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Dallas Birddogs
Current season
Established 2036
First season: 2036
Play in and headquartered in The Doghouse
Dallas, Texas
Dallas Birddogs logo
League/conference affiliations

DSFL (2036–present)

Current uniform
Team colorsBlue, Gold, White               
General managerYonggarius
Team history
  • Dallas Birddogs (2036–present)
League championships (0)
Conference championships (0)
Division championships (0)
Home fields
  • The Doghouse (2036–present)

The Dallas Birddogs professional American football franchise based in Dallas, Texas. The Birddogs currently compete in the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL) as a member club of the league's South Football Conference (SFC) which currently only has one division. The franchise was established in 2036 by gucci.

History of the Dallas Birddogs

The franchise was originally founded in 2036 season by general managers, gucci and Kyle as the Dallas Birddogs. The Birddogs were part of a two team expansion along with London Royals into the DSFL increasing the number of teams from 6 to 8.

2036 Season

The expansion teams were not given an expansion draft, but instead were given either the first or second pick of each round, trading the top pick of each round with London. Given that Dallas was an expansion team and would not have any players sent down from the DSFL in season 21, the gucci made many trades as possible to boost Dallas' chances at filling an entire team with active players. Gucci was able to utilize their position in the second round to trade down to receive an additional later round pick as DSFL rules state GMs must draft their own players in the 2nd round. Dallas also traded away their 21st round to Portland and in return received Portland's picks for rounds, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 in addition the the infamous Gimmy Jaroppolo. As part of this trade Dallas was able to pick up the players, Colt Mendoza and Big Edd, both being huge additions to the defense. Dallas was also able to claim critical players from waivers such as Benson Bayley Jr. who would lead the sacks.

Dallas did not have a successful first year, finishing last in the DSFL with a 5-9 record. Going into week 11 the Birddogs had a chance to make it into the players after going on a 3 win streak from the previous weeks. However in weeks 11 and 12, Dallas lost back to back road games against Kansas City and Myrtle Beach, both teams would would end up competing in the Ultimini. Dallas could not recover from these loses and ended the season losing 4 straight games.

2037 Season

As the second year in play, the Dallas Birddogs had their first set of send downs allowing Dallas to start at more equal terms with the rest of the league. Dallas would have their biggest lost of players on the defensive side as they would lose a considerable amount of starters to the NSFL at each of their positions. First overall draft pick, Colt Mendoza, would remain as the biggest name on the Dallas defense. The offense would have the largest returning starters as QB Monty Jack, RB Kichwa Jones, and MR Mike Lee would all return. However, Dallas would lose top talent, White Goodman and William Lim to the NSFL.

The start of the Dallas Birddog season was not looking positive through week 4 when it looked like Dallas would go 1-3 to start the season. However, after week 4 it was announced that the DSFL would replay weeks 3 and 4 after certain procedures that some teams were performing pregame would be contested by other teams due to a lack of clarity in the rule book as well as various errors performed by the league to the lead up of these games. Dallas would instead turn the week 4 lost into a win and thus allowing them to start the season 2-2. The rest of the season would remain a .500 season for the Dallas as they would win and lose games back and forth. The Birddogs would have a chance for the playoffs after week 10 with a record of 6-4. However they would go on the lose their next 3 games taking them out of playoff contention.

2038 Season

The third year for the Birddogs turned out much better, as an up and down .500 first month of the season gave way to a 6 game win streak between weeks 5-10. With an 8-2 record heading into the last month of the season, the Birddogs had already qualified for the playoffs, and were in the driver's seat in terms of having home field advantage throughout the playoffs. However, a 1-3 record over the final four as the Norfolk Seawolves went 4-0 meant that the Birddogs would have to head to Norfolk for their first ever playoff game.

At Norfolk for the conference championship, the Birddogs quickly opened up a 10 point lead over the team with the best record in the league. Unfortunately, their star running back, Zoe Watts, would fumble just outside the Red Zone giving the Norfolk Seawolves life. Norfolk would score a touchdown, and then a field goal to tie it up just before halftime. In the third quarter, Norfolk scored a field goal on their first possession, and blocked a punt to set up another one despite not getting a first down during the drive. A third field goal with 9 minutes left in the 4th seemed to put the game out of reach, and an interception with 5 minutes left almost certainly did. The Birddogs would drive down and score a touchdown with no time left on the clock, but the score was not in their favor, 19-17. Looking at stats, the Birddogs were the better team, but 10 points off of a fumble and a blocked punt were the main difference maker.

The Birddogs' Quarterback, M. Caliban, threw for 2325 yards and 9 Touchdowns with 56% completion, while their top Running Back, Zoe Watts, ran for 1160 yards and 9 Touchdowns on a 4.9 ypc. The most productive wide receiver was L. Scabbia, who caught 72 passes for 938 yards and 2 touchdowns.

2039 Season

The Birddogs had a large step back in their fourth year of existence, as they went 2-5 through their first half of the season, and ended up a pitiful 3-8 with 3 games left in the season. They won all three of their final games, which was just enough to get them out of the lowest record in the draft, but they had already lost their playoff hopes by that point. The Birddogs had the worst road record in the entire league, only winning against the Minnesota Ducks (the only team near them in terms of lack of quality), and they were in the bottom half of all 8 team stats. Mark Caliban was a mediocre to bad quarterback for the entire year, only throwing for 7 touchdowns and 6 picks on nearly 400 attempts. A sub 6 yard per attempt for the year was one of the worst marks for the league as well. Dallas' lead receiver, Taro Raimon, and their top tight end, Tristian Hex, were decent but not spectacular. Raimon averaged just over 50 yards per game and 4 touchdowns. The only savior for the Birddogs was Zoe Watts, who ran for just under 5 yards per carry, had the most touchdowns from scrimmage in the league with 10, and tied for the most overall with 11, and led the league with 1303 rushing yards. The top performers on defense were Richard Leaking, who led the team with 9 sacks and 102 tackles, and Byron Blackwell, who led the league in interceptions with 5, had 2 touchdowns, and 15 pass deflections.

2040 Season

The Birddogs woes continued into their fifth year of existence, with their playoff appearance from a couple years ago looking far away. With their star, Watts, called up, they called on a rookie to replace her. Cobra Kai more than made up for the loss, with 8 TDs and 5.3 ypc on the year. He had 1482 yards in only 14 games, the second most on the year with over 100 attempts less than the one player with more yards. Unfortunately, almost nothing was going to salvage a season as bad as Caliban had, with 8 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Multiple first year quarterbacks outperformed him on the year, and that led to a very poor record. The Birddogs only won 4 games on the year, half of which were against the lone team worse than them in the Norfolk Seawolves, and at least they had a bit of an excuse with half of their team getting called up. The Birddogs were able to have a great rushing offense and a stout passing defense, but that wasn't much of a boost to their prospects.

Season-by-season records

Season Regular Season Record Post Season Record
2036 5 9 0 .357 0 0
2037 7 7 0 .500 0 0
2038 9 5 0 .643 0 1
2039 6 8 0 .429 0 0
2040 4 10 0 .286 0 0
Total 31 39 0 .443 0 1

Players of note

Current roster

Dallas Birddogs roster

Running backs

Wide receivers

Tight ends

Offensive linemen

Defensive linemen


Defensive backs

Special teams

Roster updated Sept 17th, 2021
  23 Active

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Current staff

Dallas Birddogs staff
Front Office
  • President –
  • Director of Player Personnel –
  • General Manager -
  • Assistant General Manager -
Head Coaches
  • Head Coach –
  • Assistant Head Coach -
Offensive Coaches
  • Offensive Coordinator –
  • Quarterbacks -
  • Running Backs –
  • Wide Receivers –
  • Tight Ends –
  • Offensive Line –
Defensive Coaches
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  • Linebackers –
  • Cornerbacks –
  • Safeties –
Special Teams Coaches
  • Special Teams Coordinator –
  • Placekicking coach -
Strength and Conditioning
  • Head Strength and Conditioning –

General Managers

GM Co-GM Tenure Regular Season Record Post Season Record
gucci Kyle 2036 5 9 0 0 0
Kyle iStegosaurus 2037-2038 16 12 0 0 1


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