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American Simulation Football Conference
AZ.png OCO.png SJS.png NOLA.png
Arizona Outlaws Orange County Otters San Jose Sabercats New Orleans Second Line
AUS.png HON.png NYS.png  
Austin Copperheads Honolulu Hahalua New York Silverbacks  
National Simulation Football Conference
BAL new.png COL.png YKW.png PHI.png
Baltimore Hawks Colorado Yeti Yellowknife Wraiths Philadelphia Liberty
Butcherslogo.png SAR.png BER.png  
Chicago Butchers Sarasota Sailfish Berlin Fire Salamanders  


Northern Football Conference
KCC S16 Logo.png Royal Crest.png MIN.png Pythons.png
Kansas City Coyotes London Royals Minnesota Grey Ducks Portland Pythons
Southern Football Conference
Birddogs logo.png BBWiki.png NF.png TIJ.png
Dallas Birddogs Bondi Beach Buccaneers Norfolk Seawolves Tijuana Luchadores