losses. Their struggles were evident both offensively and defensively. On offense, they averaged 21.9 points per game (ranked 7th in their conference), gaining an average of 402.1 yards per game (ranked 1st in their conference). Their rushing game, led by Ozamataz Buckshank, averaged 54.0 yards per game (ranked 7th in their conference), while their passing game excelled with 348.1 yards per game (ranked 1st in their conference).

Defensively, the Copperheads faced challenges, allowing an average of 32.3 points per game (ranked 7th in their conference). They also gave up an average of 377.2 yards per game (ranked 7th in their conference). Their rush defense held opponents to 112.4 yards per game (ranked 5th in their conference), and they allowed 264.8 passing yards per game (ranked 5th in their conference).

In terms of individual leaders, Tight End Eighty-Two, was a standout in passing, with 464 completions on 737 attempts, totaling 5569 yards and 28 touchdowns. Ozamataz Buckshank, led the rushing game with 733 yards and 10 touchdowns on 186 carries. Johnny Patey , emerged as a top receiver with 128 receptions for 1871 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Unfortunately, the Copperheads faced a tough schedule, resulting in a series of losses. They struggled to secure victories against strong opponents like the New Orleans Second Line, Honolulu Hahalua, and the Chicago Butchers. Despite their efforts, Austin Copperheads was unable to find consistent success throughout the season, and their losing streak extended to nine games.

The Copperheads did make some moves during the preseason, including signing DeCarr Rek - LB and trading future considerations for players like Ioe Torrent and Amadeus Redding. However, these efforts did not translate into a successful season on the field.

2053 (S38)

The Austin Copperheads would start the 2053 ASFC season of with a QB change and a RB change With a record of 8 wins and 8 losses, they maintained a .500 winning percentage. Their offense averaged 23.6 points per game, ranking 6th in the conference and 10th in the league. The team's total yardage averaged 390.8 yards per game, positioning them 2nd in the conference and 3rd in the league. The Copperheads had a balanced approach with 67.9 rushing yards (7th in the conference) and an impressive 322.9 passing yards (1st in the conference and league).

Defensively, they allowed an average of 27.1 points per game, placing them 5th in the conference and 12th in the league. In terms of yards, their defense allowed 360.9 yards per game (4th in the conference and 7th in the league). Against the run, they conceded 93.8 yards (3rd in the conference and 5th in the league), while in pass defense, they gave up 267.1 yards (4th in the conference and 7th in the league).

Queen Elizabeth II , the Copperheads' new quarterback, showcased a strong passing game with 5166 yards and 34 touchdowns. Running back Ozamataz Buckshank, managed 888 rushing yards with an average of 4.3 yards per carry and 7 touchdowns.Johnny Patey , their leading receiver, caught 92 passes for 1554 yards, averaging an impressive 16.9 yards per reception, and scored 12 touchdowns.

Throughout the season, the Copperheads faced tough competition in a series of closely contested matches. They managed to secure victories against several opponents, including Honolulu Hahalua, New Orleans Second Line, and the Arizona Outlaws. However, they also faced challenges against teams like the San Jose Sabercats and the New York Silverbacks, resulting in narrow losses.

In summary, the Austin Copperheads demonstrated a balanced offensive approach, led by a strong passing game and a capable running back. Their defense had its moments, but also faced difficulties against some formidable opponents. The team's .500 record reflects a mix of successes and challenges, making them a competitive presence within the ASFC during the 2053 season.

2054 (S39)

The Austin Copperheads would begin to turn it around with an 11-5 record, putting them at the same .688 winning percentage as the Arizona Outlaws. Their offense has been dynamic, averaging 25.3 points per game, which places them third in their conference and seventh in the league. Led by their skilled quarterback Queen Elizabeth II , who has completed 351 passes for 4603 yards and 25 touchdowns, the Copperheads' passing game has been a driving force behind their success.

On the defensive side, the Copperheads have been solid, allowing an average of 19.9 points per game, which ranks them first in their conference and second in the league. They've excelled against the rush, holding opponents to an average of just 84.6 rushing yards per game, making them the second-best in their conference and fourth-best in the league in this category. But it still wouldnt be enough to get out of the first round of the playoffs losing to the SeconLine by 1 point

2055 (S40)

The Austin Copperheads, showcased a strong performance during the 2055 season. With a record of 10 wins and 6 losses, they demonstrated their prowess on the field. Led by standout quarterback Queen Elizabeth II , who completed 396 passes for 4446 yards and 29 touchdowns, the Copperheads exhibited a potent passing offense that ranked second in the league.

Their offensive unit averaged 26.8 points per game, securing them the second spot in the conference. Additionally, their balanced attack encompassed an average of 79.8 rushing yards and 277.9 passing yards per game, positioning them as a formidable force.

On the defensive front, the Copperheads allowed an average of 24.3 points per game, holding the opposition in check and ranking second in their conference. With a focus on containing rushing attacks, they gave up just 104.9 rushing yards per game, demonstrating their resilience against ground assaults.

DeAndre King contribution to the team's rushing game was notable, with 798 yards gained on 164 carries, at an impressive average of 4.9 yards per carry, punctuated by five touchdowns. Wide receiver Daniel Bickerman emerged as a key playmaker, amassing 1360 receiving yards from 89 receptions and scoring 7 touchdowns, showcasing his prowess as a dynamic threat downfield.

The Copperheads embarked on a challenging schedule, highlighted by significant victories over formidable opponents such as the San Jose Sabercats and New Orleans Second Line. Although they faced some setbacks, including close losses to the Arizona Outlaws and Cape Town Crash, the Copperheads' determination and skill were evident throughout the season. But the one again lose in the first round to the Orange County Otters

2056 (S41)

The Austin Copperheads displayed a mixed performance. With a 7-9 record, they showcased their strengths and weaknesses throughout the campaign. Their offense scored an average of 22.4 points per game, ranking 5th within the conference and 8th overall. Led by quarterback Queen Elizabeth II , who completed 356 passes for 3803 yards and 18 touchdowns, the Copperheads' passing game was a notable aspect of their offense.

On the ground, Howard Coward carried the rushing load with 799 yards and 14 touchdowns, averaging 4.1 yards per carry. The team's receiving leader, Delores Bickerman , made 75 receptions for 1078 yards and 5 touchdowns, showcasing his contribution to the offense.

The Copperheads had their ups and downs during the season, highlighted by victories against teams like the Cape Town Crash, San Jose Sabercats, Orange County Otters, and the New Orleans Second Line. However, they faced challenges against formidable opponents like the Arizona Outlaws, Honolulu Hahalua, and the Chicago Butchers, leading to some close losses.

With a focus on both offense and defense, the Copperheads aimed to strike a balance. Defensively, they allowed an average of 22.8 points per game, ranking 5th within the conference. While their defense showed promise in certain matchups, they also faced difficulties against high-scoring teams.

Despite their setbacks, the Copperheads demonstrated resilience and managed to secure some convincing wins. The mid-season trade involving Jean-Ralphio Saperstein and JR Frankenstero with the New Orleans Second Line showcased the team's efforts to make strategic adjustments to their roster. In summary, the Austin Copperheads had a competitive season in 2056, dispite the 7-9 record would make the playoffs but would never get out of the first round lossing to Honolulu Hahalua 45-29

2057 (S42)

In the 2057 ASFC season, the Austin Copperheads put up a solid performance, finishing with a 10-6 record and a .625 winning percentage. Their offense averaged 25.4 points per game, ranking 3rd in the conference, with a balanced attack of 105.1 rushing yards and 252.4 passing yards per game. On defense, they allowed 21.8 points per game, ranking 3rd in the conference.

Their standout players included quarterback Queen Elizabeth II , who completed 355 passes for 4,038 yards and 28 touchdowns. Running back Howard Coward carried the ball 213 times for 911 yards and found the end zone 9 times. Receiver Zaphod Beeblebrox recorded 90 receptions for 1,287 yards and 8 touchdowns.

The Copperheads had a successful preseason, trading for Inspector Gadget from the Colorado Yeti and trading Roma Amir-Kani to the New Orleans Second Line. During the regular season, they secured wins against notable opponents like the New Orleans Second Line, Honolulu Hahalua, and the Baltimore Hawks.

However, the Copperheads faced challenges against strong teams like the Arizona Outlaws, San Jose Sabercats, and New York Silverbacks. Despite the ups and downs, Austin Copperheads managed to secure a playoff spot and demonstrated their ability to compete in the ASFC.

Overall, the Austin Copperheads displayed a competitive spirit and balanced playstyle during the 2057 ASFC season, showcasing their potential for success in the league. When it came to the playoff tho they would lose in the first round to the eventful Ultimas Champions Arizona Outlaws

2058 (S43) It would prove to be a difficult year for the Copperheads finishing with a record of 7-8-1. They averaged 26.2 points per game. Quarterback Queen Elizabeth II showcased her skills with 4011 passing yards and 25 touchdowns, contributing significantly to the team's performance. Running back Howard Coward proved instrumental in the ground game, accumulating 888 rushing yards with an average of 4.9 yards per carry and finding the end zone 9 times. Receiver Zaphod Beeblebrox added firepower to the passing attack, amassing 1286 yards and 7 touchdowns. Defensively, the Copperheads held their own, allowing 25.1 points per game. The team engaged in close matchups, with several games decided by a narrow margin, including a notable tie against the Baltimore Hawks. The Copperheads would finish the season in 4th place just missing out on the playoffs. They would take the offseason and regroup after a not so impressive season.

2059 (S44) The news had come in that QB Qween Elizabeth II would be retiring at the end of the season. With a 10-6 record they would finish 3rd in conference and make the playoffs. Their offense, led by quarterback Queen Elizabeth II, averaged 27.8 points per game and ranking among the top teams in total yards and rushing yards. Running back Howard Coward had a standout season, accumulating 1170 rushing yards with an average of 4.7 yards per carry and reaching the end zone 14 times. Key victories included notable wins against the Arizona Outlaws, the San Jose Sabercats, and the New Orleans Second Line. These victories showcased the Copperheads' ability to dominate both defensively and offensively. The win streaks during Weeks 6 through 13, including wins over the New Orleans Second Line, San Jose Sabercats, and Colorado Yeti, demonstrated the team's resilience and consistency. However, the Copperheads faced challenges, including close losses to the New York Silverbacks and the Honolulu Hahalua, both playoff-bound teams. The narrow defeat to the Honolulu Hahalua in Week 16 marked the end of the regular season on a competitive note. Individual leaders, such as quarterback Qween Elizabeth II with 4035 passing yards and 24 touchdowns, running back Howard Coward impressive rushing performance, and receiver Delores Bickerman 1190 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns, played crucial roles in the team's success. As the Copperheads head into the postseason, their strong regular-season performance positions them well for potential playoff success, building on the lessons learned and strengths displayed throughout the season. When it came to the playoffs, they would find themselves facing the New York Silverbacks. It would be a tight battle going back and forth, Austin would end up losing it the goal line as time expired losing 27-24

2060 (S45) The Austin Copperheads would begin the season with a Rookie QB Jay Cue III, finishing with a respectable 9-7 record. Quarterback Jay Cue III, a rising star, showcased his prowess with an impressive 585 attempts, completing 378 passes for a total of 4536 yards and 31 touchdowns. His leadership and ability to command the offense played a pivotal role in the team's success. The ground game was anchored by the dynamic running back Howard Coward, who displayed exceptional skills throughout the season. Carrying the ball 275 times, Howard Coward amassed 1273 rushing yards at an average of 4.6 yards per carry, finding the end zone an impressive 13 times. His consistent performances provided the Austin Copperheads with a reliable option in crucial situations. In the receiving department, Delores Bickerman emerged as a primary target for Jay Cue III. Delores Bickerman remarkable 101 receptions for 1527 yards at an average of 15.1 yards per catch showcased his ability to make big plays. He also contributed 5 touchdowns, providing the team with a reliable scoring threat in the passing game. Examining the team's schedule, the Copperheads faced formidable opponents, including a noteworthy victory over the New York Silverbacks in the opening week and a hard-fought win against the Chicago Butchers in Week 8. The team's ability to secure key victories, especially in close matchups, underscored their resilience and determination. Defensively, the Austin Copperheads faced challenges but managed to hold their ground, ranking 7th in points allowed and 4th in total yards. Despite some setbacks, the defense, led by key playmakers, contributed to the team's overall success.The bye weeks provided crucial rest and strategic planning opportunities for the team, allowing them to recharge for the latter part of the season. It's worth noting that the Copperheads maintained a strong divisional record, crucial for postseason contention.

Austin Copperheads would be the Number 2 seed in the ASFC facing off against Arizona Outlaws a game they would win convincing style 41-19. Moving on too the next round they would face Honolulu Hahalua which prove to be a tough battle but ion the end they would pull it off 42-35. After missing out so many times in previous season Austin Copperheads would make the Ultimus, facing Sarasota Sailfish in what was the hardest game of the season, Austin Copperheads find themselves trailing late in the 4th. As the clock ticked, they would tie it sending the game in to over time were a field goal would seal the victory 34-31.

Austin Copperheads would be Ultimus Champions

Season-by-season records

Season Regular Season Record Post Season Record
2031 0 13 0 .000 0 0
2032 5 8 0 .385 0 1
2033 6 7 0 .462 0 1
2034 5 8 0 .385 0 1
2035 8 5 0 .615 3 0
2036 7 6 0 .538 0 1
2037 8 4 1 .654 1 1
2038 8 8 0 .500 2 1
2039 7 9 0 .438 0 0
2040 7 9 0 .438 0 0
2041 9 7 0 .562 0 1
2042 3 13 0 .188 0 0
2043 9 7 0 .562 2 1
2044 5 10 1 .344 0 0
2045 11 5 0 .688 0 1
2046 12 4 0 .750 1 1
2047 11 5 0 .688 0 1
2048 8 8 0 .500 0 1
2049 7 9 0 .438 0 0
2050 5 11 0 .312 0 0
2051 7 9 0 .438 0 0
2052 2 14 0 .125 0 0
2053 8 8 0 .500 0 0
2054 11 5 0 .688 0 1
2055 10 6 0 .625 0 1
2056 7 9 0 .438 0 1
2057 10 6 0 .625 0 1
2058 7 8 1 .468 0 0
2059 10 6 0 .625 0 1
2060 9 7 0 .688 3 0
Total 205 215 2 .482 12 16

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