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Bondi Beach Buccaneers
Current season
Established 2018
First season: 2018
Play in and headquartered in Emu War Memorial Stadium
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Bondi Beach Buccaneers logo
League/conference affiliations

DSFL (2018–present)

Current uniform
Team colorsGreen, Yellow          
General managerBruce Buckley (NicholasTheGreat)
Void (Void_DCXI)
Team history
  • Bondi Beach Buccaneers (2018–present)
League championships (0)
Conference championships (4)
Division championships (4)
Playoff appearances (9)
Home fields

The Bondi Beach Buccaneers are a professional American football franchise based in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The Buccaneers currently compete in the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL) as a member club of the league's Simulation Football Conference South (DSFL South) which currently only has one division. The franchise was originally established as the "Chicago Blues" in 2018 by jiggly_333 and it would go through several rebrands including the Palm Beach Solar Bears in 2020 by Booter, before rebranding to the Myrtle Beach Buccaneers and finally the last relocation established them in Bondi Beach.



The franchise was originally founded in the 2018 season by Jiggly as the Chicago Blues. In the first year of the DSFL, the Blues would finish with a league best 10-4 season by closing off a 5 game win streak. On the offensive side the Blues would lead the league in passing offense with 228.6 yards per game. They also finished 3rd in the league for points score per game at 17.4. QB Mark Strike led the team in passing with 3194 passing yards with 11 TD's to 21 INT's. WR Wizard Stephan led the team in receiving with 66 receptions to go with 952 yards and 4 receiving TD's. On the defensive side, the Blues were the epitome of a bend but don't break team. The defense only allowed 16 points per game, effectively being the 2nd best in the league, while the rest of the stats like rushing, passing, and total yards allowed were all last in the league.

In the playoffs, the Blues lost to the Seawolves 14-24 after giving them a 17 point lead and 3 turnovers. It effectively changed the mindset of the team and would seep into the locker room...


Season 4 for the Blues would be marked as a forgettable one as they would finish the season 5-9 including a 4 game losing streak. For the offense, Chicago would finish middle of the league in terms of points per game with 17.5 and total yards a game with 300.7. The Blues were also 2nd in the league with 245 passing yards a game, certainly a lone bright side of the team with how the team finished. QB Mark Strike would again lead the team in passing with 3341 passing yards and this time with 16 TD's and 17 INT's, leading to more of an efficient season for him. WR Wizard Stephan again led the team in receiving with 70 receptions, 1015 yards, and 4 TD's to show off a minor improvement for himself. For the defense, it was a phase to forget as they were dead last in the league in nearly all phases except for passing. They allowed 19 points with 323 total yards and 116.7 rushing yards per game. On the passing defense they were in the middle of the pack with 206.3 yards per game allowed.

With Jiggly moving on, the Blues would be disbanded and be under new management. But there were dark times ahead...

Rebranding and S5-S14 (The Bot Years)

The franchise went through a rebrand in the 2020 season by coach Booter as the Palm Beach Solar Bears. They got off to an incredible start under coach Booter, going 8-5-1 and winning the Ultimini in their first season (S5) 17-13 against the Portland Pythons with an all bot team. Unfortunately, this instant success was more a flash in the pan than anything as the team went on to win 31 games in the next 9 seasons, an average of a little over 3 wins a season.


In the 15th season, the Solar Bears had enough players to be able to be a non-bot team. From there, they would actually be a somewhat successful team. They would finish at 7-6-1, which would land them the 2nd seed in the playoffs. For the Solar Bears offense, it would actually perform at a solid level by being 3rd overall in the league. They would be able to score almost 21 points a game with 360 total yards of offense a game. As for the rushing and passing offense, they would accumulate 196 rushing yards per game and 164 passing yards a game, which ranked 2nd and 3rd in the league respectively. On the defensive side, they did not perform as well as their counterpart. They were 5th overall in the league with over 22 points allowed per game and a league worst 351 yards allowed per game.

As the 2nd seed, they would upset the Tijuana Luchadores 34-23 by jumping to a 17-0 lead in the 1st quarter. They would then blow out the Portland Pythons 37-17 to claim their second Ultimini. With the second Ultimini in their belt, it looked like they were finally going to be able to be a consistent franchise. Unfortunately, that would not be the case.

S16 (Bot Year)

The Solar Bears were unable to keep most of there players and sadly had to be a bot team once again. This sustained lack of players caused the General Managers to vacate their positions in the middle of the 2032 season. Two of the only players that seemed to care stepped up at this time and chose to be the leaders of this franchise when their own management could not.


Season 17 was more or less the same for the Solar Bears, they would finish with a measly 4-10 record, even with human players. They were second to last in almost every major category including points scored, points allowed, total yards accumulated and allowed, as well as rushing and passing allowed. They however had the best passing attack in the league with 178.7 yards per game as QB Phillip Helmet accumulated 2240 yards passing and 6 TD's. People felt that new management should be sustained valued, and HO went looking for the next duo to take this team to the next level.

Rebrand (Myrtle Beach)

After the demoralizing experience of having their old management walk out on them, the new Frost and Hallmonitor_20 felt that a relocation and rebrand would be the best thing for the team. They swapped beaches and went to the opposite side of the country to Myrtle Beach and went from the Solar Bears to the Buccaneers. Their colors switched from orange and purple to green and purple in the process and a new team was formed. They had a new state of the art facility built and dubbed it The Brig.


The first season in Myrtle Beach did not go very well as the team went 2-12, including a 10-game losing streak. However there was a renewed vigor and life to the team with a rebrand and an actual future for the team. The offense was league worst in almost every category, including only scoring 14 points per game. QB Deondre Thomas-Fox passed for 2441 yards and 13 TD's to go with 15 INT's. WR Sweet James-Jones had 70 receptions to 956 yards and 6 TD's. As for the defense, it was the same story as they led the league in almost every major statistic except pass defense. With the worst season in actual Myrtle Beach/Palm Beach/Chicago Blues history, they could not go anywhere but up. After the season ended, Hallmonitor_20 would step down as GM as he was given the Philadelphia Liberty GM job and scorycory would win the GM job after his stint with Portland.


In Season 19, Frost and scorycory would make a complete turnaround for Myrtle Beach. They would finish 2nd in the division at 10-4 including an undefeated record at home. Both phases of the Buccaneers would make vast improvements. On the offensive side, Myrtle Beach would average over a league-leading 27 points a game, almost 2 more TD's per game from the previous season. They would also average almost 395 total yards of offense which led the league as well. QB Brock Phoenix would pass for 2679 yards with 12 TD's to go with 13 INT's. As for rushing, the Buccaneers had a duo RB system, Siddhu Sarvepally rushed for 1396 yards with 9 TD's and Ricardo Rose rushed for 1237 yards to go with 16 TD's. On the defensive side, the Buccaneers were 2nd in the league overall by allowing only 16 points per game. They would also lead the league in the least amount of passing yards allowed with 134.5 per game.

Myrtle Beach would lose to Tijuana in the conference championship game 17-27. They would go scoreless in the second half and accumulate just a little over 300 yards of offense. With the loss, the team would head back home from Mexico and look onto next season where they would do even better.


The Buccaneers team in Season 20 was one of the most memorable in different aspects. They would finish 12-2, which tied first in the league. Myrtle Beach would also go undefeated at home, going back to back seasons doing so. On the offensive side of the ball, the Buccaneers would have the 2nd ranked offense in the league with a little over 20 points scored and 354.5 total yards per game. The rushing offense would be league best at over 218 rushing yards per game. Rookie QB Chris Ramos would pass for 1899 yards with 13 TD's to go with 14 INT's. Siddhu Sarvepally would take his game to the next level by rushing for over 1600 yards on 302 attempts and 10 TD's. As for the defense, the Buccaneers took it up another notch, by only allowing just under 9 points per game with 10 of those games being 7 points or less. They also only allowed 268 yards of offense per game as well.

In the playoffs, Myrtle Beach's matchup with the Norfolk Seawolves was anything but close. The final score to the game was 43-10, including 24 points for the Buccaneers in the 4th quarter. RB Jacoby Batista had 73 yards of rushing to go along with 2 TD's. With the win against the Seawolves, they would clinch the conference championship and face the Minnesota Grey Ducks in the Ultimini. Unfortunately, that would be where their season ended. Minnesota would destroy the Buccaneers 28-3. They held the Bucs to only 268 yards of total offense, which was substantially less than what they normally had in the regular season. There were also 2 costly turnovers that could have changed momentum of the game.

With the Buccaneers not reaching the Ultimini a second season in a row, and also including expansion on the horizon next season, it would seem that the window to getting an Ultimini with this team would be getting smaller and smaller. They head back to Myrtle Beach and would contemplate the best way to reach that trophy.


With expansion now here, it would be that much more difficult to win an Ultimini. For Myrtle Beach, if any time was time to win the Ultimini, this was it. In Season 21 the Bucs would finish the year 9-5 with them clinching the first seed in the SFC South. As far as how the team performed statistically, the offense and defense were in the middle of the pack as far as points were concerned. (21.5 scored per game, and 19.6 allowed per game respectively.) They did lead the league in rushing with 214 yards per game, and also led the league in stopping the run with only allowing 159.4 yards per game. Chris Ramos would throw for 1703 yards with 12 TD's to 10 INT's. RB Dax Frost would lead the league in rushing by accumulating 1592 rushing yards on 327 carries to go with 12 TD's.

In the conference championship, it would be a rematch of the Norfolk and Myrtle Beach matchup from last season. However, the motto different year, same result would go into effect. The Bucs would win 18-0 on K/P Kal Solarin's 4 FG's. Norfolk had no answer for the Bucs defense as they only mustered up a measly 195 yards of total offense. With the win for the Bucs, this was there final shot at an Ultimini. They would finally deliver on that promise as they would beat the Kansas City Coyotes 27-10. The Bucs defense was able to hold the Coyotes down by shutting them out in the 2nd half. Chris Ramos passed for 173 yards with 1 TD and he also rushed for 75 yards including a rushing TD.

With the Buccaneers finally winning the Ultimini, Frost would hand the reigns over to scorycory and let someone else take over. How would the Bucs fare in the next few seasons though?


With Frost's departure, Jeffie43 would take over as co-GM for the Buccaneers. Jeffie43 would be caught in a scandal, however, as HO discovered evidence that included but was not limited to screenshots from PMs between different parties and discussions in a DSFL war room. The evidence clearly showed that Jeffie43 tampered Garfield Despacito Jr., telling him to retire so that Norfolk couldn’t have his IA player and to create a player that would then join them in Myrtle Beach. He would then be stripped of his GM role and have a 2-season GM ban as well as a $2M fine. scorycory would GM the team by themselves. As expected, the team success dropped down a bit. They finished with a respectable 7-7 record, however they tied for last in the division. Statistically they played better than what the record suggested. On the offensive side they would score 21.6 points per game, which was 3rd in the league. They also led the league in rushing with 218.4 yards per game, however they were last in the league in passing with only 138.3 yards per game. Chris Ramos passed for 1936 yards and ended up with 17 TD's to 13 INT's. The Bucs incorporated a dual RB system like they did in Season 19, with RB Nicholas Ayers who rushed for 1348 yards to go with 7 TD's and RB 3 Jeffrey who rushed for 1265 yards and 4 rushing TD's. The defense also finished 2nd in the league with only allowing 15.5 points per game. Myrtle Beach was either 1st or 2nd in every major category on defense including total yards allowed, rushing yards allowed, and passing yards allowed. However the team would go 2-7 in one possession games which hurt the chances to make it to the playoffs. After the season ended, the Bucs would announce that Thor would be co-GM to scorycory. And with that, they would look on to Season 23.


With the drama surrounding Jeffie43 and the tampering debacle, it would be up to scorycory and Thor to try and turn this team around without it affecting the locker-room. The Bucs would finish the season last again in the division with a 6-8 record. Offensively they were able to move the ball, as evidenced by the fact that they led the league in total yards with 337.4 per game including the best rushing attack in the league with 174.3 yards per game. But they were unable to come up with points as they were league-worst in points scored per game with only 18.8. The defense was in the middle of the pack as well finishing 3rd or 4th in every major defensive category. Nicholas Ayers would rush for 1053 yards and have 5 rushing TD's, and 3 Jeffrey rushed for 1029 yards and 6 TD's.

scorycory would announce their retirement stating that enough time wasn't devoted on their end to Myrtle Beach. With that announcement, Thor would take over and announce AW13 as co-GM of Myrtle Beach, hoping to turn things around for the team.


In Season 24 the Buccaneers would make a slight improvement in their record and finish 7-7 which was 3rd in their division. The offense would finish middle in the pack through pretty much every major category except the running game again, as they were able to rush for 182.7 yard per game which led the league. 3 Jeffery was able to rush for 1089 yards and 7 TD's. The defense was rather inconsistent as well, as they finished 3rd in the league in points allowed per game with 18.8. They also were league-best in rushing yards allowed with 134.9 per game but also league-worst in passing yards allowed per game with 187.

In a surprising move, AW13 would step down as Myrtle Beach co-GM, due to time constraints he decided that the best course was to bring someone new in to replace him and learn the GM role. NicholasTheGreat would then be called up as co-GM for Thor. With the 3rd change in leadership the last 4 seasons, would this work out for the Bucs?


In S25, the Buccaneers would finish the season 11-3 which was first in their division. This included an undefeated home record during the regular season. Myrtle Beach would find their groove on the offensive side by leading the league in points per game scored at 22.7 They would also lead the league in total yards and passing yards per game with 366 and 212.3 respectively. QB Jackie Daytona would pass for 2972 yards and 17 TD's to go with only 7 INT's. RB Akil Ozymandias led the team in rushing with 1106 yards and 7 TD's. On the defensive side, the Bucs would

In the playoffs, the Bucs would be victim to one of the greatest bamboozles in league history, as the Tijuana Luchadores knew they would play the Buccaneers in back to back weeks. Tijuana incorporated a decoy gameplan for their final regular season game where they would get trounced 44-9. The Buccaneers assumed they would use the same gameplan, and the Buccaneers stayed put with their gameplan from the previous game. In their playoff game, the Luchadores would then upset the Buccaneers 19-13 in OT. With 6:27 left to go in overtime, Mike Boss Jr. would throw a 25 yard pass to Rookie Quavious McGrady. With that upset, they would look to next season in hopes that they could make the Ultimini again sooner rather than later.

Final Rebrand (Bondi Beach)

In a surprise move and through many long discussions during and after ISFL expansion, Thor and NTG decided that it was time for the pirate ship to move on and set sail for a new port to Australia. The move was expected as they are both Australian, and this gave way to honor their heritage in the coming years. With a new location, and an updated logo, there was a renewed zeal for the team, and it would should for the next couple of seasons.


In Season 26, the Bucs would need to take their game to the next level if they wanted any chance of another Ultimini in the team's history. Yet that is just what they would do. The new and improved Buccaneers would finish first in the division with an 8-6 record. Offensively they were best in the league, as they would score 24.4 points per game with 373 yards of total offense per game as well. Their passing attack was also second in the league with just under 192 yards per game. Jackie Daytona would throw for 2686 yards on a 55.7% completion rate with 12 TD's and 15 INT's, which was less efficient than his previous year. Akil Ozymandias though would break out though from his previous year as he would rush for 1287 yards with 12 TD's. Newcomer FB Big Chungus would also rush for 1160 yards and 11 TD's. On the defensive side, Bondi Beach was a little more inconsistent on that side of the ball as they ranged from middle of the pack to the bottom of the pack in all major defensive category. They would allow 18.7 points per game with 336.2 yards allowed as well. They were second-to-last in pass yards allowed as well, allowing 171.4 per game.

In another rematch in the conference championship with the Seawolves, it was another demolishing as the Bucs shut them out 27-0 behind Bondi Beach's defense. They allowed just 169 yards of offense including a measly 56 yards passing and 113 rushing on 31 attempts for a grand average of 3.6 yards per carry. Big Chungus would be player of the game as he would rush 126 yards including a pair of rushing TD's to go along with 3 receptions for 20 yards and a receiving TD. With that win, they would meet the 13-1 Portland Pythons in the Ultimini with the chance to finally have an Ultimini in their belt. In one of the most lopsided games in league history, the Bucs would be down 17-0 in the start of the second half. The defense which was inconsistent, finally were showing the true colors, and at that time an offense was sputtering at best. But at the start of the 2nd half, they would go on a 20-0 stretch including 2 costly turnovers by the Pythons in the 4th to end the game in a wild 20-17 win by the Bucs. Akil Ozymandias would be player of the game as he would rush for 126 yards to go along with 1 rushing TD.

With the Ultimini finally in their grasp, it was an amazing season for the team and were able to capitalize on the talent that they had. Would the success continue though?


With the Ultimini in the review mirror in the upcoming offseason, BBB would look to build the team up after losing several players to callups including Jackie Daytona. In the Season 27 DSFL Draft, the Bucs would select QB Dexter Zaylren to replace Daytona with the 8th overall pick. They would also draft 1st round ISFL draft hopeful DE Mongo in the 2nd round. They would get a steal in DT Jake Hayes in the 8th round. Bondi's success on the field was a different story compared to last season however.

On the offensive side of the ball, as expected, they would dip down in production. They would rank 5th in the league in points scored with just under 19 per game. Bondi also ranked 6th in the league in total offense with 304 total yards of offense per game. Rookie QB Dexter Zaylren lead the Bucs in passing with 2462 yards on a 49.4% completion percentage with 15 TD's and 10 INT's. Veteran RB/FB Big Chungus led the rushing attack for them with 1093 rushing yards on 245 carries to an average of 4.5 yards per attempt and also scored 8 TD's. RB Akil Ozymandias led the receiving attack for the Buccaneers with 59 receptions, 912 yards and 4 TD's. With the offense taking a step back, the defense would suffer the most from regression. Bondi Beach would finish dead last in the league with points allowed per game with 27.1. They also would rank last in total defense with 371.5 yards allowed per game despite being 1st in the league in passing yards allowed (190) per game. DE Mongo would be one of the highlights of that defense however, as he would end the season with 39 tackles and 9 TFL's and 8 sacks, including 1 forced fumble and 2 fumble recoveries. DT Jake Hayes as mentioned earlier had a phenomenal season at DT as well. He had 67 tackles, 13 TFL's and 5 forced fumbles. As far as there overall season success, they would start hot as they would be 4-2 in their first 6 games, but would only win 1 more game in the next 8 to finish the season at 5-11.

With the season ending at a dud, it would be announced that Thor would step down as GM since he felt his time had passed, and that new talent should surpass him. With that, NTG would take over for his spot, and would hire UberBJ as his co-GM for the upcoming season. There would now be a new direction for Bondi Beach, and hopefully will pan out for them in the upcoming season.


Off the back of a below average season for the Buccaneers they looked to get back to the top, with new Co-GM UberBJ itching to get some wins under his belt. Before the season started they managed to strengthen their roster well, with picks such as linebacker Tre'Mendus Johnson in the first and tight end Chevvy Bronko in the second. On the field however, the team would keep their new GM waiting for his first victory, losing in weeks 1 & 2 before UberBJ finally got his first victory as a GM in Week 3 over the Minnesota Grey Ducks, 14-10. This would give the team a nice boost as by the midpoint of the season their record would be 4-3. This would be about as good as it got for BBB, as they managed to win just 2 of their last 7 games. Luckily for them though, their 6 wins were just about good enough to clinch the second seed in their division and punch their ticket to the playoffs. Sadly for the Buccs, this ticket was only good for 1 game, as they lost their Conference Championship matchup with the Luchadores 27-22, despite Zaylren throwing for over 400 passing yards.


Going into 2044 the Buccaneers looked to better their previous seasons performance and return to the Ultimini, hopefully to win it, and looked to start this charge by drafting a good core of young players, such as wide receiver Squidward Tentacles, defensive tackle Dominos Pizzaman and offensive lineman Bernie Sanders, amongst other draftees. The first half of the season would not go very well for Bondi Beach, as they would start 0-7 and have to wait until week 8 to get their first victory, a 35-28 beating of the Norfolk Seawolves. The small bit of cheer this brought to the Buccs camp was short lived, as they were beaten 48-7 by the Dallas Birddogs the following week. The victory over the Seawolves would be one of their only two wins that season, the other one coming in week twelve at the Kansas City Coyotes, 35-21. Overall, this season would be one of the more forgettable ones in Buccaneers franchise history, as they would finish 2-12 with the worst record in the league.


With the 1st overall pick Bondi Beach picked up their new offensive star, Ken Oath. With the 1st pick of the second Round they picked up another offensive weapon, Kotoni Staggs. Who actually got called up after only 1 season at Bondi Beach. The overall draft was alright, as everyone but one player got drafted into the ISFL. The preseason did not go well for Bondi, they finished 1-3. Bondi started the season with a big win vs Norfolk Seawolves. Sadly Bondi lost the second game of the season and from then on it was a very rocky season. Bondi did not have two wins in a row! Which resulted in a overall record of 6-8. A better season compared to last season but was still disappointing. With a lot of their players reaching the time of a call up, the next season will have to be a rebuild season.


Bondi Beach started into 2046 with the most call ups of any DSFL Team. Which meant that this would be a rebuild season. With the 3rd overall Draft Pick they selected Tight End Lenard Graf. In the second round they picked up Abed Nadir who switched from Offensive Line to Safety. The draft went really well for Bondi as they picked up some good players in the early rounds. Steal of the draft was Quarterback Bernd D. Brot who got picked at Nr. 51. Offensive Captain for this season was Lenard Graf and Defensive Captain was Garfield Despacito III. Which was a surprise as both players were rookies. The preseason did not go well for Bondi, they finished 1-3. The season started with a rhythm of 2 losses and one win. In week 9 the Bondi Beach Buccaneers are currently sitting at a record of 3-6. They playoffs seem out of reach so the main focus for Bondi is to improve the rookies, experiment with tactics and prepare for S32!

Season-by-season records

Season Regular Season Record Post Season Record
2018 10 4 0 .714 0 1
2019 5 9 0 .357 0 0
2020 8 5 1 .607 2 0
2021 5 9 0 .357 0 0
2022 4 10 0 .286 0 0
2023 3 11 0 .214 0 0
2024 1 12 1 .107 0 0
2025 3 11 0 .214 0 0
2026 4 10 0 .286 0 0
2027 4 10 0 .286 0 0
2028 4 10 0 .286 0 0
2029 3 11 0 .214 0 0
2030 7 6 1 .545 2 0
2031 2 12 0 .143 0 0
2032 4 10 0 .286 0 0
2033 2 12 0 .143 0 0
2034 10 4 0 .714 0 1
2035 12 2 0 .857 1 1
2036 9 5 0 .643 2 0
2037 7 7 0 .500 0 0
2038 6 8 0 .429 0 0
2039 6 8 0 .429 0 0
2040 11 3 0 .785 0 1
2041 8 6 0 .571 2 0
2042 5 9 0 .357 0 0
2043 6 8 0 .429 0 1
2044 2 12 0 .143 0 0
2045 3 11 0 .214 0 0
2046 3 6 0 .333 0 0
Total 157 241 3 .349 9 5

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Name Tenure Regular Season Record Post Season Record
Booter 2020-2028 36 89 0 2 0
PDXBaller & dizzyDC 2029-2031 12 29 0 2 0
Hallmonitor_20 & frostbite 2032-2033 6 22 0 0 0
frostbite & scorycory 2034-present 24 6 0 1 2

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