Ultimus Bowl

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Ultimus Bowl
Ultimus bowl.png
First playedUltimus Bowl I
TrophyUltimus Trophy

Recent and upcoming games
2049 season
Ultimus Bowl XXXIV
Allianz Arena
(February 6, 2050)
2050 season
Ultimus Bowl XXXV
Stade Félix Houphouët-Boigny
(February 12, 2051)
2051 season
Ultimus Bowl XXXVI
(February 11, 2052)

The Ultimus Bowl is the annual playoff championship game of the International Simulation Football League (ISFL). It has served as the final game of every ISFL season since 2016 (S1). The games are scheduled each year in early to mid-February. Winning teams are awarded the Ultimus Trophy, named after the game itself. It is frequently referred to as the "The Ultimus" or other generic terms by non-sponsoring corporations. The week the game is played is often referred to as "Ultimus Week".


The Ultimus Bowl is played on the Saturday before the Ultimini Bowl, which is the first or second Saturday of February. The Ultimini Bowl is played on the Sunday afterwards. The ISFL Pro Bowl and the DSFL Pro Bowl are then played the week later. Teams for the Pro Bowl are selected by gms and coaches votes.

Game history

Ultimus Bowl records
Team Wins Losses Winning %
Orange County Otters 8 3 .727
Arizona Outlaws 4 1 .800
Yellowknife Wraiths 4 6 .400
San Jose Sabercats 3 1 .750
New Orleans Second Line 3 4 .429
Baltimore Hawks 3 7 .300
Sarasota Sailfish 2 0 1.000
New York Silverbacks 2 0 1.000
Honolulu Hahalua 2 1 .667
Chicago Butchers 1 0 1.000
Austin Copperheads 1 2 .333
Philadelphia Liberty 1 3 .250
Colorado Yeti 1 5 .167
Berlin Fire Salamanders 0 2 .000

The Orange County Otters have won the most Ultimus Bowls out of any team in history. They have four more wins against the second place spot, with eight. They also hold the record for most appearances for the title.

The Berlin Fire Salamanders are the only team left without an Ultimus Bowl title, being 0-2 in Ultimus Bowl play, which is the worst win-ratio in the history of the game, being .000.

The Sarasota Sailfish and New York Silverbacks are the only two franchises with multiple appearances with no losses.


Selection process

The venue for the Ultimus Bowl is selected by the players committee during the early to late stages of the season. Many committee members create a logo and a description of the city of their choice and why the game should be played there. The committee then votes as a whole on which city would be best for the game. First place goes to the Ultimus Bowl, second place goes to the Ultmini Bowl, and every other season, third place goes to the World Football Championship. This selection process was adopted after the 2036 (S21) season. Before the process began, the team with the best record got home field advantage.