List of ISFL career punt return touchdown leaders

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This is a list of International Simulation Football League (ISFL) players by most career punt return touchdowns.

Rank[1] Pos. Player Seasons by team Total punt return touchdowns[2]
1 CB Dermot Lavelle Yellowknife Wraiths (20162028)
T-2 WR Bradley Westfield Orange County Otters (20162025) 6
WR Vinny Valentine Baltimore Hawks (20252030)
Orange County Otters (2031)
Arizona Outlaws (20322033)
New Orleans Secondline (2034 )
WR Kazimir Oles San Jose Sabercats (20252030)
Chicago Butchers (20312032)
Arizona Outlaws (2033)
Orange County Otters (2034 )
T-5 WR Shane Weston San Jose SaberCats (20162026)
RB Forrest Gump New Orleans Secondline (20312042)
CB Dermot Lavelle Jr Austin Copperheads (20312040)
Baltimore Hawks(20412043
8 CB Antoine Delacour Baltimore Hawks (20162025)
T-9 RB Reg Mackworthy Arizona Outlaws (20162026)
CB/WR Vladimir Fyodorovich Orange County Otters (2022)
New Orleans Second Line (20232034)
WR Josh Garden Yellowknife Wraiths (20162018)
Arizona Outlaws (2019)
Philadelphia Liberty (20202024)
Orange County Otters (20252026)
WR Flash Panda Philadelphia Liberty (2037–present)
  1. Rank is through end of 2045 season.
  2. Total is through end of 2045 season.