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Sarasota Sailfish
Current season
Established 2037
First season: 2037 Sarasota Sailfish season
Play in and headquartered in The ???
Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota Sailfish logo
League/conference affiliations

NSFL (2037–present)

Current uniform
Team colorsBlue, Green & White               
MascotSebastian the Sailfish
General managerMojojojo (Mojojojo)
Team history
  • Sarasota Sailfish (2037–present)
League championships (1)
Conference championships (1)
Division championships (1)
Playoff appearances (7)
Home fields

The Sarasota Sailfish is a professional American football franchise based in Sarasota, Florida. The Sarasota Sailfish currently compete in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL) as a member club of the league's National Simulation Football Conference (NSFC) which currently only has one division. The franchise was established in 2037 in the league's third expansion. They were the first of their expansion pairing of franchises to win an Ultimus Bowl, in 2042.


The Sarasota Sailfish were founded after the historically large Developmental Simulation Football League Draft going into the 2037 season. Their founding general manager Bailey Cook used the first overall selection in the expansion draft to grab wide receiver Dexter Banks II; who would eventually convert to be their quarterback of the future. Meanwhile in the Season 22 ISFL Draft they traded the second overall selection and did not make their pick until 20th overall where they selected Cuco Clemente. They were also able to get pro bowlers Haha Mango-Panda, James Angler, Ragnar Rok, and Jacob Small in the massive draft.

The season got off to a good start for the expansion team as despite playing three consecutive road games to start the season the team went 2-2 to keep themselves in it. The middle of the season was not as kind as they went just 1-3 and lost just about any hope of a playoff berth. However a trade for quarterback Rose Jenkins before week nine saw them go 3-2 over the last five weeks of the season for a 6-7 record that just got them into the playoffs. They were knocked out in the first round by the eventual Ultimus Bowl XXII winners the Colorado Yeti 36-14, but the fact that they succeeded in making the playoffs in their first season of existence was considered a success by management. Unfortunately before the Ultimus it was announced that star safety Ragnar Rok had declared his retirement which left the team with an extra hole going into the next season.

After the massive draft class that brought them into existence things returned to normal in terms of draft class size as the draft before the 2038 season was just a third the size of the one that preceded it. Still the Sarasota Sailfish were able to capitalize with two first round selections that saw them get defensive rookie of the year Son Goku and fulfill their need at safety with Raphael d'Alcott. Combined with Dexter Banks II's position change and the Sarasota Sailfish planned to be in the playoffs once again.

Things did not go according to play to start th season though as they went just 2-3 over teh first five weeks; including a brutal loss to the Baltimore Hawks of 40-7 in Baltimore. The middle of the season was not much better as they went just 2-3 over the following five weeks, although with a win against their fellow expansion team the Honolulu Hahalua. They were able to get things in order though for the end of the season though as they finished with a 4-2 stretch including a 34-20 win to make up for their earlier loss to the Baltimore Hawks. Their 8-8 record left them fifth in their conference though and saw them miss the playoffs for the first time in their history.

2039 signalled changes for the franchise at the helm, as founding General Manager Bailey Cook stepped down to be replaced by Edmund “Mundl” Sackbauer. In the Season 24 ISFL Draft the Sailfish had the 4th overall pick and used it on Defensive Lineman Harrison Andrews, who they soon turned into a cornerback for their team. Aswell as Andrews they picked up some other roster pieces, including quarterback of the future Mike Boss Jr., son of Hall of Famer Mike Boss. All in all the season was shaping up to be another promising one for the young franchise.

The regular season got off to a very promising start for the team, where they racked up six consecutive wins before finally suffering their first defeat to the New Orleans Second Line in Week 7, a 22-13 loss in which they conceded 22 unanswered points after scoring the first 13 of the game. The team went on to lose just 3 more games that season, ending the regular season with a dominant 47-13 victory in Chicago against the Butchers to round their record out to a franchise best 12-4, good only for the second seed in their division. The Sailfish managed to defeat a week Butchers team in the first round of the playoffs 24-17 to pick up their first ever franchise playoff win, before bowing out of the postseason at the hands of the Yeti in the Conference Championship Game. Despite the loss, a first playoff win was a promising sign for the Sailfish. Another positive for the team was quarterback Dexter Banks II picking up the ISFL Offensive Player of the Year Award.

Off the back off their best season to date, the team had high hopes going into 2040. The draft that season was a remarkably large one, and the team used their 1st round pick, 12th overall, on Cornerback “lil” Peter Patterson. They also managed to pick up future Pro Bowler Teddy Utterstruzen in the 5th round. Retaining most of the roster that season, losing only established Defensive Tackle Big Edd midway through the season, but gaining wideout Tre’Darius J’Vathon and Defensive Tackle Sigismund Sternenstaub in the process, the team was feeling pretty confident heading into the regular season.

The season however, started off very poorly for them as they lost 5 of their opening 7 games that season, picking up wins against just the Chicago Butchers, and the newly formed Berlin Fire Salamanders, an expansion franchise. They rallied though, and managed to win all 9 of their remaining games. Their 11-5 record, similar to last season, was only good for second in the division. This meant that the team once again lacked a first round bye in the playoffs, something they had never achieved. In the first game of the postseason it was the Butchers coming to town to play them, and despite being at home it was the Sailfish sent packing, falling out of the playoffs by a score of 27-20. A silver lining for the franchise however, was long time quarterback Dexter Banks II winning his first ISFL Most Valuable Player Award in his final season with the team before retirement.

2041 only saw them strengthen as the team managed to pick up former DPOTY linebacker Derred de Ville, who had left the Baltimore Hawks in free agency. The Season 26 ISFL Draft saw them pick up defensive end Demon Jaxson at 10th overall as well as future DSFL MVP LeBron James III, along with a couple of other young talents to help strengthen their youth ranks in the developmental league, where they had a bright future. The only issue for the team was starting a young rookie at quarterback in Mike Boss Jr., an issue which they looked to overcome.

The regular season saw them open out to a hot start, winning 5 of their opening 6 games, with the only loss being a 27-15 defeat to the Colorado Yeti. This form quickly turned though as they managed to win just 3 of their final 10 games of the season landing them with a .500 record. Luckily for them however, 8-8 was just barely enough for them to scrape into the playoffs, thanks to tiebreakers. They won their first round matchup against the Butchers by just a singular point, but lost out 24-22 in the a Conference Championship Game]], to the eventual Ultimus winning Yellowknife Wraiths.

The team was still on the hunt for success going into 2016, and the Season 27 ISFL draft only looked to strengthen those chances, as they drafted Running Back Giovanni Bianchi, wideout Joseph Radetzky, plus a handful of other promising young prospects. The team had also made some trade moves, picking up former 1st round pick and Defensive End Ernest Lover from the Baltimore Hawks, in exchange for their first round pick that season, and a handful of lesser picks.

The team got off to a rough start with their tough schedule, losing 2 of their first 4 to the Yellowknife Wraiths in Yellowknife, and against the Chicago Butchers. Once their schedule calmed down somewhat though, the team really hit their stride and only lost 2 more that entire season. Their 12-4 record was good for not only top of their conference, but the league as a whole. The Sailfish were getting their first ever playoff bye as a franchise and headed straight to the a Conference Championship Game. In the NSFC Championship the Sailfish made light work of the Colorado Yeti, beating them 47-27 to send them to their first ever Ultimus game, to be played against the New Orleans Second Line. When there they did not waste the opportunity. With Touchdowns from Mike Boss Jr., Tre’Davius J’Vathon, Demon Jaxson and Running Back, they took home their first ever Ultimus Trophy in a 34-10 victory.

Off the back of the biggest victory in franchise history, the Sailfish were as optimistic as ever going into 2043, and did well to strengthen their already strong roster with more depth in the Season 28 ISFL Draft, with picks such as Stumpy Jones in the second round and Saleem Spence in the third. The team started the season off mediocrely, going 2-2 in their first 4 games with losses coming at the hands of the Chicago Butchers and Berlin Fire Salamanders. However this mediocrity did not last long as in Week 5 Sarasota went to Philadelphia and blew out the Liberty 69-14, scoring 9 touchdowns. This set them off on a nice winning streak as they won their next four games before losing again in Week 10 to the Berlin Fire Salamanders by a margin of just 2 points. They managed to steady themselves again and win their next three, but finished the season out very poorly with losses in weeks 13,15 and 16, including a crushing defeat and the 1-14 Baltimore Hawks. The team had done just enough to clinch the third seed, but carried their poor end of season form into the postseason, losing in the first round 23-14 to the eventual champion Yellowknife Wraiths.

After the back of a poor playoff performance in their last game of the previous seasons the Sailfish had high hopes for the upcoming season despite losing franchise stalwart Derred de Ville in Free Agency, and, despite losing their first game of the season in Colorado to the Yeti, 26-23, these high hopes were proven to be justified, as they won their next six games before losing to the Otters at the halfway point in the season, week 8, to set up themselves up at 6-2 and looking good for the back half of the season. They would again in week 9 before winning 3 of their next 5 games, splitting the final two matchups of the season, losing to the Yeti and beating the Butchers, to set set themselves up with the third seed in the division, meaning no home field advantage in the postseason. This did not discourage the Sailfish in the divisional round however as they brushed the Yeti aside, 33-13, with running back Ichinose rushing for 123 yards and a TD. However this would be as far as the team would get, losing 23-20 in the Conference Championship Game to the Fire Salamanders with Boss Jr. throwing 2 interceptions, including a crucial pick 6 in the fourth quarter which would let Berlin back into the game. At the end of the season it would be announced GM sakrosankt would be stepping down, to be replaced by Mojojojo.

Season-by-season records

Season Regular Season Record Post Season Record
2037 6 7 0 .462 0 1
2038 8 8 0 .500 0 0
2039 12 4 0 .750 1 1
2040 11 5 0 .688 0 1
2041 8 8 0 .500 1 1
2042 12 4 0 .750 2 0
2043 10 6 0 .625 0 1
2044 11 5 0 .688 1 1
Total 78 47 0 .624 5 6

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Roster updated June 6th, 2021
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