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General usage is {{GetDate|Season|Week}}. A full list of "week" parameters is below.

{{GetDate|3|2}} will return 2018-10-07, which is the game date for week two of the regular season, season three in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD).

Both parameters are required in order to produce a result. Failure to include a valid Season and Week will result in the template using the "Current Date" values as specified here and here.


For consistency, it is assumed that the NSFL preseason begins on the 35th Sunday of the year.

The season progresses at a rate of one game-day per Sunday from that point onward, until the end of the regular season.

There is a one week gap between the end of the regular season and the start of playoffs, and another between Conference Championships and Ultimus. The Pro Bowl takes place during the latter.

This means that the playoffs begin on the first Sunday of the following year (53 weeks after the first Sunday of the season's start year), with the Ultimus Bowl taking place four Sundays after that (to account for expanded playoffs and pro bowl)

The template will also automatically adjust for the schedule changes that occurred after season 15.

DSFL specific

DSFL operates on the pre-2031 (S16) schedule for simplicity and you will need to call a related template: GetDateDSFL, like {{GetDateDSFL|23|15}}, which would return Error: Invalid time. . This corresponds to the first week of the playoffs under the 14-game regular-season calendar, and therefore returns a date 53 weeks after the first Sunday of the given year.

NOTE: In future DSFL dates may be adjusted to correspond to the Thursday before the same week's NSFL games; I'll have to do some fiddling around before I implement that - 37thchamber

Accepted params

These params are also accepted for "GetDateLong", and the outputs are shown for both templates below. Just replace "GetDate" with "GetDateLong".

Param Desc Example Returns LongForm
Combine NSFL Scouting Combine week {{GetDate|1|Combine}} 2016-03-13 13 March, 2016
PreDraft NSFL Draft build-up {{GetDate|1|PreDraft}} 2016-03-27 27 March, 2016
Draft NSFL Draft week {{GetDate|1|Draft}} 2016-04-10 10 April, 2016
Off Offseason {{GetDate|1|Off}} 2016-05-22 22 May, 2016
OTA OTAs begin {{GetDate|1|OTA}} 2016-07-10 10 July, 2016
Camp Training Camp begins {{GetDate|1|Camp}} 2016-07-31 31 July, 2016
Px Preseason week x {{GetDate|1|P1}} 2016-08-28 28 August, 2016
x Regular season week x {{GetDate|1|10}} 2016-11-27 27 November, 2016
CC Conference championships
(assumes old format, with two playoff rounds only)
{{GetDate|1|CC}} 2017-01-08 08 January, 2017
ConfChamps {{GetDate|1|ConfChamps}} 2017-01-08 08 January, 2017
POx Playoffs round x {{GetDate|1|PO1}} 2017-01-08 08 January, 2017
PB Pro Bowl {{GetDate|1|PB}} 2017-01-15 15 January, 2017
ProBowl {{GetDate|1|ProBowl}} 2017-01-15 15 January, 2017
Pro Bowl {{GetDate|1|Pro Bowl}} 2017-01-15 15 January, 2017
U Ultimus {{GetDate|1|U}} 2017-01-22 22 January, 2017
Ultimus {{GetDate|1|Ultimus}} 2017-01-22 22 January, 2017
F {{GetDate|1|F}} 2017-01-22 22 January, 2017
Final {{GetDate|1|Final}} 2017-01-22 22 January, 2017
End End of Season (before draft build up for next season) {{GetDate|1|End}} 2017-02-05 05 February, 2017


Each of the above parameters corresponds to a specific number of weeks after the first Sunday of the given year. These numbers will vary depending on the season, but there are three calculations. One for the original 14-game regular-season format, one for the 13-game format, and one for the 16-game format. The timings for each are outlined below.

Param Event NSFL Seasons
1-15 16-22 23-
14-game 13-game 16-game
Combine NSFL Scouting Combine 10
PreDraft NSFL Draft build-up 12
Draft NSFL Draft 14
Off Offseason 20
OTA OTAs begin 27
Camp Team Training Camps 30
P1 Preseason Week 1 34
P2 Preseason Week 3 35
P3 Preseason Week 3 36
P4 Preseason Week 4 37
1 Regular Season Week 1 38
2 Regular Season Week 2 39
3 Regular Season Week 3 40
4 Regular Season Week 4 41
5 Regular Season Week 5 42
6 Regular Season Week 6 43
7 Regular Season Week 7 44
8 Regular Season Week 8 45
9 Regular Season Week 9 46
10 Regular Season Week 10 47
11 Regular Season Week 11 48
12 Regular Season Week 12 49
13 Regular Season Week 13 50
14 Regular Season Week 14 51 - 51
15 Regular Season Week 15 - 52
16 Regular Season Week 16 - 53
CC Conference Championships 53 55
PO1 First Round of Playoffs 53 52 54
PO2 Second Round of Playoffs - 53 55
PO3 Third Round of Playoffs - 55 56
Pro Bowl Pro Bowl 54 56
Ultimus Championship Game 55 57
End Offseason (Free Agency) 57 59