Greedy Sly

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Greedy Sly
No. 36 – Retired
Personal information
Born: (2015-09-20)September 20, 2015 (aged 48)
Houlton, Maine, U.S.
Height:6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Weight:194 lb (88 kg)
Career information
College:Ohio State
ISFL Draft:2038 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
DSFL Draft:2037 / Round: 1 / Pick: 1
Career history
Roster status:Retired

Greedy Sly (born September 20, 2015) was an American football safety for the Colorado Yeti of the International Simulation Football League (ISFL).

Early years

Born in Houlton, ME to Oscar and Patricia. Greedy excelled in youth sports throughout his early years. Throughout his middle school years he primarily played soccer and basketball, allowing him to foster his natural athletic ability.

During his Freshman year of High School he settled on Basketball as his primary sport, leading his school to three state titles. Sly himself picked up two state player of the year accolades in the process. During his Senior year, College hoops scouts began taking an interest in the young PG. He garnered several scholarship offers from Division 1 schools, and began visiting them in order to narrow his selection down. During his visit to The Ohio State University, he bumped into the Head Coach for the schools football team, Walter Thompson. The two of them being from Maine, quickly found common ground, and the two made fast friends. By the end of the visit Thompson had convinced the young basketball phenom to try out for the football team. Several weeks later, in the pouring rain, Sly was put through a gauntlet of drills, during the course of which, his determination, hustle, and raw atleticism was put on display. By the end of these drills, Thompson knew he had his new cornerstone on defense."

College career

As a true freshman, Sly helped lead Ohio State to a National Championship. His final numbers for the season were as follows: 72 tackles, 8 of which were for a loss. 4 sacks, 8 interceptions, 2 forced fumbles, and a pick six. Sly would go on to be a finalist for the Jim Thorpe award, eventually winning the prestigous award.

At the conclusion of his freshman year, coach Thompson implored him to stay on for another year, reather then immediately declaring for the NSFL draft. Greedy went back and forth on the decision for several weeks, uncertain as to what to do. A meeting with his eventual agent, Rodger Clemente, sealed the deal however, and Sly declared for the draft that offseason. Initially hailed as a potential top 10 pick, during the scouting process teams began to question Sly's readiness for the big leagues, given his decision to move on from college while still being such a raw athletic specimen. Shortly before the draft, footage was made public of Sly playing hoops, as opposed to preparing for the combine as many pundits thought he should have been, forcing his draft stock to continue trending downwards."

Professional career

DSFL Career

London Royals

DSFL Season 22: Greedy entered his first full DSFL season after being taken with the first overall selection in the DSFL draft by the London Royals. Eager to prove himself worthy of the pick, Greedy took the field alongside an entirely revamped London defense that was looking to make noise in the league. At the beginning of the season, many pundits called London out for their seemingly weak defense. Citing a lack of skill and experience among the entire side, Greedy and Co. were excited at the opportunity to prove them wrong once the games began during the regular season. While the season certainly had its highs and lows for the Royals, Greedy proved to be a constant presence in the secondary for the young London team. Finishing second among all Safety's in the league with 92 tackles, and managing to record 2 sacks as well as 2 fumble recoveries, Greedy proved to be a regular Swiss army knife kind of player for London. Midway through the season he also took over some of the kick returning duties for the team during which he averaged a healthy 19.8 yards per return. While he never did manage to break a return for a touchdown, it's safe to say one may be on its way in the coming year. After a stellar regular season performance, the Royals went on the road for what proved to be a tough playoff matchup against the Minnesota Grey Ducks. It was here Greedy potentially had his biggest play of the season. Late in the third quarter the Ducks were stringing together quite possibly the most successful drive of the game, when out of nowhere Greedy snagged the ball out of the air, stopping the Ducks cold. London would go on to win the game, setting up an Ultimini matchup against Greedy’s old friends the Tijuana Luchadores. Sadly for Greedy, that game did not result in a victory, though it was a close fought battle. As they walked off the field, Greedy knew one thing for certain…. It wouldn’t be the last time he played for an Ultimini Championship.

DSFL Season 23: Having been drafted first overall by the Colorado Yeti, Greedy Sly was anxious to get right to work with his new team. However, Colorado elected to send him down for another season in the DSFL however, to better prepare him for the competition he would soon see in the ISFL. Somewhat upset to spend a second season in the minors, Greedy reported to London, and was immediately happy to be surrounded by so many familiar faces. With such a crowded and strong secondary, London projected to be one of the favorites of the league for the season, and Greedy sought to be more of a team player than a star player on the defensive side of things. While his numbers suffered slightly, the team proved to work more cohesively together. After a slow start, London picked up steam racking up multiple wins to see them back to a playoff seed. Whilst Greedy’s defensive numbers saw a dip, his Special Teams play greatly improved from the previous season, seeing him lead the league in Kick Return yardage. In one particular game, Greedy broke a long return…. Ending just one yard short of a kick return for touchdown. Having made a playoff seed, London sought to beat Kansas City on the road. A tall task for any team, but London took it on bravely, sadly they fell short. While he was certainly disappointed to not make it back to the Ultimini, Greedy felt they had put up an excellent season and was proud of what the Royals had accomplished. Shortly after the Conference Championship game, Greedy got a call from his agent. “They’re calling you up this coming season, be ready.” And with that, Greedy’s focus shifted. He was heading to Colorado, and more then that, he was hunting for an Ultimus. The stakes had now been raised.

ISFL Career

Colorado Yeti

ISFL Season 24 Living up to the expectations of the first overall pick is a daunting challenge for any sports figure, but for Greedy Sly it was doubly challenging due to the Yeti being Ultimus or bust in his first season. Greedy was immediately thrust into the starting lineup for the Yeti, as their premiere Nickelback. While new to the position, Greedy embraced the role, and looked to help his team compete as best he could day in and day out throughout the season. The Yeti had a fantastic regular season performance, registering 14 wins on the season and only dropping two. Considering most pundits had Colorado in the 10-12 win range, this was a fantastic result by the team. An Ultimus appearance was always the end goal, and the Yeti put themselves in position for that by winning home field advantage throughout. They beat the Sailfish in the Conference Finals, setting up for a date with San Jose in the Ultimus. Sadly for Greedy it wasn’t meant to be as the Yeti lost a close game to the Sabercats and just missed out for glory on the season. It wasn’t all lost for Greedy however, who made an appearance in Pro Bowl voting, as well as placing runner up in the Defensive Player of the Year running, just losing out to Lesean Paris Crooks of the Baltimore Hawks. While the season ended in tragedy, Greedy has already begun looking forward to the coming season. With the massive signing of top rated free agent, Darrel Williams, the Yeti look to be in a place to compete for seasons to come.

Career statistics Tackles Coverage Safeties Touchdowns Blocks Kick Returns
Season Team Games Tck TFL FF/FR Sck Int PD Sfty TD Blk P/XP/FG KR KR Yds KR Avg KR Lg KR TD
2037 (S22) Royals 14 92 0 0/2 2 1 2 0 0 1/0/0 20 397 19.8 35 0
2038 (S23) Royals 14 66 0 0/0 2 2 4 0 0 0/0/0 39 911 23.4 76 0
2039 (S24) Yeti 16 132 2 1/1 0 2 10 0 0 1/0/0 1 0 0 0 0