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The DSFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award is presented annually to the Offensive player adjudged by the NSFL Head Office and league general managers to be the best offensive rookie in the in the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL).


Year Player Team Position
2018 Shawn Ariel Norfolk Seawolves Running back
2019 John Wachter Portland Pythons Wide receiver
2020 Dwayne Aaron Portland Pythons Wide receiver
2021 Howard Miller Kansas City Coyotes Wide receiver
2022 Vigo Squanch Tijuana Luchadores Wide receiver
2023 Marquise Brown San Antonio Marshals Running back
2024 Adriana Falconi
D'Pez Poopsie
Felix Hasselhoff
Tijuana Luchadores
Portland Pythons
Portland Pythons
Running back
Wide receiver
2025 Jerrod Canton Kansas City Coyotes Running back
2026 Arrin Asipi San Antonio Marshals Running back
2027 Corey Trevor Portland Pythons Running back
2028 Corvo Havran Tijuana Luchadores Quarterback
2029 Franklin Armstrong Portland Pythons Quarterback
2030 Easton Cole Palm Beach Solar Bears Quarterback
2031 Ashley Owens
Jordan McCann
San Antonio Marshals
Tijuana Luchadores
Running back
2032 Marcella Toriki Norfolk Seawolves Running back
2033 Sweet James-Jones Myrtle Beach Buccaneers Wide receiver
2034 Darrel Williams Minnesota Grey Ducks Running back
2035 Rando Cardrissian Kansas City Coyotes Running back
2036 Acura Skyline London Royals Running back
2037 Tychondrius Hood Minnesota Grey Ducks Wide receiver
2038 Crowbar Theeks Tijuana Luchadores Running back
2039 Bronko Mills Tijuana Luchadores Running back
2040 Cobra Kai Dallas Birddogs Running back
2041 Xander Creed Kansas City Coyotes Running back

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