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The Developmental Simulation Football League Most Valuable Player Award (DSFL MVP) is an award given by the DSFL HO & GM committee to the player who is considered the most valuable in the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL). Since the 2018 DSFL season, the DSFL has held the annual DSFL Awards ceremony to recognize the winner of the MVP award and all other awards.

DSFL MVP Award winners

The DSFL HO & GM committee has presented an MVP award since 2018. The award is voted upon by a panel of dedicated head office members and general managers at the end of the post season, though the results are not announced to the public until the following preseason.

Season Player Team Position
2018 Shawn Ariel Norfolk Seawolves Running back
2019 John Wachter Portland Pythons Wide receiver
2020 Dwayne Aaron Portland Pythons Wide receiver
2021 Mark Strike Kansas City Coyotes Quarterback
2022 Mark Grau Portland Pythons Wide receiver
2023 Kyle Corbett Tijuana Luchadores Placekicker
2024 Xavier Flash Tijuana Luchadores Wide receiver
2025 Tana Keita
Lennox Garnett
Tijuana Luchadores
Kansas City Coyotes
Free safety
2026 Arrin Asipi San Antonio Marshals Running back
2027 Thorian Skarsgard
Caleb McCoy
Tijuana Luchadores
Portland Pythons
2028 Fast Boija San Antonio Marshals Running back
2029 Franklin Armstrong Portland Pythons Quarterback
2030 Forrest Gump Tijuana Luchadores Running back
2031 Franklin Armstrong (2) Portland Pythons Quarterback
2032 Jay Cue Portland Pythons Quarterback
2033 Jay Cue (2)
Fuzzy Dotson
Portland Pythons
Tijuana Luchadores
Running back
2034 Kacey Dream Myrtle Beach Buccaneers Cornerback
2035 Zack Vega Minnesota Grey Ducks Quarterback
2036 Chika Fujiwara Kansas City Coyotes Quarterback
2037 Sim Snowbow Minnesota Grey Ducks Quarterback
2038 Suleiman Ramza Norfolk Seawolves Quarterback
2039 Sam Howitzer Portland Pythons Quarterback
2040 Jackie Daytona Myrtle Beach Buccaneers Quarterback
2041 Lebron James III Portland Pythons Quarterback
2042 LeBron James III (2) Portland Pythons Quarterback
2043 Lonnie Jackson Tijuana Luchadores Running back
2044 Kazimir Oles Jr. Minnesota Grey Ducks Quarterback
2045 John Huntsman Minnesota Grey Ducks Running back
2046 Malcolm Savage Norfolk Seawolves Quarterback
2047 Live LaughLove Tijuana Luchadores Quarterback
2048 Kawai Bartok Minnesota Grey Ducks Running back