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Tijuana Luchadores
Current season
Established 2019
First season: 2019
Play in and headquartered in El Santo Coliseo
Tijuana, Mexico
Tijuana Luchadores logo
League/conference affiliations

DSFL (2018–present)

Current uniform
Team colorsRed, Green, White               
General managerAdam Mellott (GuitarMaster116)
Rich Triplet (Kotasa)
Team history
  • Tijuana Luchadores (2018–present)
League championships (0)
Conference championships (13)
Division championships (12)
Playoff appearances (20)
Home fields

The Tijuana Luchadores are a professional American football franchise based in Tijuana, Mexico. The Luchadores currently compete in the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL) as a member club of the league's Simulation Football Conference South (DSFL South) which currently only has one division. The franchise was established in 2018 by loco.

The Luchadores have won 8 Ultiminis, 12 conference championships, and 11 division titles. They are the first team in NSFL/DSFL history to win 3 championships in a row, winning the Ultimini in 2023, 2024, and 2025. With eight championships and countless esteemed alumni they are the most successful and most storied franchise in the league.

History of the Tijuana Luchadores


The Tijuana Luchadores' first season as a team in the DSFL was not a very successful one at all. They had a strong start in their first regular-season game as an organization, winning against the Portland Pythons 26-3, but were unable to keep this trend going. After their first ten games, they were just sitting at a .500 win percentage, at 5 wins and 5 losses. Despite this, they were still in a position to finish the season first in the Eastern Conference, being just one game behind the leader, the 6-4 San Antonio Marshalls. However, the team would go on to lose the remaining four games on their schedule, finishing in last place in the conference and failing to make the playoffs for the first time at 5 wins and 9 losses. The team averaged a league-worst 14.3 points per game on offense, and these troubles were paired with a defense that gave up 19.9 points per game, also a league-worst. The only bright side to this inaugural Luchadores season was that the run game was hinting at possible success in years to come, averaging 90.9 rush yards per game behind RB1 Zach Muntez, who ran the ball 377 times for 1268 yards.


The Luchadores fared much better in their second season in the DSFL than the first, however their slow start made it seem like they were going to fall flat yet again. After losing all four of their preseason games, their first five regular-season games, and failing to score 20 points in any of these appearances, someone lit a fire under Tijuana and they went on a seven-game winning streak. This push was good enough to put them on top of the Eastern Conference and secure them a spot in the playoffs, although home-field advantage was still up for grabs. The Luchadores would end up losing their last two games of the season to finish in 2nd place in the division at 7 wins and 7 losses. Their offense scored a league-leading 19.2 points per game, powered by an excellent rush game which averaged over 130 yards per game and 12 rush touchdowns by runningback Sydney Spinelli. The Tijuana Luchadores made their first playoff appearance in the Division Championship game against the San Antonio Marshalls, however they were unable to advance to the 2019 Ultimini, losing the game with a final score of 24-7.


The Tijuana Luchadores 3rd season in the DSFL saw some shake-ups. The Luchadores moved to a different division, the West, and the Chicago Blues became a whole new team, the Palm Beach Solar Bears, a team the Luchadores would struggle against, winning just one of their four regular-season match-ups against them. Despite these distractions, Tijuana was able to start off on the right foot and win their first two games of the season, their best start yet. Despite scoring only 15.7 points per game, the Tijuana Luchadores were able to finish their season at 7 wins, 6 losses, and additionally the organization's first tie, coming in their week 5 matchup against the Palm Beach Solar Bears. This success was due largely to their defense, which allowed opposing teams only 15.2 points per game, despite the fact that they gave up more yards per game than any other team, nearly 350. The Luchadores' record of 7-6-1 was good enough to get them into the 2020 West Division Championship game, where they would fail to score one touchdown against the Palm Beach Solar Bears, losing the game 27-3 and putting the franchise's playoff record at 0-2.


The Tijuana Luchadores underwent another division change in 2021, as the entire west conference became the DSFL South, and the entire east conference became the DSFL North. The Luchadores got off to another one of their signature bad starts, losing their first three games of the season @Kansas City, @San Antonio, and vs. Norfolk. At the end of the season, Tijuana once again had a league-worst defense, who gave up more than 20 points per game. For comparison, their offense only scored 15.4 points per game. Thanks to the arm of quarterback Sam Penner, who completed 257 passes for 2641 yards, many of these going to lead receiver M. Ross, who caught 80 balls for over a thousand yards and 7 touchdowns, the Tijuana Luchadores were able to make the playoffs with a record of just 5 wins and 9 losses. This time, the Luchadores would face off against the San Antonio Marshals in San Antonio, but they failed to win yet again, putting their playoff record at 0-3. The Tijuana Luchadores would lose the game by 20 points, the final score being Marshals 31, Luchadores 11.


After losing all four preseason games again, it didn't look like the Luchadores would do any better than last season. However, they won their first two regular-season games against the Norfolk Seawolves and the Palm Beach Solar Bears, 38-9 and 14-3 respectively. The Luchadores offense averaged a conference-best 317.4 yards per game and 18.9 points per game, behind strong quarterback play by. Despite these strong offensive numbers, the Luchadores' defense struggled again in 2022, giving up a whopping 22.4 points per game. These struggles led to a regular-season record of 6 wins and 8 losses, which was somehow good enough to put them at the top of the DSFL South, giving the team home-field advantage for the Divisional Championship game. This game was played vs. the San Antonio Marshalls, which they won with a final score of 22-10, giving Tijuana the organization's first appearance in the Ultimini, the DSFL's championship game, as well their first playoff win as a team. The Tijuana Luchadores would face the DSFL North's champions, the Portland Pythons, who they would ultimately fall to, with a final score of Portland 24, Tijuana 17.


The Luchadores were hungry after their previous loss to the Pythons, because in 2023 they jumped out to a 2-0 start. Their defense was giving up only 16.6 points per game, which is less than what they were scoring per game Thanks to quarterback Sam Penner, who threw for over 1900 yards and running back Ricky Adams, who had 863 rush yards and 5 touchdowns, the Luchadores were able to score 19 points per game. Although the Luchadores had one of their best defensive seasons yet, including the best defense in the conference, they finished second in the DSFL South division, so they had to travel to San Antonio to play the 11-3 Marshals in order to advance to the Ultimini. In a very close, 14-13 game, Tijuana was able to pull off the upset on the road and advance to their second consecutive Ultimini, where they would face off against the Kansas City Coyotes. In yet another close game, the Tijuana Luchadores managed to edge out the victory, winning them their first-ever Ultimini, 21-20.


The Luchadores were hot in 2024 from last season's Ultimini victory over the Coyotes. They got out to their best start yet, winning 5 games before they lost one, and finished the regular season with a division best 10 wins and 4 losses. Despite the fact that Tijuana's defense gave up more than 20 points per game, they were still able to win games thanks to a high-powered offense who led the league with 24.7 points per game. Adriana Falconi, who was the backup for last year's Ultimini team, wanted to prove she was just as good as her mentor, Sam Penner. She threw for over 1800 yards and had 19 touchdowns in the regular season. When the playoffs came, the team continued to perform at a high level, beating the Marshalls in the divisional championship game 24-19, and beating the Portland Pythons in the 2024 Ultimini 30-24, giving them their second Ultimini championship in as many years.


The Tijuana Luchadores had a shaky start to their next season, losing their first two games to the Marshalls and the Pythons. however, they bounced right back, winning their next 5 games in a row. They would also win the final 5 games of the season, putting them at a 10-4 regular-season record. The Luchadores were truly dominant in season 10, with the league's highest-scoring offense at 25.6 points per game thanks to running back Ricky Flores, who scored 15 touchdowns. This stellar offense combined with a staunch defense that gave up only 16.2 points per game, their best mark since the 2020 season, which made it no surprise that Tijuana had home=field advantage going into the division championship game. The San Antonio Marshals didn't stand a chance in this game, and Tijuana came away with an easy 34-3 victory. The Ultimini was no more of a challenge for the Luchadores, and they steamrolled the Portland Pythons, winning their third consecutive Ultimini 37-7. This victory also caused the Luchadores to be the first team in either the DSFL or NSFL to win three consecutive league championships.


The Tijuana Luchadores entered the 2026 regular season looking hot, having won all four of their preseason games. However, they got off to a much worse start than usual, Failing to pick up a win until their week four matchup against the San Antonio Marshals. Despite having an exceptional run game which averaged more than 180 yards per game behind lead back Zoro Roronoa, the Tijuana Luchadores were unable to gain much traction, which may be because of a defense that gave up 21.9 points per game. Although they had a much worse record than they were used to, 5-9, they were still good enough to play in the division championship game to earn a spot in the season 11 Ultimini. The DSFL South division championship game was high scoring, and the Luchadores were able to pull off an upset against the San Antonio Marshals, winning the game 31-20 and giving Tijuana their 5th consecutive Ultimini appearance, and a chance to win it four times in a row. The 2026 Ultimini was a much more defensive battle, with the final score being 13-6, with the Luchadores falling to the 13-1 powerhouse Portland Pythons.


After last season's heartbreaking Ultimini loss, it seemed the Tijuana Luchadores were out to win themselves another league championship. They won all four of their preseason games and marked a W for each game week 1 through 5. Nobody could manage to beat them until a rematch from last season's Ultimini game vs the Portland Pythons in week 6. The Luchadors owed this season's success to a run game led by Z. Roronoa that had more yards (197.1 per game) and touchdowns (14 by Roronoa alone) than through the air (155.2 ypg and 10 TDS) and a conference-best defense which held opponents' offenses to 18.3 points per game. Tijuana finished the season atop the DSFL South with a record of 9 wins and 5 losses. Despite having home-field advantage and being favorites to advance to their 6th straight Ultimini appearance, the Luchadores lost the DSFL South Division Championship game to the 5-9 San Antonio Marshalls 13-7, putting their Ultimini dream on hold until next season.


After last season's failure to take home an Ultimini trophy, the Luchadores struggled to get back on track, winning just one of their first 5 regular-season games. Rookie quarterback Corvo Havran had an excellent season, throwing for nearly 2800 yards and 18 touchdowns in the regular season, switching the tone of the Luchadores offense from more run-heavy to a passing offense. Although Havran had an excellent rookie season, a less-than-stellar defense that allowed more than 21 points per game prevented the team from putting together too many wins. Going into week 10, it looked like the Luchadores may not have made the playoffs, but a late 4 game winning streak and a 5 game losing streak by the Palm Beach Solar Bears allowed them to squeeze into the Division championship game. In this game they would travel to San Antonio, a team that had both the league's best offense and defense. Somehow, the Luchadores were able to pull off the upset, blowing out the Marshals 37-10 in front of a shocked home crowd. This win sent the Luchadores to Kansas City, this time to face the league's second-best offense and defense. In a much closer game than the previous, the Luchadores would win in the first-ever Ultimini that went to overtime after a game-winning 35-yard field goal off the foot of kicker Stephan Harris Jr.


The Tijuana Luchadores opened up the 2029 season strongly by winning 3 of their four preseason games. However, this success did not translate to the early parts of the regular season, as the Luchadores were only able to win 2 of their first 5 matchups. Tijuana had a defense in the bottom half of the league, however, they were still able to finish with a respectable record of 8-6 and earn themselves another trip to the DSFL South Division championship game thanks to a high-flying offense led by quarterback Corvo Havranand running back Forrest Gump, who had 11 and 18 touchdowns, respectively. Although they had a tough matchup against an offensive superpower in the San Antonio Marshalls, the Luchadores managed to pull off another playoff upset and win the game 30-21 to earn themselves a chance to win yet another DSFL championship. Facing off against the Portland Pythons in the Ultimini game for the 5th time, the Tijuana Luchadores were unable to bring home the hardware, losing the game 34-20.


The Luchadores had a new decade resolution for 2030: win. Tijuana had both the league's best offense and the league's best defense for the first time since they became a team. Their offense scored over 25 points per game while their defense gave up less than 18. Quarterback Corvo Havran threw for 2827 yards, setting a new team record for most in a season. He also threw 20 touchdowns. Running back Forrest Gump exploded, running for 1713 yards and 20 touchdowns, both also new team records. The Tijuana Luchadores made a strong playoff push at the end of the season, winning their last 3 games to finish at 9-5 and securing home-field advantage for yet another DSFL South Division Championship game. This time they would face the Palm Beach Solar Bears, a team that had not been in the playoffs since season 5. However, this playoff inexperience did not affect their gameplay, and the Solar Bears would end up winning the game 34-23, dashing the Luchadores hopes of another Ultimini championship.


The Tijuana Luchadores exploded in Season 16, winning each of their first 5 games. Rookie quarterback Jordan McCann III had 2062 passing yards and running back Ducky Donut had 1572 rushing yards, and they each had 12 touchdowns of their respective type. These numbers helped give their team to a conference-best offense, scoring 24.3 points per game. Tijuana also had the best defense in the DSFL South, giving up only 17.3 points per game. The Luchadores were particularly strong against in-conference rivals, winning every single conference game on the way to an amazing 12-2 record. The Luchadores were unstoppable as they welcomed the 7-7 San Antonio Marshals to Mexico for the 2031 DSFL South Divisional Championship game, winning it easily 24-13, and bringing yet another chance to bring the Ultimini trophy south of the border. Welcoming in well-known rivals, the Portland Pythons, the Luchadores were able to win their 5th Ultimini championship, doubling the Pythons score and winning the game 28-14 thanks to two rushing touchdowns from RB Ducky Donut.


After last season's Ultimini victory over the Portland Pythons, the Luchadores got off to a quick start, winning their first game of the season against the Kansas City Coyotes, 36-24. After losing their second game 44-20 to the conference rivals San Antonio Marshals, The Luchadores pulled out ahead of the DSFL South Conference, winning their next 3 games to put them at 4 wins and 1 loss after their first 5 games. The Luchadores would also tie their second game as a franchise in week 6 vs. the Marshals. Tijuana had a strong run game in 2032, averaging over 200 points per game thanks to lead running back Ducky Donut, who had 1462 yards and 10 touchdowns on the season. The Tijuana Luchadores would end up finishing the season leading the South conference with a record of 9-4-1, sending them to another appearance in the DSFL South conference championship game, this time vs the San Antonio Marshals. Tijuana would end up winning the game 24-16, sending them to another Ultimini game. The Luchadores would narrowly defeat the Portland Pythons 17-16 thanks to an early 4th quarter touchdown rush by Chase Osborn, giving them their 6th Ultimini victory as a team.


The Tijuana Luchadores got off to a hot start in season 18, winning their first 5 games of the season before losing their week 6 matchup against the San Antonio Marshals, a 15-13 defensive battle in which the Marshals won on a walk-off field goal from the foot of rookie kicker Herbert Prohaska. The Luchadores had a league-best defense that gave up only 13.4 points per game. Quarterback Avon Blocksdale Jr. threw the ball for nearly 2500 yards and 11 touchdowns, and running back Jed Podolak had nearly 1400 yards and ran for 9 touchdowns. Tijuana had an excellent regular season, winning 8 games in a row on the way to finishing well atop their conference at 13 wins and 1 loss. The Luchadores were also heavily favored over the 6-8 San Antonio Marshals going into the 2033 DSFL South conference championship game and make yet another deep run in the playoffs. However, they lost the DSFL South conference championship game 17-10 and were unable to get to another DSFL Championship game.


The 2034 DSFL season was the Tijuana Luchadores' best defensive one yet, having the league's stingiest defense, giving up only 11.8 points per game. Tijuana also had another great offensive season, scoring over 23 points per game thanks to 17 touchdowns passes and 11 touchdown rushes by quarterback Avon Blocksdale Jr. and running back Jed Podolak. The Luchadores lost only 3 games on their way to another playoff appearance, two of them being to their conference's newest team, the Myrtle Beach Buccaneers 34-17 in week 5 and 17-13 in week 13. The Luchadores would face this new division rival in the Division Championship game, where they would get the best of the Bucs, winning the game 27-17. This victory meant yet another appearance in the Ultimini, this time vs the league's other new team, the Minnesota Grey Ducks, who had a record of 9 wins and 5 losses in the regular season. The Tijuana Luchadores would end up losing this game 16-13 Thanks to a 34-yard field goal by rookie kicker Silver Banana about midway through the fourth quarter, meaning Tijuana would have to wait until next season to take another shot at glory.


After a heartbreaking loss in the previous season, Tijuana opened up the preseason in 2035 with an Ultimini rematch vs the Minnesota Grey Ducks, which they would lose 36-23. The Luchadores also got another rematch to open the regular season, but they would again lose to the Grey Ducks, this time 30-24. Tijuana would also lose a fourth time to Minnesota in week 9, this time getting blown out 35-10. These losses were very uncharacteristic of a usually strong Luchadores team, however, in season 20, the Tijuana Luchadores struggled to win games, with a defense that gave up more than 20 points per game and an offense that scores less than 15. Their offense barely averaged 300 yards per game and rookie quarterback The Xekutioner threw only 5 touchdown passes the entire season. These struggles on both sides of the ball led to a dismal record of 5 wins and 9 losses and a failure to make the playoffs since the team's inaugural season in 2018.


The 2036 season held some unique challenges for the league. Recent expansion brought in two new franchises in the Dallas Birddogs and the London Royals, with Dallas joining the SFC. Tijuana was coming off a bit of a down year and looking to get back to the top. The first half of the season found Tijuana at 5-3 and tied for first in the SFC. Back-to-back wins in weeks 7 and 8 saw to that, as Tijuana first went on the road to beat eventual champions in Myrtle Beach. The unsung hero of the game was safety Magnus Valdyr. Valdyr almost single-handedly won the game for the Luchadores by having two pick sixes in the game. This was a feat that only 4 other players have accomplished in DSFL history. After following this victory up with a tough win at home against the defending Ultimini champs in Minnesota, the season to a turn for the worst. Tijuana would drop the next 4 games, with most coming on the road. The Luchadores finished the season an underwhelming 1-1, missing the playoffs for a second straight year. Tijuana's strong passing game and turnover margin were not enough to cover up other shortcomings, namely untimely turnovers on offense and giving up large yardage on defense.

S22 and The Logo Lollapalooza

After a disappointing finish to season 21 the Luchadores were able to turn it around in a big way in 2037. Although they started the season off to a slow start losing their first two games they were able to turn things around winning 9 of their next 10 games after that. This could be attributed to a team-building exercise at the time by the Tijuana players both current and former. A logo contest was announced and both Luchas and Luchos submitted their designs. These amazing pieces of art inspired the team and drove them to not only finish with the best offense in the league but also as Ultimini champions. This was one of the most memorable seasons in Tijuana history.


In S23 Bagel stepped down and Mithrandir became the new GM alongside Jay. With Tijuana's first pick (8th overall) in the Season 23 DSFL Draft, they would select S Maverick Bowie who would later become the current GM for the Tijuana Luchadores (see Tonzy). He was very highly regarded around the league as a new player and Tijuana were very excited to draft him. With their second pick, they would select LB Adam Schell, who has a great history with Tijuana.

As far as the season went for the Luchadores, they would actually underwhelm. Following the expansion, most teams thought that they finally hit their peak and would only go down from there. The Luchadores defense was quite abysmal for Season 23, as they were dead last in the league by allowing a whopping 22.6 PPG. Overall defense like yards were also toward the worst of the league. Tijuana's offense however was very inconsistent, although leading the league in passing, and finishing the league in second with total yards, they would rank 5th in the league in points scored with 19.3 per game. QB Ben Slothlisberger passed for 2005 yards and ended up with 10 passing TD's. RB Crowbar Theeks also led the league in rushing with 1592 yards and 11 TD's. LB Nat Wright also finished 9th in the league with 118 tackles enforced. With the Luchadores underwhelming, they would look to bounce back, in order to become top dog again.


In S24 Jay stepped down and allowed SwankyPants to come up to be the next GM. With now 2 GM's with no more than a season under their belts as GM's, the future was looking fairly bleak. But not all was lost, as they had some hope coming through the Season 24 DSFL Draft, which is the biggest in DSFL history with over 140 prospects being eligible for the draft. With the 4th overall pick, the Luchadores would select S NationalSimulation FootballLeague. They wanted to make a fearsome S duo with Tonzy, and it was considered a great pick for them. Notable picks from that draft for the Luchadores include: CB Rich Triplet, OL Adam Mellott (who would later co-GM with Tonzy (see GuitarMaster16)), and WR Mark Walker. With a solid draft class, things were on the upswing for Tijuana.

The Luchadores would soar to first place in the league during the regular season finishing at 10-4. The offense was firing all season, especially the passing game with 183 yards per game. They had a potent running game finishing in the top half of the league with 167 rushing yards a game. That equivalent of both phases equaled to over 350 yards of offense per game. QB Mike Boss Jr. led the passing attack with 2566 passing yards and 16 TD's. RB Bronko Mills led the team in rushing with 1214 yards on 239 attempts as well as adding 4 rushing TD's. Rookie OL Adam Mellott was 6th in the league with 48 pancakes to only 1 sack allowed, having a very efficient rookie season for an OL. On the defensive side, the Luchadores significantly improved from last season. They were in the top half of the league in points allowed per game with 19.1 and were 2nd with only allowing 300 yards per game. LB Adam Schell absolutely killed it by leading the league in tackles with 123 tackles. He also posted 9 sacks, 5 tackles for loss, and 3 forced fumbles.

With Tijuana clinching the 1st overall seed, they seemed like a team of destiny. But alas, they would lose to the Norfolk Seawolves in a thrilling overtime loss in the first round. The Luchadores defense made a crucial stop late in overtime to set the offense up , but on the first play with 1:36 to go, Mike Boss Jr. threw an interception to CB Dukburg QuakStak, where it would lead to a walk off FG for the Seawolves. With a stunning defeat, it seemed like no matter what Tijuana could do, it seemed they might not reach that 8th Ultimini they were striving for.


After the crushing loss to the Seawolves, the Luchadores wanted to right the ship and fill some major holes now that they lost some players to call-ups. with the 6th overall pick of the Season 25 DSFL Draft, the Luchadores selected LB BamBam McMullet. With the loss of Schell, they would be able to have an impactful force in the middle of the defense without losing all the talent. The other notable pick from the draft was OL Maiteers Rico-Shea who would be able to follow in the footsteps of Mellott and keep a stout offensive line.

Season 25 did not go as expected for Tijuana. They would go on to finish 6-8 that season, which would net them the second seed in the SFCS. The offense would falter in comparison to the previous season, almost losing a whole TD per game to 13. QB Mike Boss Jr. led the passing attack again to 2127 passing yards with 6 passing TD's. RB Bronko Mills was the leading rusher for the Luchadores again finishing with 1253 rushing yards and 6 TD's. OL Adam Mellott finished 3rd in the league with 53 pancakes and only 1 sack allowed all season. However, the defense made up for the lack of offense, by reducing the points allowed per game to only 16, 3 whole points less than last season. Rookie LB Vincent Jones finished 6th in the league in tackles with 110. He also added 9 sacks and 8 pass deflections.

The Luchadores run in the playoffs will be forever remembered as they would defeat each conference's #1 seed. Tijuana would incorporate one of the greatest bamboozles in league history, as they knew they would play the Myrtle Beach Buccaneers in back to back weeks. They incorporated a decoy gameplan for their final regular season game where they would get trounced 44-9. The Buccaneers assumed they would use the same gameplan, and the Buccaneers stayed put with their gameplan from the previous game. In their playoff game, the Luchadores would upset the Buccaneers 19-13 in OT. With 6:27 left to go in overtime, Mike Boss Jr. would throw a 25 yard pass to Rookie Quavious McGrady. They would advance to the Ultimini Championship game where they would face the London Royals. Tijuana would then proceed to demolish the Royals 42-16 behind Mike Boss Jr.'s 4 TD passes. The 8th Ultimini was finally in there hands and now were renowned as one of the best franchise's in DSFL history. After the title win, Mith retired and Tonzy would become the new GM. Mith was able to walk off on his own terms with a more than convincing league championship.


With Mith now retired, Tonzy would have some big shoes to fill as far as replacing Mith, but SwankyPants would be able to assist him and show him around the ropes of GM'ing.

In the Season 26 DSFL Draft, they would select RB Preston Parker. He was a waiver pickup during S25, and were impressed with him throughout the season, and decided it was worth a pick to select him with the 8th overall pick. Other notable draft selections included: RB Drip Dad, CB Buck Nekkid and LB Devonte Crook.

As far as Season 26 was concerned, it was a season to forget. Because of different callups from the previous season, they had many more holes to fill than in previous years. They would finish second-worst in the league at 4-10. The offense was not able to hit on many cylinders, if at all, with a paltry 13.1 points per game. While they had a great rushing attack and led the league with 199 yards a game, the passing offense would not help the offense at all, and only accumulated 85 passing yards a game to an overall league worst 284.5 yards per game. QB Boo Tee would throw for 1036 passing yards with only 6 TD’s to 8 INT’s. RB Preston Parker would rush for 1119 yards to only 2 rushing TD’s. The biggest bright spot was OL Rico-Shea winning the OLotY award for S26 by accumulating 62 pancakes and 0 sacks. As for the defensive side, Tijuana would have a decent season stat wise, as they were in the top half of the league in total yards allowed with 310.9 per game, 2nd with only allowing 153.4 rushing yards per game, and 5th in passing yards allowed per game with 157.4. The surprise is that they were in the bottom half in the league with points against, allowing exactly 20 points per game to their opponents. LB Vincent Jones would be 15th in the league in tackles with 94. With only so much they could accomplish and fatigue from GM duties, SwankyPants would announce his retirement and will forever be renowned as a Tijuana Legend.

With SwankyPants retiring, GuitarMaster116 would fill his place. Both Tonzy and GuitarMaster116 now hope to follow in the footsteps of all of the past legends and lead Tijuana to its ninth title win and continue the storied legacy of the franchise.


Now following the S26 draft, Tonzy and GM (GuitarMaster116) both envisioned to build a solid foundation on defense through the draft. In the S27 DSFL Draft, the Luchadores would go on to select 3/4 defensive players in the first 4 rounds of the draft. The other one was the 2nd overall pick, QB IsHe... ReallyInvisible. Notable draft selections also included CB Juno Hu, S Romulus Roman, OL Cade Williams and late round pick RB Lonnie Jackson. They would also add DT David Ramczyk as a late waiver addition to the team. With a solid draft, the Luchadores would look to capitalize on this.

With Season 27 under way, Tijuana would have a lot of high's and low's through the season, and one of those was the offense in general. With no active WR's, the Luchadores would have a difficult time moving the ball, as evidenced by them ranking last in the league in passing yards with 142.2 per game. While the offense would lead the league in rushing with 144.6 yards per game, it would not mean much as they were league worst with a grand total of only 287 yards a game of total offense. QB IsHe... ReallyInvisible led the team in passing with 1991 passing yards, 9 passing TD's with 11 INT's. He also ran for 332 yards and 2 TD's. RB Preston Parker would lead the Luchadores in rushing with 728 rushing yards on a 177 attempts and 4 TD's. On the defensive side, they would also be inconsistent in terms of league ranking, but would do quite better than their counterparts. While they would allow 24 points per game on defense (which ranked 6th in the league), they would only allow 323 yards of offense per game, which was 3rd in the league. Tijuana would lead the league in only allowing under 90 yards rushing per game, but would be worst in passing defense with 233 per game allowed. CB Buck Nekkid was one of the biggest bright spots on the defensive side with 74 tackles, 3 forced fumbles, and a league leading 6 INT's with 28 pass deflections. He is currently a nominee for the S27 DFSL DPotY award. CB Juno Hu also was a notable difference maker on the defensive side as he recorded 50 tackles and 4 INT's including a game winning pick six against the London Royals in Week 9. The Luchadores would finish the season 6-8 and clinch 2nd in the division to go to the playoffs.

The Luchadores would matchup with the Birddogs in the SFCS conference championship. With both games decided by one possession (24-17 loss in Week 1 and 24-21 loss in Week 8), this matchup would be no different. The Luchadores would jump up to a 24-13 lead early in the 4th with RB Lonnie Jackson scoring his 2nd TD of the game. However, the Birddogs would score rather quickly on the next drive to cut it within 3 after a successful 2 point conversion. The Luchadores would answer back on a methodical drive to kick a FG to bring it to a 6 point lead. The Birddogs would drive down the field to the Luchadores side with only a little over 2 minutes to go. On that drive, the next 3 plays were incompletions, an with :46 left to go on 4th and 10, one of the biggest controversies would occur. QB Joliet Christ Jr. would throw to RB Sirdsvaldis Miglasķēms for a 6 yard gain that would have caused a turnover on downs. However, the sim itself granted a first down, and the Birddogs would score a TD on the very next play. With the season ending like that, the Luchadores would have to look to the next season to reach that 9th Ultimini.

In a surprise announcement, Tonzy would step down as GM and have GM take over. Kotasa would be brought on as the next GM for the Luchadores and with that, Tonzy would ride off under the sunset.


After a disappointing end to the previous season the Luchadores were looking on to this season to get GM Kotasas first Ultimini with the franchise. They managed to strengthen the core of their team well prior to season start, in the Season 28 DSFL Draft, with picks such as Gronko Muerto, a tight end, a linebacker in Marcus Jones and OL Sir Peter Jackson.

These picks boded well for the Luchadores, as they won 3 of their first four games. However a loss in Week 5 at the hands of the London Royals would set Tijuana off on a bad losing streak, not getting another win until they managed to steady the ship in Week 9. Their only other loss of the regular season would come once again at the hands of the London Royals in Week 11, and in a relatively poor division, the Luchadores 8 wins would be good enough for the first seed. In the first round of the playoffs they managed to deal with the Bondi Beach Buccaneers, although it wasnt easy, with [[Cliff Burton catching the winning touchdown with 5 minutes left in the fourth. Running Back Lonnie Jackson also had an outstanding game, rushing for 137 yards and a touchdown. It would only be disappointment once again in the Ultimini, as they had the floor wiped with them at the hands of the Royals, 26-10, as quarterback ReallyInvisible threw 2 interceptions in a poor showing.

The Luchadores did have more success in the post season awards show, with Lonnie Jackson picking up MVP, being the first non-qb to do so since former Buccaneer Kacey Dream did it in S19, at cornerback.


After a disappointing Ultimini showing in the previous season, the Luchadores were looking to get back there, and doing one better this time. They began their charge back to the big game with their draft showing, making solid picks such as linebacker Sheriff Woody, safety Jason Waterfalls and tight end Miracle Whip, among others.

These picks did not help lead the Luchadores to the greatest of starts as they lost 4 of their first 6 games, beating just the Portland Pythons in Week 1 and the Bondi Beach Buccaneers in Week 3. However they quickly recovered from this poor turn of form, winning all of their next 6 games, beating every team in the league bar the Kansas City Coyotes in that timespan, whom they lost to the following week, in week 13. The Luchadores then rounded off the season with a resounding 38-17 win over the Norfolk Seawolves in week 14. Their 9-5 record was only good for second in the division however, as they lost out on the top seed by tiebreaker, to the Dallas Birddogs. This didn't deter them in the Conference Championship game, triumphing over the Birddogs 26-13 and sending them to another Ultimini game. However this Ultimini game would be a painful one for the Luchadores, facing off against the top seed and favourite Minnesota Grey Ducks, they would get shutout and lose by a record 40 points, as quarterback IsHe ReallyInvisible would throw 4 interceptions in a poor day out. It would be announced at seasons end that long time GM GuitarMaster116 would step down, and be replaced by Exilate.

Season-by-season records

Season Regular Season Record Post Season Record
2018 5 9 0 .357 0 0
2019 7 7 0 .500 0 1
2020 7 6 1 .536 0 1
2021 5 9 0 .357 0 1
2022 6 8 0 .429 1 1
2023 8 6 0 .571 2 0
2024 10 4 0 .714 2 0
2025 10 4 0 .714 2 0
2026 5 9 0 .357 1 1
2027 9 5 0 .643 0 1
2028 7 7 0 .500 2 0
2029 8 6 0 .571 1 1
2030 9 5 0 .643 0 1
2031 12 2 0 .857 2 0
2032 9 4 1 .679 2 0
2033 13 1 0 .929 0 1
2034 11 3 0 .786 1 1
2035 5 9 0 .357 0 0
2036 6 8 0 .429 0 0
2037 10 4 0 .714 2 0
2038 6 8 0 .429 0 0
2039 10 4 0 .714 0 1
2040 6 8 0 .429 2 0
2041 4 10 0 .285 0 0
2042 6 8 0 .429 0 1
2043 8 6 0 .571 1 1
2044 9 5 0 .643 1 1
Total 211 165 2 .561 22 14

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