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Tyler Oles was the leagues first ever Defensive Rookie of the Year Award winner.

The International Simulation Football League Rookie of the Year Award (sometimes referred to as ISFL ROTY) is an award given by the ISFL HO & GM committee to the American football players who are considered the most impressive in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL) in their rookie season. There are two winners every year, one on the offensive side of the ball and the other on the defensive side. Since the 2017 season, the ISFL has held the annual ISFL Awards ceremony to recognize the winner of the ROTY award and all other awards.

ISFL Rookie of the Year Award winners

The ISFL HO & GM committee has presented a Rookie of the Year award since 2017. The award is split into an offensive and a defensive rookie of the year award. Both are voted upon by 15 dedicated head office members and general managers at the end of the post season, though the results are not announced to the public until the following preseason.

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Season Player Team Position
2017 Darlane Farlane Baltimore Hawks Runningback
2018 Trey Willie Baltimore Hawks Wide receiver
2019 Steven O'Sullivan Orange County Otters Tight end
2020 John Wachter Baltimore Hawks Wide receiver
2021 Poopyface Tomatonose New Orleans Second Line Tight end
2022 Verso L'Alto Baltimore Hawks Tight end
2023 Viggo Squanch Arizona Outlaws Wide receiver
2024 Beat Meoff Philadelphia Liberty Kicker

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Season Player Team Position
2017 Tyler Oles Philadelphia Liberty Cornerback
2018 Franklin Harris Jr. Arizona Outlaws Cornerback
2019 Noah Goodson Arizona Outlaws Linebacker
Blackford Oakes Las Vegas Legion Safety
2020 Terrell Brister Las Vegas Legion Cornerback
Ryan Sierra Orange County Otters Defensive tackle
2021 Austin Roenick Baltimore Hawks Linebacker
2022 Desta Danger Colorado Yeti Cornerback
Vladimir Fyodorovich Orange County Otters
2023 Mason Brown Orange County Otters Linebacker
2024 Bucky Barnes Arizona Outlaws Safety