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This is a list of first overall International Simulation Football League draft picks. The International Simulation Football League draft is an annual sports draft in which ISFL teams select newly eligible players for their rosters. To be eligible, a player must be out of high school at least three years. Each ISFL franchise seeks to add new players through the annual ISFL Draft. The team with the worst record the previous year picks first, the next-worst team second, and so on. Teams also have the option to trade with another team to move up to a better draft position. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record, with any remaining ties broken by strength of schedule. Playoff participants are sequenced after non-playoff teams, based on their round of elimination. The first ever pick in the ISFL draft was defensive lineman J. J. Reigns by the Orange County Otters.


* Selected to an ISFL Pro Bowl
Inducted into the Hall of Fame
(all were also selected to a Pro Bowl)

List of first overall picks

First overall draft picks
Year Name Position College Team
2016 ISFL Draft (S1) J. J. Reigns DL Wisconsin Orange County Otters
2017 ISFL Draft (S2) Dermot Lavelle CB Arizona Yellowknife Wraiths
2018 ISFL Draft (S3) Antonio Sandoval DL Notre Dame Colorado Yeti
2019 ISFL Draft (S4) Noah Goodson LB NC State Arizona Outlaws
2020 ISFL Draft (S5) Carlito Crush TE Ohio State Colorado Yeti
2021 ISFL Draft (S6) Brian Mills LB North Carolina New Orleans Second Line
2022 ISFL Draft (S7) Howard Miller WR Northern Illinois Colorado Yeti
2023 ISFL Draft (S8) Ricky Ramero LB Florida State Colorado Yeti
2024 ISFL Draft (S9) Xavier Flash WR Florida San Jose Sabercats
2025 ISFL Draft (S10) D'Pez Poopsie RB Ole Miss San Jose Sabercats
2026 ISFL Draft (S11) Lennox Garnett S Howard University Philadelphia Liberty
2027 ISFL Draft (S12) Freezer Riposte DT Hawaii San Jose Sabercats
2028 ISFL Draft (S13) Johnny Snuggles CB Nebraska Yellowknife Wraiths
2029 ISFL Draft (S14) Cooter Bigsby QB Arkansas Yellowknife Wraiths
2030 ISFL Draft (S15) Brock Landers WR Tennessee Arizona Outlaws
2031 ISFL Draft (S16) Sam Torenson RB North Carolina Chicago Butchers
2032 ISFL Draft (S17) Ashley Owens RB Wisconsin Austin Copperheads
2033 ISFL Draft (S18) Bjorn Ironside DT Michigan New Orleans Second Line
2034 ISFL Draft (S19) Mack Arianlacher LB Stanford New Orleans Second Line
2035 ISFL Draft (S20) Kyle Idlewyld DL TCU Austin Copperheads
2036 ISFL Draft (S21) Prince Vegeta S University of Toronto - St. George Orange County Otters
2037 ISFL Draft (S22) Colt Mendoza CB Wyoming Austin Copperheads
2038 ISFL Draft (S23) Greedy Sly S Ohio State Colorado Yeti
2039 ISFL Draft (S24) Juan Domine LB Houston Chicago Butchers
2040 ISFL Draft (S25) Swantavius Jones CB Cypress Creek Berlin Fire Salamanders
2041 ISFL Draft (S26) BamBam McMullet LB N/A Berlin Fire Salamanders
2042 ISFL Draft (S27) Eleven Kendrick-Watts WR Northwestern Honolulu Hahalua
2043 ISFL Draft (S28) Luke Quick WR Minnesota State - Moorhead Baltimore Hawks
2044 ISFL Draft (S29) Dante King RB Stanford Baltimore Hawks
2045 ISFL Draft (S30) Sheriff Woody LB N/A Baltimore Hawks
2046 ISFL Draft (S31) Morpheus Czargyros DE University of Redlands Baltimore Hawks
2047 ISFL Draft (S32) Lenard Graf TE Oregon Baltimore Hawks
2048 ISFL Draft (S33) Leonardo McTurtle DE Shaolin Temple Orange County Otters
2049 ISFL Draft (S34) Theo Lariat K/P Cincinnati Philadelphia Liberty
2050 ISFL Draft (S35) Anthony Stark CB MIT Colorado Yeti
2051 ISFL Draft (S36) Graham Harper CB Maryland Colorado Yeti
2052 ISFL Draft (S37) Charlie Thorsen LB Notre Dame Berlin Fire Salamanders
2053 ISFL Draft (S38) Tank McGibbons LB Wabash College Austin Copperheads
2054 ISFL Draft (S39) Seth Leavitt CB University of Rhode Island Honolulu Hahalua
2055 ISFL Draft (S40) Liv Elsathelookout LB University of New Hampshire Honolulu Hahalua
2056 ISFL Draft (S41) Dub Redd DT Barry Sanders University New York Silverbacks
2057 ISFL Draft (S42) Dino Nuggets CB University of Oregon New Orleans Second Line
2058 ISFL Draft (S43) Thomas Sutha WR Stanford University Arizona Outlaws
2059 ISFL Draft (S44) Thomas Passarelli TE Old Dominion New Orleans Second Line
2060 ISFL Draft (S45) Doctor Who DE Old Dominion Chicago Butchers
2061 ISFL Draft (S46) Silence Suzuka WR Tracen Academy Yellowknife Wraiths

First overall draft picks per team

Team Total
Colorado Yeti 7
Baltimore Hawks 5
New Orleans Second Line 5
Austin Copperheads 4
San Jose Sabercats 3
Yellowknife Wraiths 4
Orange County Otters 3
Berlin Fire Salamanders 3
Honolulu Hahalua 3
Arizona Outlaws 3
Chicago Butchers 3
Philadelphia Liberty 2
New York Silverbacks 1
Sarasota Sailfish 0

First Overall Draft Picks by Position

First overall selections by position played
Position Number of selections Last year selected
Defensive Linemen
Wide Receiver
Running Back
Tight End

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