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[[ISFL season {{{1}}}|2016]]

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Use this template to link to pages that refer to a specific season (e.g. "ISFL Season 1" or "Season 1 ISFL Draft") or to display the in-context year for a specific season (e.g. Season 1 displays as 2016). It can be used as either {{ISFL Year|1}} or {{isfly|1}} to produce the same result: 2016.

The template requires at least a season number to be passed, to link to the correct season related page. You can also optionally pass one of the following:

Parameter Links to[1] Shows as
year ISFL season (X) 2016
full 2016 ISFL season
draft Season (X) ISFL Draft 2016 Draft
draft-full 2016 ISFL Draft
d 2016
draft-ny draft
d-ny draft
postseason ISFL Season (X) playoffs 2016 ISFL post-season
po 2016 ISFL playoffs
post 2016
post-ny post-season
po-ny playoffs
asfc Season (X) ASFC Championship 2016 ASFC Championship
asfc-y 2016
nsfc Season (X) NSFC Championship 2016 NSFC Championship
nsfc-y 2016
ultimus Ultimus Bowl (Y)[2] Ultimus Bowl I
ultimus-ny Ultimus
ult-y 2017
ult-r I
ult I (2017)
combine ISFL season (X) Scouting Combine 2016 ISFL scouting combine
comb 2016
combine-ny scouting combine
comb-ny scouting combine
probowl Season (X) ISFL Pro Bowl 2016 ISFL Pro Bowl
pb 2016
probowl-ny Pro Bowl
pb-ny Pro Bowl
allpro Season (X) ISFL All-Pro selection 2016 ISFL All-Pro selection
ap 2016
allpro-ny All-Pro
ap-ny All-Pro
nolink Does not link 2016
  1. Where "(X)" is the season number passed as the first parameter, i.e. in {{isfly|1|d}}, it is "1"
  2. Where "(Y)" is the season number passed as the first parameter, in roman numerals. i.e. in {{isfly|8|d}}, it is "VIII"

An optional third parameter can be passed if the other two are present, which allows you to customise the text shown as a link. For example, {{isfly|1|pb|the league's first pro bowl}} will display the league's first pro bowl.

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