ISFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

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ISFL Offensive Rookie of the Year
Given forThe best offensive rookie in the ISFL the previous season
Presented byISFL Head Office
First award2017
Most recentQueen Elizabeth, Austin Copperheads

The ISFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award is presented annually to the offensive rookie adjudged by the ISFL Head Office and league general managers to be the best in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL). The award is not yet named for a specific person.


Season Player Team Position
2017 (S2) Darlane Farlane Baltimore Hawks Running back
2018 (S3) Trey Willie Baltimore Hawks Wide receiver
2019 (S4) Steven O'Sullivan Orange County Otters Tight end
2020 (S5) John Wachter Baltimore Hawks Wide receiver
2021 (S6) Poopyface Tomatonose New Orleans Second Line Tight end
2022 (S7) Verso L'Alto Baltimore Hawks Tight end
2023 (S8) Viggo Squanch Arizona Outlaws Wide receiver
2024 (S9) Beat Meoff Philadelphia Liberty Kicker
2025 (S10) Marquise Brown Philadelphia Liberty Running back
2026 (S11) Antonio Summer Yellowknife Wraiths Running back
2027 (S12) Dick Wizardry Yellowknife Wraiths Running back
2028 (S13) Tyler Swift New Orleans Second Line Running back
2029 (S14) Fast Boija Philadelphia Liberty Running back
2030 (S15) Cooter Bigsby Yellowknife Wraiths Quarterback
2031 (S16) Sam Torenson Chicago Butchers Running back
2032 (S17) Ashley Owens Austin Copperheads Running back
2033 (S18) Marcella Toriki San Jose Sabercats Running back
2034 (S19) Ruff Ruff Arizona Outlaws Running back
2035 (S20) Jay Cue Arizona Outlaws Quarterback
2036 (S21) Chris Kross Baltimore Hawks Wide receiver
2037 (S22) Acura Skyline Yellowknife Wraiths Running back
2038 (S23) Jamar Lackson San Jose Sabercats Running back
2039 (S24) Nicholas Ayers Honolulu Hahalua Running back
2040 (S25) Doug Howlett Baltimore Hawks Wide receiver
2041 (S26) Mike Boss Jr. Sarasota Sailfish Quarterback
2042 (S27) Charlamagne Cortez Arizona Outlaws Quarterback
2043 (S28) Madison Hayes Chicago Butchers Running back
2044 (S29) Saleem Spence Sarasota Sailfish Wide receiver
2045 (S30) Zack DiNozzo Orange County Otters Tight end
2046 (S31) Dexter Zaylren Berlin Fire Salamanders Quarterback
2047 (S32) Jaycee Higgins San Jose Sabercats Wide receiver
2048 (S33) Wendell Sailor Arizona Outlaws Quarterback
2049 (S34) Live Laughlove Colorado Yeti Quarterback
2050 (S35) Swantavius Payne Philadelphia Liberty Offensive lineman
2051 (S36) Michaelangelo Mcturtle New York Silverbacks Running back
2052 (S37) Owen Farrell San Jose Sabercats Quarterback
2053 (S38) Queen Elizabeth Austin Copperheads Quarterback
2054 (S39) Johnny Blaze Jr Sarasota Sailfish Wide receiver
2055 (S40) Creg Jerrith IV ISFL Quarterback

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