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The Developmental Simulation Football League GM(s) of the Year Award (DSFL GM(s) of the Year, GMotY) is an award given by the NSFL HO & DSFL GM committee to the general manager team considered the most outstanding in the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL). Since 2018, the DSFL has held the annual DSFL Awards Ceremony to recognize the winner of the GMotY award and all other awards.

DSFL GMotY Award winners

The NSFL HO & DSFL GM committee has presented a GMotY award since 2018. The award is voted upon by a panel of dedicated head office members and DSFL general managers at the end of the post season, though the results are not announced to the public until the following preseason.

Season General Managers Team
2018 kckolbe & iamslm22 & bovovovo San Antonio Marshalls
2019 PDXBaller & cosbornballboy Portland Pythons
2020 PDXBaller Portland Pythons
2021 Roly & run_CMC San Antonio Marshals
2022 speculadora & Daybe Portland Pythons
2023 Epictitus Milburn & Icy Douglas Tijuana Luchadores
2024 Epictitus Milburn & Icy Douglas Tijuana Luchadores
2025 nunccoepi & iseedoug Tijuana Luchadores
2026 Daybe & PDXBaller Portland Pythons
2027 Mavfatha & mcgriddleluver Kansas City Coyotes
2028 Ben & PaytonM34 Tijuana Luchadores
2029 iamslm22 & SamTheMan Norfolk Seawolves
2030 DizzyDC & PDXBaller Palm Beach Solar Bears
2031 TomHanks & ScorpXCracker Tijuana Luchadores
2032 TomHanks & ScorpXCracker Tijuana Luchadores
2033 DylanDeluxe & GoodFortuneCoffee Tijuana Luchadores
2034 Woelker11 & Revolution5
Frostbite, Cortastrophe
Minnesota Grey Ducks
Myrtle Beach Buccaneers
2035 Woelker11 & BauerAnthony9 Minnesota Grey Ducks
2036 jackets28 & buttersquach101 Kansas City Coyotes
2037 fleshbagshoup & jay_doctor
dewalt27 & CLG RAMPAGE
Tijuana Luchadores
Minnesota Grey Ducks
2038 Buttersquach101 & Matty7478 Kansas City Coyotes
2039 JOEB & Blasoon Norfolk Seawolves
2040 mithrandir & swankypants31 Tijuana Luchadores
2041 RDBSouthpaw & FuriousPanda Portland Pythons
2042 Frazzle14 & WhatAmUs Kansas City Coyotes
2043 Katarn22 & Slate London Royals
2044 GuitarMaster116 & Kotasa Tijuana Luchadores
2045 RussDrivestheBus & Crodyman Minnesota Grey Ducks
2046 Asked Madden & ReverendOReily
negs, g2019
Dallas Birddogs
Norfolk Seawolves
2047 Negs (2) & G2019 (2) Norfolk Seawolves
2048 Painted & IceBear32 Minnesota Grey Ducks