ISFL Most Outstanding Player Award

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ISFL Most Outstanding Player
Given forThe player voted as "most outstanding" in the ISFL the previous season, by currently active players
Presented byISFL Head Office
First award2016
Mike Boss was named NSFL MOP three times, more than any other player in history.

The International Simulation Football League Most Outstanding Player Award (ISFL MOP) was an award given by the ISFL players association to the American football player who is considered the most outstanding in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL). Since the 2016 season, the ISFL has held the annual ISFL Awards ceremony to recognize the winner of the MOP award and all other awards. The award was discontinued after the 2025 ISFL season, but recontinued after the 2047 ISFL season.

ISFL MOP Award winners

The ISFL players association presented a MOP award from 2016 to 2025 and restarted in 2047. The award was voted upon by all players currently playing in the ISFL at the end of the post season, though the results were not announced to the public until the following preseason.

Season Player Team Position
2016 Angus Winchester Orange County Otters Offensive lineman
2017 Jayce Tuck Arizona Outlaws Defensive end
2018 Mike Boss Orange County Otters Quarterback
2019 Mike Boss (2) Orange County Otters Quarterback
2020 Jordan Yates Orange County Otters Running back
2021 Mike Boss (3) Orange County Otters Quarterback
2022 Mat Akselsen Yellowknife Wraiths Quarterback
2023 Darren Smallwood New Orleans Second Line Running back
2024 Darren Smallwood (2) New Orleans Second Line Running back
2025 Owen Taylor Baltimore Hawks Running back
2047 Dexter Zaylren Berlin Fire Salamanders Quarterback
2048 Melvin Murder-Moose Colorado Yeti Linebacker
2049 Jay Cue Jr. / Live Laughlove Arizona Outlaws / Colorado Yeti Running back / Quarterback
2050 Jay Cue Jr. (2) Arizona Outlaws Running back