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Head Nigga In Charge
— Angry Black Guy™ —
I do magical nerd shit, but I still get funky
I do magical nerd shit, but I still get funky
NameProfessah K
BornParts Unknown
Name in real lifeSusan
Current locationBirmingham
LanguagesEnglish, Jumiekan, Français, 日本語
Time zoneThe One True Timezone
Personality typeINTJ
Excel Wizard
HobbiesAwesomeness, Badassery
PoliticsRevolutionary Communist
professah k

Martial Arts, Programming, Music, Writing, Destroying Capitalism

TheBrummieBull.jpgThis user lives in Birmingham.
AstonVilla.pngThis user supports Aston Villa.
Juve.pngThis user supports Juventus.
Masterball.pngThis user is a Pokemon Master.
Other Shit
Preferred RP classMonk/Rogue
Preferred jersey number37, 10
Favourite Prince trackLet's Go Crazy
Favourite FootballerAlessandro Del Piero
Paul McGrath

I do magical nerd shit, but I still get funky

I'm back. And I ain't here to take no shit.

But yeah, I built this place I guess.
Which means, if you encounter any problems, you should probably let me know

I'm academydropout#1037 on Discord.
NOTE: That's the wiki & development discord link, because I don't fuck with the main league server. Y'all chat too much shit in there.

Here is a list of my ISFL characters:

Player Name Seasons
Antoine Delacour 2016-2025
Lennox Garnett 2025-2036
Dennis Minott (GM) 2026-2028
Raphael Delacour 2040-

You may also be familiar with my players in other leagues:

Player Name League
Maurice Picard SHL
Jamal Nightingale
Gabriel Picard SCFSL
Sophia Delacour GRSL
Alex Lewis
Assistant Head Coach
Sebastian Musgrave-Smythe PBE
Babatunde Warrington SBA
Dushane Minott
N'Twan D'Lakor EFL
T'Jon D'Lakor
Satoshi Nakata SCOR
Jamal Ilungo

I've also created a bunch of other characters to supplement RPs, including:

Name Occupation
Tobias Akinbobo Film director
Trevor "Three Dicks" Richards Financial Advisor
Philippe Hugo High school football coach
Lucille Delacour Badass grandmother
Clinton Balinfainte Musician
Elaine Delacour Genius analyst