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Corvo Havran
Image of Corvo Havran
No. 13 – Honolulu Hahalua
Personal information
Born: (2005-03-26)March 26, 2005 (aged 39)
Liberec, Czech Republic
Height:6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight:260 lb (118 kg)
Career information
High school:North Shore Senior High School
College:Louisiana State University
ISFL Draft:2026 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2
DSFL Draft:2025 / Round: 1 / Pick: 3
Career history
Baltimore Hawks (2026-2035)
Roster status:Active

Corvo Havran (born January 10, 2005) is an American football quarterback for the Baltimore Hawks of the National Simulation Football League (NSFL) and user Raven's current player. He played college football for Louisiana State University (LSU) and has declared his intent to enter the professional ranks next season. Havran was picked up by the Tijuana Luchadores on waivers in (2027) after he declared his intentions to join the 2028 DSFL draft. Havran would be picked up in the first round, third overall in the 2028 DSFL draft, by the Tijuana Luchadores.

Early years

Corvo Havran was born to Ruda and Zofie Havran in Liberec, Czech Republic. Corvo moved to Houston, United States of America at the age of 6, after his father Ruda was offered a job at the American department of the bank firm he worked for.

Growing up in a strange country, barely speaking the language Havran found a way to communicate with his fellow kids and that was through the sport of football. Him and other children from his cul de sac would play football for hours a day. Havran would quickly become the main quarterback in their back yard games and would soon be scouted by a parent of one of his friends, who was a high school coach. It was through this man that Havran would develop and train to become the quarterback he is today.

Havran would end up attending North Shore Senior High School, the very same school his friend's dad coached at. Becoming the starting quarterback from the get go.

College career

Corvo received many athletic scholarship from various schools in southern United States. In the end he decided to accept the scholarship from Louisiana State University, where he played for LSU Tigers.

Freshman Season

During his freshman year he redshirted, until after a game in week 10, when the Tigers starting quarterback was involved in a traffic accident in which he broke both his arms. The 8-2 Tigers in need of a starting quarterback to take over the reign, looked to Havran who knew the playbook, had a deep lying connection with the team and had the fire to prove his worth. He would lead the Tigers to a 10-3 record, including a win in the Yodel Kid Memorial Bowl against Notre Dame, throwing for a total of 873 yards, 8 touch downs's, completing 65 out of 69 attempts and throwing 1 interception.

Sophomore Season

Havran started his sophomore season as the starter for the LSU Tigers. He would play in all 13 season games the Tigers played, including his appearance in the Tiger's Fishy Foamy Bowl lose versus Alabama. LSU finished the season with a 11-2 record. Finishing the season with a better record than the previous season under the guidance of their new quarterback Havran. He would throw for a total of 2696 yards, 42 touch down's, completing 302 out of 433 attempts and throwing 10 interceptions.

Junior Season

Havran's junior season ended up in disappointment as LSU missed out on Bowl contention finishing the regular season with a 8-4 record. A combination of new coaching staff and losing a great group of senior players. While not dominate as the previous season, Havran was able to break the LSU record for most attempts and completions in a single game. Corvo would throw for a total of 2314 yards, 34 touch down's, completing 259 out of 386 attempts and throwing 9 interceptions.

Senior Season

His senior season would end up being Havran's best season ever. Breaking more LSU records, setting the record for most touch downs from 5 to 7. While also breaking the record for most yards in a game from 438 yards to 461 yards. Havran would throw the Tigers to a 12-1 season, missing out on the perfect season, by a heartbreaking field goal OT loss to Texas A&M in week 7. He finished the season throwing a total of 2864 yards, 51 touch down's, completing 333 out of 448 passes and throwing only 6 interceptions.

College career statistics

Career statistics Passing Rushing
Season Team Games Completed Attemps PCT Yards Touch downs Interceptions Rating Attempts Yards Touch downs
2024 LSU 3 45 69 65.2 873 8 1 123.2 21 5 1
2025 LSU 13 302 433 69.7 2696 42 10 166.2 29 23 3
2026 LSU 12 259 386 67.1 2314 34 9 151.9 17 -5 1
2027 LSU 13 333 448 74.3 2864 51 6 179.1 43 27 4
Total 41 939 1336 70.3 8747 135 26 154.4 110 50 9

Professional career/DSFL


Corvo Havran joined the DSFL as a free agent in the 2027 season. Joining during week 10, just after the trade deadline closed. He was swiftly picked up on waivers by the Tijuana Luchadores organisation, looking to solidify their quarterback situation with a back up to Andreas Metaxas. Havran would play selective minutes in the remaining four games of the season. Recording 144 yards, a 60% completion rate throwing 25 attempts with 15 completions. He would throw one touchdown and finish with a 89.4 quarterback rating.


After joining the league as a free agent in the previous season, Havran would now be entered into the 2028 DSFL draft. He would be picked in the first round, third overall by the Tijuana Luchadores. Returning to the team that picked him up on waivers in the previous season. Now as a full-time player, Havran and the Luchadores would have an up and down season finishing the season .500 at 7 wins and 7 losses. Corvo would enjoy a successful passing season finishing with the most completed passes, yards and touchdowns. A 7-7 record saw them qualify for the playoffs and played away versus in Marshals in the SFC conference final. They would beat the Marshals with a 37-10 scoreline. Havran would go 26/34 with 282 yards, a touchdown and a 110.2 quarterback rating. They would then face the Kansas City Coyotes in the Ultimini final. This game was a nail-biter and would end with the Luchadores taking the trophy beating the Coyotes 30-27 after overtime. Havran would play a 30/52, 1td, 1 int and 73.8 game.

After a very successful season Corvo Havran would be awarded the offensive rookie of the year award as well as the Quarterback of the Year award.

Pre-draft measurables
Ht Wt 40‑yd dash 20‑ss 3‑cone Vert jump Broad BP Wonderlic
6 ft 4 in
(1.93 m)
260 lb
(118 kg)
4.96 s 4.9 s 7.92 s 20.8 in
(0.53 m)
7 ft 5.4 in
(2.27 m)
9 reps 39


Corvo Havran was selected first round, second overall in the 2029 NSFL draft by the Baltimore Hawks before being sent down back to the DSFL to develop further before becoming the starting quarterback for the Hawks. With a full season of DSFL under his belt Corvo looked to head back to Tijuana and continue on his strong S13 campaign in which he helped Tijuana win the Ultimini and in which he won personal awards like, Offensive rookie of the year and QBOTY.

Despite ending with a better record than the previous season now with a 8-6 record Corvo played his worse season in the DSFL. Being very unconvincing in his play. While ending with the highest completion and attempts, most yards and second highest completion percentage. Corvo threw 11 touchdowns on the year and was intercepted 10 times. The luchadores would qualify for the Ultimini playoffs and once again faced off against the Marshals. Which were beaten 30-21. In the final the Portland Pythons ended up being to strong and would take the Ultimini with a scoreline of 34-20. Corvo would have a pretty quiet performance in both games. Throwing only 1 touchdown and a interception.


Corvo Havran was once again sent down to the Luchadores for developmental reason. After a disappointing S14, much was expected from Havran to prove his worth. For the third season in a row Havran would lead the league in completions and yards, but just like the previous season he would throw 11 touchdowns, this time with 11 interceptions to boot. A 1:1 td/int ratio is not something to write home about and Corvo would excuse his play during the season in a press conference at the end of the season.

Despite a lackluster Havran the Luchadores would finish the year with a 9-5 record and took the home seed through the playoffs. However they would end up losing to the Palm Beach Solar Bears in the SFC conference final. Havran played one of his worst ever games. Going 17/40 with 5 interceptions for a low 25.6 quarterback rating.

This would be his final season in the DSFL and many were pessimistic about his chances in the NSFL with how his last two seasons down in the DSFL had gone.

DSFL career statistics

Career statistics Passing Rushing
Season Team Games Completed Attemps PCT Yards Touch downs Interceptions Rating Attempts Yards Touch downs
2028 TIJ 4 15 25 60.0 144 1 0 89.4 8 21 0
2029 TIJ 14 281 467 60.2 2797 18 11 80.2 63 204 0
2030 TIJ 14 277 441 62.8 2700 11 10 78.8 28 165 0
2031 TIJ 14 245 426 57.5 2827 11 11 75.5 26 137 1
Total 46 818 1359 60.2 8468 41 32 81.0 125 527 1

DSFL career playoff statistics

Career statistics Passing Rushing
Season Team Games Completed Attemps PCT Yards Touch downs Interceptions Rating Attempts Yards Touch downs
2029 TIJ 2 56 86 65.1 597 2 1 92 3 2 0
2030 TIJ 2 32 60 53.3 321 1 0 74.2 0 0 0
2031 TIJ 1 17 40 42.5 266 0 5 25.6 8 37 0
Total 5 105 186 56.5 1184 3 6 63.9 11 39 0

Professional career/NSFL


Corvo Havran would finally be called up to the NSFL after 2 seasons of development down in the DSFL. Childish Gambino had announced his retirement and it was time for Havran to step up as his replacement. The Hawks had just won their second Ultimus in team history and Gambino had put in one last legendary performance. The question that was being asked was whether Corvo Havran would be able to settle down and carry the squad on or if he needed time getting settled first.

It ended up being a season with a bit of a sour taste. The Hawks would finish 7-6 and miss out on the playoffs. They tied with the Philadelphia Liberty who also finished 7-6, but the Liberty held the tiebreaker with a 5-3 conference record against the Hawks 4-4 record.

Havran would throw a 14:11 touchdown interception ration, which is a little better than the ratios he threw in his final DSFL season, but not quite up to par yet. As this was only his first season and there was some upswing, people were creating a bit of buzz around the future of Havran.


In what is described as Havran's breakout season, Corvo turned the tables around completely from his previous few passing seasons. Havran would throw a career high 31 touchdowns while keeping his interceptions to 11. Together with 284 completions, 3590 yards and a 59.8 completion rate this was good enough to record the highest quarterback rating of the season. Havran would throw the hawks to a 8-5 season which was good enough for a three-way tie for the first three spots in the conference. They found themselves the 2nd seed in the playoffs. The wild card game was played against the Chicago Butchers whom the Hawks made quick work of. Despite a scoreline of 40-6, Havran saw a disappointing game throwing 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions going 18/41 on the day. Running back Vander Jones would be massive with 3 touchdowns. NSFL conference final would be played against the Yellowknife Wraiths. In a very close game the hawks would squeeze out a 27-24 win in a massive game for Havran. Corvo went 21/36 with 3 touchdowns and no interceptions of a 113.3 rating.

In the home field final against the Otters the football gods were not on the Hawks side and saw them losing 28-17. Corvo played a decent game going 25/52 with 2 touchdowns.

Havran would win Quarterback of the Year and the regular season MVP award in S17.


Things were looking up for Havran after his previous season and he would come back strong in S18. Dropping his interception numbers down to 9 and throwing 28 touchdowns. Together with 315 completions for 4387 yards he had thrown a career high in yards.

The hawks would face a tough season and ended with a 6-7 record. However the NSFC was quite weak this season so 6-7 was still good enough for the second seed in the playoffs and would see them take on the Colorado Yeti in the wild card game. A shutout victory with a scoreline of 31-0 was had against the Yeti. Corvo threw for a 26/39 completion ratio and a touchdown earning him a 95.2 quarterback rating. The conference final saw them taking on the Wraiths once more, but this season they could not overcome. Havran had a terrible game going 1:4 touchdown interception ratio and had one of his worst games in the major league. The hawks would lose 29-14 and would not be returning to the ultimus final.

Despite everything Corvo Havran would win his second quarterback of the year award in back to back years.


With S19 being the last season of his current contract, at the start of the S19 season Corvo Havran signing a brand new contract with the Baltimore Hawks. The contract locked down Havran for 3 more seasons after the S19 season. Every season has a MO clause.

Quarterback rating wise S19 would be Corvo's standout season. Finishing the year with a 97.5 rating, along with 285/468 for a 60.9% completion rate, 28 touchdowns and a career low 8 interceptions. Havran was on cloud 9 all season and threw the Hawks to a 8-5 record, good enough for the second seed in the NSFC.

In the NSFC wild card game they played the Colorado Yeti and beat them with a 39-17 score. Havran went 20/30 with 2 touchdowns and interception and a 106.5 rating. For the third year in a row they faced off against the Yellowknife Wraiths who this time went on a monster game ending with a 55-14 scoreline. Havran had a decent game going 17/30 with a touchdown, but the Wraiths were too strong in this game.

After a solid passing season by Corvo, he was awarded with his third Quarterback of the Year award. This is his third QB of the Year award in a row. He received 8 of the 16 votes and would share the award with Franklin Armstrong of the Orange County Otters.

His top rated game of the season was in week 4 against the Philadelphia Liberty. In which he went 23/30 for 351 yards together with recording 2 touchdowns for a rating of 136,9.


After winning his third Quarterback of the Year award Corvo was looking to continue his streak and be the second Quarterback in league history to win this award in 4 back to back years. However it quickly became apparent this would be no easy feat. Havran had a very slow start to the season throwing 4 touchdowns combined with 3 interceptions at a rate of just under 50% pass completion rate. A bit of fire grew inside him in week 4 when he would throw 4 touchdowns, a pick and a 62.9% completion rate. Havran would continue over the next three games throwing 6 TD's, 2 picks and an avg of 66% with a standout 71.4% game. After this run Havran would once again face a slump. A 1 td game was followed by a horrendous 2 touchdown, 4 pick game of which 2 for a pick-6. In the last 4 games Havran would throw 0 interceptions, but also would only throw 3 pass for a score. Ending the season very sub-par. The season would be ended with 3240 yards a career low, with 255 completions on 444 attempts. Again all career lows. A 57.4 completion rate was decent, but nothing special. 20 Touchdowns combined with 10 interceptions meant a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. A rating of 86 is not a career low, but also nothing to write home about.

Baltimore would finish 3rd in the NSFC and would have to play a wild card game against the Yeti in Colorado. Havran would throw 2 touchdowns and a pick. Paired with a 79.5 rating and 19 completions on 41 attempts. Again a sub 50 completion percentage. Havran would win no personal awards and not be selected for the pro bowl. The first time since his rookie season.


Havran would start out his S21 campaign by showing up strong in the Baltimore Hawks week 1 game against the Yellowknife Wraiths at home. A game in which he would throw 30 passes, completing 22 of them for a 73.3% completion rate on the day. On 22 passes he would throw 5 touchdown passes, with 2 of them scored by Errol Maddox, 2 by Asher Quinn and 1, his first touchdown pass of the game by rookie Chris Kross. Havran would end the game with no interceptions and a 142.5 quarterback rating.

This game would catapult Havran to one of his best seasons ever. Havran would throw 3333 yards in total, would complete 236 passes on 433 pass attempts. Which was good enough for a 54.5 completion percentage, which would be a career low. However Havran would also finish the season with the most touchdowns by scoring a career high 32 touchdown passes, which put him 6 above the number 2, Franklin Armstrong. Havran would end the season with a 100.4 quarterback rating, again a career high.

Halfway through the season the NSFL head office announced that the league would be expanding and that the new teams would be joining the following season. Quickly after links would be made to Havran as one of the potential quarterbacks for one of the expansion teams. Havran shut down the rumors saying that he would much rather focus on the season than on the expansion rumors. However after week 13, Havran would publicly announce he would be moving to the Honolulu Hahalua in the following season to be their starting quarterback in the upcoming NSFL season.

The Baltimore Hawks would play one playoff game against the Yellowknife Wraiths, a game which Havran will not be looking back fondly at, due to it being one of his worse playoff performances and the Hawks would end up losing the game 24 - 19.


S22 would mark the first time Corvo Havran played in the NSFL in a jersey which was not one of the Baltimore Hawks. Moving to expansion side the Honolulu Hahalua for his seventh season playing in the NSFL. After having one of his best season in S21, S22 proved to be a whole different cookie. The Hahalua was built with the future in it's mind and that was very apparent on the field. Fielding a ton of rookies and players who were still young and growing. These growing pains for an expansion franchise were visible in Havran's play. As he was only able to complete 8 touchdown passes in comparison to his 32 from the season prior. With a team with a large focus on the running game we also saw Havran's throwing yards drop by almost a thousand yards. Throwing 9 interceptions meant this would also be the first time Corvo threw more interceptions than touchdown passes in a season and a 75.2 quarterback rating is once again a career low for Corvo.

Havran and the Hahalua ended up finishing the season with a 4-9 record, making it the first season since his rookie season that Havran did not play in the NSFL playoffs. In interviews Havran expressed that while it was disappointing, he sees a ton of potential in the group he is playing with and cannot wait to see them continue growing and is certain that a few season from now the team will be competing for a playoff spot.

During the offseason after the Ultimus finals Havran made a statement in which he confirms that the end of his career is in sight. Hinting that the upcoming S23 season might be his last playing in the NSFL.


Heading into the eighth season in the league Corvo Havran would continue to start for the expansion side Honolulu Hahalua. Following a season in which Havran's numbers had started to plummet, concern around the quarterback were raised. Would Havran be able to have a rebounce season or would the last season be a sight into Havran starting to get to old for the league.

A disapointing start for the Hahalua as they entered week 7 with a 1-6 record. Corvo had yet to be convincing out on the pitch and showed to struggle with completing passes and moving up the chains. The next three games would be bright as Honolulu won three in a row, however Corvo would still not play as he used to. With a 4-6 record they would enter the final strech of games. They would end up going 3-3 in this stretch finishing the season with a 7-9 record.

After the week 13 victory against the Orange County Otters, during the player interviews, Corvo would announce his retirement at the end of the season. Quoting that his body feels too far behind his competition and wanting to create a path for Luke Skywalker, who had been playing down in the DSFL waiting for a spot in the NSFL.

Following his announcement social media blew up congratulating Havran on his career. His old team the Baltimore Hawks even chimed in on his career. Havran thanked them all and announced that his involvement in the sports world would not end here. Rumors currently say that Havran has been appointed as Quarterback Coach for the Honolulu Hahalua.

NSFL career statistics

Career statistics Passing Rushing
Season Team Games Completed Attempts PCT Yards Touch downs Interceptions Rating Attempts Yards Touch downs
2031 BAL 13 267 483 55.3 3258 14 11 76.4 10 107 1
2032 BAL 13 284 475 59.8 3590 31 11 95.5 18 50 1
2033 BAL 13 315 557 56.6 4387 28 9 92.1 37 202 2
2034 BAL 13 285 468 60.9 3653 27 8 97.5 30 96 0
2035 BAL 13 255 444 57.4 3240 20 10 86.0 57 147 2
2036 BAL 13 236 433 54.5 3333 32 4 100.4 15 52 0
2037 HON 13 212 362 58.6 2374 8 9 75.2 12 30 0
2038 HON 16 268 492 54.5 2947 13 11 71.9 44 142 1
Total 107 2122 3714 57.2 26782 173 73 86.9 223 826 7

NSFL career Playoff statistics

Career statistics Passing Rushing
Season Team Games Completed Attempts PCT Yards Touch downs Interceptions Rating Attempts Yards Touch downs
2032 BAL 3 64 129 49.6 984 7 2 88.1 2 -2 0
2033 BAL 2 55 89 61.8 603 2 4 73.3 14 61 0
2034 BAL 2 37 60 61.7 484 3 1 96.8 4 8 0
2035 BAL 1 19 41 46.3 322 2 1 79.5 2 15 0
2036 BAL 1 20 39 51.3 192 1 1 63.2 2 2 0
Total 9 195 358 54.1 2585 15 9 80.1 24 84 0

Achievements and records

DSFL Awards

  • S14 - Offensive Rookie of the Year
  • S14 - Quarterback of the Year

NSFL Awards

  • S17 - Quarterback of the Year
  • S17 - NSFL Most Valuable Player
  • S18 - Quarterback of the Year
  • S19 - Quarterback of the Year