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Victor Moreno was named the inaugural NSFL Returner of the Year during the 2035 (S20) season.

The Developmental Simulation Football League Returner of the Year Award is an award given by the NSFL Head Office & DSFL GM committee to the American football player who is considered the best overall kick and/or punt returner in the last completed season of the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL). Since the 2035 (S20) season, the DSFL has recognized the winner of the Returner of the Year award in addition to all other awards at the annual DSFL Awards Ceremony.

Award winners

The award is voted upon by a panel of dedicated head office members and DSFL general managers at the end of the post season, though the results are not announced to the public until the following preseason.

Season Player Team Position
2035 (S20) Victor Moreno Tijuana Luchadores Cornerback
2036 (S21) Flash Panda Norfolk Seawolves Wide receiver
2037 (S22) Jon Bois Kansas City Coyotes Defensive back
2038 (S23) Luca Scabbia Dallas Birddogs Wide receiver
2039 (S24) Korbin Brown Portland Pythons Wide receiver
2040 (S25) Mark Callous Dallas Birddogs Wide receiver
2041 (S26) Anders Christiansen Portland Pythons Running back
2042 (S27) Madison Hayes Minnesota Grey Ducks Running back
2043 (S28) Kelvin Harris Norfolk Seawolves Safety
2044 (S29) Bradley Welch London Royals Wide receiver
2045 (S30) Ivan Toastovich Dallas Birddogs Wide receiver
2046 (S31) Miracle Whip Tijuana Luchadores Running back
2047 (S32) CMCs' Burner Tijuana Luchadores Running back
2048 (S33) DeAndre King Portland Pythons Wide receiver
2049 (S34) Talen Farrens Tijuana Luchadores Safety
2050 (S35) Ja’uan Holland Norfolk Seawolves Wide receiver

  • After the 2050 (S35) season this award was replaced by the League approved All-Pro team.