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NSFL season 8 (also referred to as the 2023 NSFL season) began on September 3, 2023 with the defending champion Philadelphia Liberty hosting the Colorado Yeti. The season concluded with Ultimus Bowl VIII, held at Burial Grounds, in Yellowknife.

Player movements

The league year began in March of 2023, with teams allowed to contact and enter negotiations with players whose contracts were not yet extended beyond the end of the 2022 ISFL season.

Free agency

Notable players to change teams in free agency include:

It is also notable that a move by Yellowknife to sign defensive tackle Godfrey King was withdrawn amid controversy over the league's re-signing window[1]



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Other players

List other, non-notable retirees here


The 2023 Draft was held in April 2023. The Colorado Yeti selected linebacker Rickey Ramero with the first overall pick.

Rule changes

The following rule changes were approved by a committee consisting of NSFL general managers and Head Office, to come into effect for the 2023 season and beyond:

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Regular season

The regular season's 56 games, played over a fourteen week schedule, began on September 3, 2023.




The 2023 NSFL playoffs consisted of just three games; the two conference championships – contested by the top two team in each conference, with the regular season enjoying home-field advantage – and Ultimus Bowl VIII.

Conference Championships Ultimus Bowl VIII
2 Baltimore Hawks
1 Yellowknife Wraiths
New Orleans Second Line 13
Yellowknife Wraiths 24
2 New Orleans Second Line 20
1 Orange County Otters 17

Hall of Fame

Records, milestones and notable statistics

Week 1

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Award Winner Team User
Most Valuable Player (HO) ??? ??? ???

Personnel changes

Team Former Replacement Reason Notes
x x x x x
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