DSFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

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The DSFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award is presented annually to the Defensive player adjudged by the NSFL Head Office and league general managers to be the best defensive rookie in the in the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL).


Year Player Team Position
2018 (S3) Andreas Waiters Portland Pythons Defensive end
2019 (S4) Terrell Brister Tijuana Luchadores Cornerback
2020 (S5) Elvin Enchant Tijuana Luchadores Linebacker
2021 (S6) Ryan LeFevre Kansas City Coyotes Linebacker
2022 (S7) Chad Pennington Tijuana Luchadores Linebacker
2023 (S8) Bucky Barnes San Antonio Marshals Safety
2024 (S9) Lucari Felix Portland Pythons Cornerback
2025 (S10) Lennox Garnett Kansas City Coyotes Free safety
2026 (S11) Axel Hornbacher
Charlie Trout
Portland Pythons
Portland Pythons
Free safety
2027 (S12) Spencer Castle Tijuana Luchadores Cornerback
2028 (S13) Cam Poole Kansas City Coyotes Free safety
2029 (S14) Johnny Slothface Tijuana Luchadores Linebacker
2030 (S15) Blake Faux Portland Pythons Linebacker
2031 (S16) Ronald Watkins San Antonio Marshals Linebacker
2032 (S17) Marlo Smart Norfolk Seawolves Linebacker
2033 (S18) Mason Blaylock
Jeremiah Legend
Kansas City Coyotes
Norfolk Seawolves
Free safety
2034 (S19) Gale Wilf Portland Pythons Linebacker
2035 (S20) Matt Murphy Minnesota Grey Ducks Free safety
2036 (S21) Derred De Ville London Royals Linebacker
2037 (S22) Mike Karpaasi Norfolk Seawolves Defensive end
2038 (S23) Joel Drake Portland Pythons Safety
2039 (S24) Goat Tank Myrtle Beach Buccaneers Defensive tackle
2040 (S25) Moe Skeeter Portland Pythons Safety
2041 (S26) Bean Beanman Norfolk Seawolves Defensive end
2042 (S27) CJ Sonjack London Royals Cornerback
2043 (S28) Sir Peter Jackson Tijuana Luchadores Cornerback
2044 (S29) LaCarpetron Dukemarriot Minnesota Grey Ducks Linebacker
2045 (S30) Sconnie McHits Norfolk Seawolves Linebacker
2046 (S31) Spicy Ron Portland Pythons Linebacker
2047 (S32) Leonardo McTurtle Tijuana Luchadores Defensive end
2048 (S33) Russet Buster Kansas City Coyotes Cornerback
2049 (S34) Johnny Delusional Tijuana Luchadores Cornerback
2050 (S35) Jean-Ralphio Saperstein Kansas City Coyotes Defensive end
2051 (S36) Inspector Gadget Portland Pythons Safety
2052 (S37) Caleb Hayden Kansas City Coyotes Safety
2053 (S38) Maxwell J. Friedman Portland Pythons Linebacker
2054 (S39) Fronky Fresh Portland Pythons Cornerback
2055 (S40) Bruce White Portland Pythons Defensive tackle
2057 (S42) Iman Outlaw Tijuana Luchadores Linebacker
2058 (S43) Joey Battle Dallas Birddogs Linebacker
2059 (S44) Ali Star Minnesota Grey Ducks Linebacker
2060 (S45) Duilio's Beard Kansas City Coyotes Linebacker
2061 (S46) K.C. Gordon Tijuana Luchadores Linebacker

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