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User timeconsumer currently holds the title of most MDU's won with 4.

The National Simulation Football League Most Dedicated User Award (MDU) is an award given by the NSFL HO & GM committee to the user who is considered the most dedicated in the National Simulation Football League (NSFL). Since 2016 (S1), the NSFL has held the annual NSFL Awards Ceremony to recognize the winner of the MDU award and all other awards.

NSFL MDU Award winners

The NSFL HO & GM committee has presented a MDU award since 2016 (S1). The award is voted upon by a panel of 15 dedicated head office members and general managers at the end of the post season, though the results are not announced to the public until the following preseason.

Season Player Team
2016 (S1) ErMurazor Arizona Outlaws
2017 (S2) ErMurazor (2) Arizona Outlaws
2018 (S3) ErMurazor (3) Arizona Outlaws
2019 (S4) White Cornerback Yellowknife Wraiths
2020 (S5) White Cornerback (2) Yellowknife Wraiths
2021 (S6) timeconsumer Orange County Otters
2022 (S7) timeconsumer (2) Orange County Otters
2023 (S8) timeconsumer (3) Orange County Otters
2024 (S9) 37thchamber Baltimore Hawks
2025 (S10) To12143 San Jose SaberCats
2026 (S11) timeconsumer (4) Orange County Otters
2027 (S12) Infinitempg Colorado Yeti
2028 (S13) Sweetwater San Jose SaberCats
2029 (S14) PDXBaller Baltimore Hawks
2030 (S15) Sweetwater (2) Yellowknife Wraiths
2031 (S16) Frick_Nasty Colorado Yeti
2032 (S17) ADwyer87 Baltimore Hawks
2033 (S18) Eco Baltimore Hawks
2034 (S19) ADwyer87 (2) Yellowknife Wraiths
2035 (S20) Manicmav36 Yellowknife Wraiths
2036 (S21) Infinitempg (2) Colorado Yeti
2037 (S22) Bex New Orleans Second Line
2038 (S23) Exilizer Baltimore Hawks
2039 (S24) Caltroit Red Flames New Orleans Second Line
2040 (S25) JPach New Orleans Second Line
2041 (S26) The Sim Transfer Team Dog In A Box
2042 (S27) infinitempg Colorado Yeti
2043 (S28) DarknessRising Yellowknife Wraiths
2044 (S29) Dude_man New Orleans Second Line
2045 (S30) Blasoon Orange County Otters
2046 (S31) KoltClassic San Jose Sabercats
2047 (S32) Laser Berlin Fire Salamanders
2048 (S33) Pat Philadelphia Liberty
2049 (S34) RussDrivesTheBus San Jose Sabercats
2050 (S35) Maglubiyet Sarasota Sailfish
2051 (S36) Swanty Philadelphia Liberty
2052 (S37) domffl Yellowknife Wraiths
2053 (S38) Kotasa Arizona Outlaws
2054 (S39) Raven Honolulu Hahalua
2055 (S40) slate Orange County Otters