Adam Mellott

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Adam Mellott
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Mellott in NOLA
No. 71 – New Orleans Second Line
Position:Offensive Lineman
Personal information
Born: (2016-11-06)November 6, 2016 (aged 35)
Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Height:6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
Weight:340 lb (154 kg)
Career information
College:Virginia Tech
ISFL Draft:2040 / Round: 2 / Pick: 19
DSFL Draft:2039 / Round: 8 / Pick: 62
Career history
Roster status:Retired

Adam Mellott (born November 6, 2016) is an American football offensive lineman for the Tijuana Luchadores of the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL) and the New Orleans Second Line of the International Simulation Football League (ISFL).

Early years

Football did not come naturally to Mellott. He never grew up with it, nor was there any real interest in it in his early childhood. His father liked it sure, but he didn’t love it and he consistently talked about players being divas and bums and very rarely did he give compliments to them. This was one of the reasons he grew up not caring much for football. Another, more major reason he never was interested was he never got the opportunity to play while he was young. His mother and father had been separated since his birth, so even though having two different families was a normal thing for Mellott, it made it almost impossible to do any type of sports since his mother had him on week days and father had weekends. Most sports games were played on weekends, so he never was put into them. Therefore, his whole childhood, and most of his early life, football played a non-factor.

It wasn’t until high school that Mellott had his first real experience with football. His mother moved right before his first year of high school, leaving him with no friends and a completely new life ahead of him. His family finally let him play football for the first time, and since he was a little bit bigger than most of the other kids, he was put in as an offensive lineman. He didn’t start his first year and barely got any playing time, and the rest of his high school football career was around the same. So Mellott went on riding the bench most of his high school career. While this upset him, he still kept supporting the team and all the other players, and when he did have a chance to go out on the field, he had a blast and didn’t do too bad. Unfortunately, with his lack of knowledge and playing time, he was not offered any scholarships to any colleges, so his football career ended for now.

College career

Adam Mellott attended Virginia Tech to achieve a Mechanical Engineering degree. By this point, he had not received any offers to play football at any college, so instead he watched and supported the VT football team and program. By this time, Mellott’s love for football was finally starting to blossom. He started following different football teams, watching tape on other players, following the offseason and the draft religiously and just finally finding his love for the sport. He always wished he could go back to high school with the knowledge he knew then, because it might have drastically changed his life. Since this wasn’t possible, he instead looked forward. He started training himself and reach the levels of a college level linemen. It took two long and painful years, but finally Mellott’s life changed forever.

Three of the starting OL players on the VT had gone down due to injury, and the depth was pulled very thin. The VT football program decided to hold tryouts, and Mellott, in his junior year and training for this moment, was easily the best player in tryouts, and was accepted onto the team. But sadly, even though he impressed the coaching staff, he still stayed a depth piece, and got little reps his first season. He took this year to learn the system and his responsibilities, and even though he did not get much playing time, his drive and work ethic led to him playing for the team his last year. He still was a depth piece at first as he was just a tryout player originally and behind the starters, but two of the started had graduated the year before, leaving more questions than answers on the OL. Mellott started the season as a 6th man, learning and playing each position incase of an injury. It turns out, he didn’t have to wait long. The new LT of the team played poorly during the preseason, and Mellott outplayed him during practice, so when week 1 came around, Mellott was the new starting LT. From there on, he had a solid season, becoming a wall in the passing game and doing decently well in the running game. He even played relatively well against some of the best pass rushers in college. By the end of the year, he was one of the players considered to become an All-American, but the award went to someone else, and people yet again started to forget about Mellott. While his teammates and coaching staff saw his play and potential, the rest of the country didn’t see it as much.

College career statistics

Career statistics Offensive Line
Season Team Games Pancakes Sacks Allowed
2037 VT 3 13 0
Career statistics Offensive Line
Season Team Games Pancakes Sacks Allowed
2038 VT 13 67 4

Professional career

DSFL career

The ISFL reached out to Mellott after seeing some of the upside he could bring. He gladly accepted a chance to continue playing football professionally and is slated to be drafted in the DSFL league on August 6th. Although he still has a lot to prove. He only played one full year as a starter in college, and he is a relatively unknown player. Even in the national prospect bowl he got little to no playing time most games, being just a depth OL player. On August 6th, 2038, Adam Mellott was selected by the Tijuana Luchadors in the 8th round at pick 62.

Pre-draft measurables
Ht Wt 40‑yd dash 20‑ss 3‑cone Vert jump Broad BP Wonderlic
6 ft 8 in
(2.03 m)
340 lb
(154 kg)
4.93 s 4.88 s 7.95 s 33 in
(0.84 m)
9 ft 2 in
(2.79 m)
28 reps 30

Adam Mellott immediately started as the LT of the team, and played a major part in the success of the team. Helping the team have one of the strongest running attacks in the league. For the first half of the season Mellott also was on the best OL in the league. His production dipped a little bit in the second half of the season, but he was still able to put up respectable numbers while also contributing to Tijuana's absolutely dominate running attack. His team ended up being the best in the league with a 10-4 record. Unfortunately though, in the first round of the playoffs the Norfolk Seawolves stole the win from Tijuana with a pick in overtime and a field goal to win it, knocking Tijuana out of the playoffs.

Upset from the loss, Mellott, who had been assigned Team Captain for the offense, helped out Tijuana as best as he could for the draft and vowed to help take Tijuana to the championship he believes this team deserves. After most of the players from Tijuana were able to stay down and were not called up, he firmly believes that Tijuana can once again become the best team this coming season with a good draft.

ISFL career

On September 25th, 2039, the New Orleans Second Line traded up and picked Adam Mellott in the second round at pick 19. His ISFL career would have to wait though as the team and Mellott both wanted him to go back and play for Tijuana one more year. That year Mellott improved his game a bit and showed a stronger showing and ended the season with a better performance overall than his rookie year. His team, the Tijuana Luchadores, also made it to the Ultimini and pulled off the win to give him a championship ring. After this season, he was called up to play for New Orleans.

In S26 Mellott's start to his ISFL career started off bumpy. He put up decent numbers but showed he needed a ton of work in the pass protection game as he gave up 4 sacks allowed as a LT. Still, he helped lead NOLA to one of the best rushing games in the league and an Ultimus appearence, but they fell short. His next season in S27 Mellott worked on his craft and finally reached his potential, recording one of the best OLine seasons seen at that point in the league and winning an OLOTY award. He also helped NOLA make a back to back Ultimus appearance, but again fell short. Mellott continues his dominance in his prime from S28-S30, posting some of the best OLine seasons the league has seen, making a few pro bowls, all-pros, and another OLOTY award.

Unfortunately, outside of Mellott's two first seasons, NOLA did not have much playoff success. In S31, Mellott gave up his LT spot he held since first entering the league to his young up and coming OLine partner Cade Williams. Mellott's performance started to decline overtime as age and playing out of position caught up to him, but he was still solid overall. Mellott played RT for two seasons, from S31-S32 before switching back to his native LT position in S33 where he immediatly performed better but not on the same level as his prime.

In S33, after sitting down with the organization with himself and his fellow Offensive Lineman partner Cade Williams, Williams decided he wanted to swap to Defensive Line, which left the Left Tackle position open again, which Mellott happily took back as it was his native position. He immediately saw an improval in his play compared to his last two season at Right Tackle. Unfortanatly, the New Orleans Second Line had another disappointing season overall as after many close games they eventually ended with the worst record in the league at 3-13 and the 1st overall pick. The offensive line though in general was pretty solid, especially in run blocking. While the majority of the team was unable to perform very well, the running game in NOLA continued to be one of the strongest in the league. Mellott led the way to the 2nd rushing offense in the league and continued the streak of having a Top 3 running offense since S31. After the championship Mellott pondered the idea of retiring from the game.

Mellott announced on Febuary 5th, 2048 that the S34 season would be his final season and he would be retiring after a 10 year career. He now looks to have one final season as a last hurrah before hanging up the cleats.

Professional career statistics

Career statistics Offensive Line
Season Team Games Pancakes Sacks Allowed
2039 Luchadores 14 48 1
2040 Luchadores 14 53 1
2041 Second Line 16 72 4
2042 Second Line 16 118 0
2043 Second Line 16 122 0
2044 Second Line 16 100 0
2045 Second Line 16 126 0
2046 Second Line 16 80 0
2047 Second Line 16 73 1
2048 Second Line 16 95 1

Achievements and records


S25 Tijuana Luchadore Ultimini Champion, S27 Offensive Lineman of the Year Award, S30 Offensive Lineman of the Year Award, S28 Unaminous First Team All-Pro Tackle (First Season All-Pro Award Was Introduced), S30 Unaminous First Team All-Pro Tackle, S24 DSFL Pro Bowler, S25 DSFL Pro Bowler, S26 ISFL Pro Bowler, S27 ISFL Pro Bowler, S28 ISFL Pro Bowler, S30 ISFL Pro Bowler