List of ISFL 1,000-yard rushing duos

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In American football, running (also referred to as rushing) is, along with passing, one of the two main methods of advancing the ball down the field. A running play generally occurs when the Quarterback hands or tosses the ball backwards to the Running back, but other players, such as the quarterback, can run with the ball. In the International Simulation Football League (ISFL), there have been ____ pairs of teammates that have each recorded 1,000 or more rushing yards in the same season. ___ of these duos consisted of running backs, and ___ of them consisted of a running back and a quarterback.

The first 1,000-yard duo consisted of Running back _____ and Running back _____. The duo accomplished the feat as members of the ______ during their ____ season. The ___ _____ came the closest to having a 1000 yard duo without succeeding, when ________ finished with ____ yards but ______ fell __ yards short of 1,000 with ____.

1,000-yard rushing duos

Symbol Meaning
^ Ultimus Bowl champions
dagger ISFL Pro Bowl player
double-dagger ISFL Hall of Fame member
List of teammates with at least 1,000 rushing yards each
No. Season Team Leading rusher Position Games Yds. Y/A TDs Second-leading rusher Position Games Yds. Y/A TDs Ref(s).