List of ISFL career interceptions leaders

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This is the list of International Simulation Football League (ISFL) players, who are ranked in the top 10 of career interceptions.

Rank[1] Pos. Player Seasons by team Total interceptions[2]
1 CB Dermot Lavelle Yellowknife Wraiths 2016 (S1)2028 (S13) 57
2 FS Blackford Oakes New Orleans Second Line 2019 (S4)2027 (S12)

Baltimore Hawks 2027 (S12)
Colorado Yeti 2028 (S13)
Baltimore Hawks 2029 (S14)2030 (S15)

T-3 FS William H. Harrison New Orleans Second Line 2023 (S8)2033 (S18) 42
CB Dee Walt Chicago Butchers 2045 (S30)2057 (S42)
5 CB Kalam Mekhar Yellowknife Wraiths 2047 (S32)2057 (S42)
6 CB Lip Gallagher ISFL 2045 (S30)2049 (S34)

Honolulu Hahalua 2050 (S35)2054 (S39)

T-7 FS Lennox Garnett Philadelphia Liberty 2026 (S11)2036 (S21)
CB Brandon Booker Philadelphia Liberty 2037 (S22)2040 (S25)

Orange County Otters 2041 (S26)2049 (S34)

T-9 CB Harrison Andrews Sarasota Sailfish 2040 (S25)2048 (S33)

Chicago Butchers 2049 (S34)2049 (S34)
San Jose Sabercats 2049 (S34)2049 (S34)

CB Andrew Witten New Orleans Second Line 2037 (S22)2047 (S32)
FS Spike Daniels Sarasota Sailfish 2047 (S32)2057 (S42)
  1. Rank is through end of 2057 (S42) season.
  2. Total is through end of 2057 (S42) season.