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The Ultimini is the annual American football game that determines the champion of the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL). The game culminates a season that begins in the previous calendar year and is the conclusion of the DSFL playoffs. The contest is held in the city of the home team. Since January 2018, the winner of the Southern Football Conference (SFC) Championship Game has faced the winner of the Northern Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game in the culmination of the DSFL playoffs.

The SFC leads in Ultimini wins with 24, while the NFC has won 13. Eight franchises have won the Ultimini.

The Tijuana Luchadores (9-5) have won the most Ultiminis with nine championships, the Minnesota Grey Ducks (Formerly the San Antonio Marshals) (6-5) are second with six, the Portland Pythons (5-10) have five, the Bondi Beach Buccaneers (Formerly the Myrtle Beach Buccaneers and the Palm Beach Solar Bears) (6-1) have won six, the Kansas City Coyotes (3–8) have three wins, the Norfolk Seawolves (4–2) have four wins, the Dallas Birddogs (3–0) have three wins, and the London Royals (2–2) have two wins. Tijuana has the most Ultimini appearances with sixteen. Tijuana has the most consecutive appearances with five from 2022 to 2026, while the Portland Pythons (2024–2026 and 2029–2032), and Minnesota Grey Ducks (2034-2035 and 2043-2045 are the only other teams to have more than two consecutive appearances. The Portland Pythons (5-10) have lost a record ten Ultiminis. The Palm Beach Solar Bears (2-0) were undefeated in title appearances and the Dallas Birddogs (3-0) are the only active undefeated team in the Ultimini. The London Royals have the longest active appearance drought, from 2044 to 2054. This has yet to be broken. The record for consecutive wins is three and is held by the Tijuana Luchadores (2023–2025). The largest margin of victory was achieved by the Minnesota Grey Ducks with 40 points in the 2045 against Tijuana. This game was the first shutout in Ultimini history.

Due to Division Re-alignment between Norfolk and Minnesota, the total conference wins for the SFC and NFC slightly misalign with the record for the teams as they are now. Although Minnesota is currently leading the North with 6 Ultimini wins, only 4 count towards the North win total. The same goes for the Norfolk Seawolves, whose 4 wins only count as 3 towards the South.

Ultimini Championship (2019–present)

Numbers in parentheses in the table are Ultimini appearances as of the date of that Ultimini and are used as follows:

  • Winning team and losing team columns indicate the number of times that team has appeared in a Ultimini as well as each respective teams' Ultimini record to date.
  • Venue column indicates number of times that stadium has hosted a Ultimini.
  • City column indicates number of times that metropolitan area has hosted a Ultimini.
Northern Football Conference (NFC, 2018–present) Southern Football Conference (SFC, 2018–present)
NFC champion
(38, 14-24)
SFC champion
(38, 24-14)
Game Date NFC team Score SFC team Venue City Attendance
I 2019-01-24 Norfolk Seawolves 3-19 San Antonio Marshals Marshal Stadium San Antonio 24,102
II 2020-01-23 Portland Pythons 27-14 San Antonio Marshals The Snake Pit Portland 21,737
III 2021-01-21 Portland Pythons 13-17 Palm Beach Solar Bears The Snake Pit Portland 27,887
IV 2022-01-27 Kansas City Coyotes 13-23 San Antonio Marshals Coyote Stadium Kansas City 22,835
V 2023-01-26 Portland Pythons 24-17 Tijuana Luchadores The Snake Pit Portland 29,554
VI 2024-01-25 Kansas City Coyotes 20-21 Tijuana Luchadores Coyote Stadium Kansas City 28,930
VII 2025-01-23 Portland Pythons 24-30 Tijuana Luchadores El Santo Coliseo Tijuana 29,333
VIII 2026-01-22 Portland Pythons 7-37 Tijuana Luchadores El Santo Coliseo Tijuana 21,216
IX 2027-01-21 Portland Pythons 13-6 Tijuana Luchadores The Snake Pit Portland 20,323
X 2028-01-27 Kansas City Coyotes 37-7 San Antonio Marshals Coyote Stadium Kansas City 24,416
XI 2029-01-25 Kansas City Coyotes 27-30 Tijuana Luchadores Coyote Stadium Kansas City 26,416
XII 2030-01-24 Portland Pythons 34-20 Tijuana Luchadores The Snake Pit Portland 20,323
XIII 2031-01-23 Portland Pythons 13-37 Palm Beach Solar Bears Solar Stadium Palm Beach 29,661
XIV 2032-01-22 Portland Pythons 14-28 Tijuana Luchadores El Santo Coliseo Tijuana 29,333
XV 2033-01-20 Portland Pythons 16-17 Tijuana Luchadores The Snake Pit Portland 20,323
XVI 2034-01-26 Portland Pythons 23-10 San Antonio Marshals Marshal Stadium San Antonio 24,132
XVII 2035-01-25 Minnesota Grey Ducks 16-13 Tijuana Luchadores El Santo Coliseo Tijuana 29,326
XVIII 2036-01-24 Minnesota Grey Ducks 28-3 Myrtle Beach Buccaneers The Nest Duluth 24,556
XIX 2037-01-22 Kansas City Coyotes 10-27 Myrtle Beach Buccaneers Saber Stadium Myrtle Beach 25,556
XX 2038-01-21 London Royals 6-10 Tijuana Luchadores Saber Stadium Tijuana 29,326
XXI 2039-01-27 Kansas City Coyotes 6-26 Norfolk Seawolves Norfolksdale Norfolkdome Norfolk 27,994
XXII 2040-01-26 London Royals 24-17 Norfolk Seawolves The Palace London 26,564
XXIII 2041-01-24 London Royals 16-42 Tijuana Luchadores El Santo Coliseo Tijuana 27,263
XXIV 2042-01-23 Portland Pythons 17-20 Bondi Beach Buccaneers The Snake Pit Portland 26,532
XXV 2043-01-22 Kansas City Coyotes 21-23 Dallas Birddogs The Doghouse Dallas 20,614
XXVI 2044-01-21 London Royals 26-10 Tijuana Luchadores City Life Stadium Milan 24,104
XXVII 2045-01-26 Minnesota Grey Ducks 40-0 Tijuana Luchadores Toronto Field Toronto 22,828
XXVIII 2046-01-25 Minnesota Grey Ducks 33-30 Tijuana Luchadores Netherland Field Amsterdam 22,828
XXIX 2047-01-24 Kansas City Coyotes 20-31 Dallas Birddogs Rockstar Stadium Hollywood 26,977
XXX 2048-01-23 Portland Pythons 22-26 Norfolk Seawolves Lumen Field Seattle 27,098
XXXI 2049-01-21 Minnesota Grey Ducks 17-24 Norfolk Seawolves Singa Pura Stadium Singapore 28,161
XXXII 2050-01-27 Minnesota Grey Ducks 7-33 Dallas Birddogs The Dome at America's Center Missouri 67,277
XXXIII 2051-01-26 Kansas City Coyotes 14-23 Norfolk Seawolves Cairo International Stadium Egypt 60,000
XXXIV 2052-01-25 Portland Pythons 3-27 Tijuana Luchadores Philippine Arena Philippine 75,000
XXXV 2053-01-23 Portland Pythons 14-28 Bondi Beach Buccaneers MetLife Stadium New Jersey 82,000
XXXVI 2054-01-22 Kansas City Coyotes 17-3 Norfolk Seawolves Some field I guess? Wales 100,000
XXXVII 2055-01-21 Kansas City Coyotes 44-20 Norfolk Seawolves Taco Bell Stadium United States 89,000
XXXVIII 2056-01-27 Portland Pythons 21-24 Bondi Beach Buccaneers The Bigloo North Pole 100,000

Consecutive winners

Four franchises have won consecutive Ultiminis:

  • Tijuana Luchadores (Ultimini Bowls VI, VII, and VIII), (XIV and XV), Minnesota Grey Ducks (Ultimini XVII and XVIII), (XXVII and XXVIII), Norfolk Seawolves (Ultimini XXX and XXXI), and Kansas City Coyotes (Ultimini XXXVI, and XXXVII)

No franchise has yet won four Ultiminis in a row, although one has come close:

  • The Tijuana Luchadores won three consecutive Ultiminis (VI, VII, and VIII); in both of the seasons before and after their run (V and IX) they were eliminated in the Ultimini by the Portland Pythons.

Consecutive losers

Three franchises have lost consecutive Ultiminis:

  • Portland Pythons (Ultimini Bowls VII and VIII and again in XIII, XIV, and XV and again in XXXIV, XXXV), Tijuana Luchadores (Ultimini XXVI, XXVIII, XXVIII) Minnesota Grey Ducks (Ultimini XXXI, XXXII), and Norfolk Seawolves (Ultimini XXXVI, XXXVII)

Ultimini appearances by team

NFC teams (14 wins) SFC teams (23 wins)

In the sortable table below, teams are ordered first by number of appearances, then by number of wins, and finally by number of years since last appearing in a Ultimini. In the "Seasons" column, bold years indicate winning seasons, and italic years indicate games not yet completed.

Appearances Team Wins Losses Winning
Seasons Drought
16 Tijuana Luchadores 9 7 .562 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2029, 2030, 2032, 2033, 2035, 2041, 2044, 2045, 2046, 2052 4
16 Portland Pythons 5 11 .312 2020, 2021, 2023, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030, 2031, 2032, 2033, 2034, 2042, 2048, 2052, 2053, 2056 22
11 Minnesota Grey Ducks 6 5 .545 2018*, 2019*, 2021*, 2027*, 2034*, 2035, 2036, 2045, 2046, 2049, 2050 10
11 Kansas City Coyotes 3 8 .272 2022, 2024, 2028, 2029, 2037, 2039, 2043, 2047, 2051, 2054, 2055 1
8 Norfolk Seawolves 4 4 .500 2019, 2039, 2040, 2048, 2049, 2051, 2054, 2055 4
7 Bondi Beach Buccaneers 6 1 .857 2021**, 2031**, 2036, 2037, 2042, 2053, 2056 0
4 London Royals 2 2 .500 2038, 2040, 2041, 2044 12
3 Dallas Birddogs 3 0 1.000 2043, 2047, 2050 6

(*)These games are attributed to the San Antonio Marshals who relocated and rebranded as the Minnesota Grey Ducks

(**)These games are attributed to the Palm Beach Solar Bears who relocated and rebranded as the Myrtle Beach Buccaneers

Ultimini rematches

The following teams have faced each other more than once in the Ultimini:

  • Portland Pythons and Tjuana Luchadores (8) – Ultimini V, IX, and XII were won by Portland, Ultimini VII, VIII, XIV, XV, and XXXIV were won by Tijuana
  • London Royals and Tijuana Luchadores (3) - Ultimini XXVI was won by London, Ultimini XX and XXIII were won by Tijuana
  • Minnesota Grey Ducks and Tijuana Luchadores (3) - Ultimini XVII, XXVII, and XXVIII were all won by Minnesota
  • Kansas City Coyotes and Norfolk Seawolves (4) - Ultimini XXXVI, and XXXVII were won by Kansas City, Ultimini XXI, and XXXIII were won by Norfolk
  • Portland Pythons and Bondi Beach Buccaneers (3) - Ultimini XXIV, and XXXV, and XXXVIII were all won by Bondi Beach
  • Kansas City Coyotes and Dallas Birddogs (2) - Ultimini XXV, and XXIX were both won by Dallas
  • Kansas City Coyotes and San Antonio Marshals (2) — Ultimini IV was won by San Antonio, Ultimini X was won by Kansas City
  • Kansas City Coyotes and Tijuana Luchadores (2) — Ultimini VI and XI were both won by Tijuana
  • Portland Pythons and Palm Beach Solar Bears (2) — Ultimini III and XIII were both won by Palm Beach

Ultimini Non-Matches

  • London Royals and Dallas Birddogs have never competed
  • London Royals and Bondi Beach Buccaneers have never competed
  • Portland Pythons and Dallas Birddogs have never competed