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NOTE: This wiki is written from an in-context perspective. Take a look at the forums for more information.


For quick reference, here is a link to things that need to be "cleaned up" (i.e. category names were incorrectly assigned, missing data, etc)
Click here for articles requiring an update, or here for articles the wiki team have scheduled for update every season.
Click here to see the "player index", containing draft and combine information for all players, as well as the TPE tracker.
Finally, here is the league records tracking sheet. Use this if you want to update a reference to a record anywhere on the wiki.

To calculate ages of players and maintain a sense of immersion, this wiki converts season numbers into years (for display purposes only; links still work as "season 2" etc).
The ISFL started in 2016 (following the years used in the league index), meaning the "in-context" date right now is:

09 December, 2063
(Season 48, week 11)

This is the date used to calculate ages and time periods in the wiki. (Click here and here to update)
Season numbers are automatically converted to years using {{isfly}} and {{dsfly}}.
To get the date of a specific game week, use the GetDate template.

Guides and How To

If you're making a player page, make sure to use the template.
This will ensure categories and tracking are correctly applied, and reduce the chances your page is rejected by the wiki team when claiming TPE.

How to create a player pageCareer stats tables for player pages
Team, Staff and Roster templates • Useful templates and shortcuts
List of Categories • Category Selector

If you forget your password, message an admin on the ISFL Wiki & Development discord server. They can reset it for you. Please do not create multiple accounts.