Ryan Negs

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Ryan Negs
Image of Ryan Negs
Ryan Negs in High School
No. 19 – Prospect
Personal information
Born: (2021-06-12)June 12, 2021 (aged 30)
West Milford, New Jersey, U.S.
Height:6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
Weight:235 lb (107 kg)
Username:Ryan Negs
Career information
High school:Mendham
College:University of Georgia
Career history
Roster status:Active

Ryan Negs (born June 12, 2021) is an American football quarterback who is currently preparing to enter the professional ranks.He played college football for University of Georgia (UGA) and has declared his intent to enter the professional ranks next season.

Early years

Ryan Negs was born in New Jersey on December 6, 2021. He grew up with his mother, father and two brothers. He was a decently smart kid but fell in love with football early on in life. As a kid, he would always attempt to analyze everything and break things down. His father quickly caught on to this and knew he was meant to be a quarterback. Ryan ended up going to high school at Mendham. In his first 3 years, he was only offered FCS and Division 3 scholarships with guarentees of starting. However, at the end of his senior year season he was offered a preferred walk on spot at the University of Gergia which he accepted with the intent to compete for the starting job.

College career

As a true freshman at the University of Georgia, Ryan Negs started out as the 4th string quarterback on the team after accepting his offer to become a preferred walk-on. Throughout the first 2 years he played when they were up a lot or down a lot. In those moments, he played extremely well and caught the coaches eye more and more. By his senior year, Negs had sat on the bench for 3 years as the backup to star QB Jake Frommstatefarm who was the private school QB the scout had initially gone to see the night he met Negs. Ryan worked all summer and eventually earned the job in camp due to an impeccable summer. Frommstatefarm had slacked off thinking he had the job under wraps. However, Negs grinded all summer and came out as the starter. During his senior season, Ryan Negs threw for 3200 yards over his 10 games with 29 touchdowns. Ryan was named to the SEC All-Conference 1st team and was a Heisman Finalist but came in 3rd in the voting.

Career statistics Passing Rushing
Season Team Games Comp Att Yards Pct Lg TD Int Rating Att Yards Avg Lg TD
2039 University of Georgia 10 300 457 3200 68.0 94 29 17 98.5 12 50 4.1 23 1

Professional career

2049 (Season 34)

In Season 34, Negs definitely had a bit of a bounce back season. He increased his touchdowns while also decreasing his turnovers. Philadelphia fell out of the playoffs somewhat early but got rolling a bit later in the season but at that point it was unfortunately too late. Negs was definitely near the bottom of the league in rating which was unfortunate. Negs is coming up now on the twilight of his career and it is super important for us to be able to show him out the proper way. He has some great receivers while being supported by one of the best running backs in the league. Ryan Negs may not have had the best career in the world but he is hoping that the next season his playoff fortunes will turn around. Early on in the season it might not have been the best but Negs came on strong at the end and made it a fun season.

2049 (Season 34)

In his final season, Negs knew that he was not the quarterback that he once was so he gracefully accepted a reduced role in favor of the run game. While he did not put up a lot of volume, he was able to still throw for 23 touchdowns on solid efficiency. As always, Negs made sure to throw his fair share of interceptions. He finished the season third in the league and broke a record he had been aiming for his entire career. He is officially the all time Pick 6 leader which today he seems to take great pride in. With the run game being great and the defense providing support, Negs was able to lead the Liberty to an 8-8 season. They barely missed out on the playoffs with another 8-8 team moving into the third slot. With his career behind him, Negs looks to proceed to a role as general manager.

Professional career statistics

Career statistics Passing
Season Team Games Comp Att Yards Pct Lg TD Int Rating
2040 Grey Ducks 14 251 472 2477 53.2 33 13 13 66
2041 Grey Ducks 14 231 418 2399 55.3 36 10 7 73
2042 Grey Ducks 14 232 384 2310 60.4 57 13 10 77.9
2043 Liberty 16 358 527 3508 67.9 73 13 14 83.6
2044 Liberty 16 350 525 3950 66.7 88 20 13 91.4
2045 Liberty 16 360 592 3991 60.8 76 28 14 86.8
2046 Liberty 16 375 606 4426 61.9 76 38 13 96
2047 Liberty 16 354 555 4346 63.8 83 34 9 101.5
2048 Liberty 16 419 656 4714 63.9 76 23 19 84.9
2049 Liberty 16 372 597 4182 62.3 72 25 11 89.5
2050 Liberty 16 324 476 3513 68.1 70 23 16 91.7

Achievements and records

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