ISFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

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ISFL Defensive Rookie of the Year
Given forThe best defensive rookie in the ISFL the previous season
Presented byISFL Head Office
First award2017
Most recentGrayson Yates, Colorado Yeti

The ISFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award is presented annually to the defensive rookie adjudged by the ISFL Head Office and league general managers to be the best in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL). The award is not yet named for a specific person.


Season Player Team Position
2017 (S2) Tyler Oles Philadelphia Liberty Cornerback
2018 (S3) Franklin Harris Jr. Arizona Outlaws Cornerback
2019 (S4) Noah Goodson Arizona Outlaws Linebacker
Blackford Oakes Las Vegas Legion Safety
2020 (S5) Terrell Brister Las Vegas Legion Cornerback
Ryan Sierra Orange County Otters Defensive tackle
2021 (S6) Austin Roenick Baltimore Hawks Linebacker
2022 (S7) Desta Danger Colorado Yeti Cornerback
Vladimir Fyodorovich Orange County Otters
2023 (S8) Mason Brown Orange County Otters Linebacker
2024 (S9) Bucky Barnes Arizona Outlaws Safety
2025 (S10) Kolby Deringer San Jose Sabercats Linebacker
2026 (S11) Alex Selich Arizona Outlaws Linebacker
2027 (S12) Charlie Trout Baltimore Hawks Linebacker
2028 (S13) Johnny Snuggles Yellowknife Wraiths Cornerback
2029 (S14) Knute Knurtsson Yellowknife Wraiths Safety
2030 (S15) Mo Berry Colorado Yeti Linebacker
2031 (S16) Lanzer Grievous Orange County Otters Linebacker
2032 (S17) Julian McNorris Philadelphia Liberty Cornerback
2033 (S18) Pete Parker Colorado Yeti Safety
2034 (S19) Mack Arianlacher New Orleans Second Line Linebacker
2035 (S20) Kyle Idlewyld Austin Copperheads Defensive End
2036 (S21) Immanuel Blackstone Colorado Yeti Defensive End
2037 (S22) Ugarth the Dissector New Orleans Second Line Linebacker
2038 (S23) Son Goku Sarasota Sailfish Defensive End
2039 (S24) LeSean Paris Crooks Baltimore Hawks Safety
2040 (S25) Melvin Murder-Moose Colorado Yeti Linebacker
2041 (S26) Etrigan T. Slayer Baltimore Hawks Defensive End
2042 (S27) Vincent Jones Jr. New Orleans Second Line Linebacker
2043 (S28) Marlon Brando Berlin Fire Salamanders Defensive end
2044 (S29) Xavier Walls Philadelphia Liberty Linebacker
2045 (S30) Jacob Raske Berlin Fire Salamanders Safety
2046 (S31) Dominos Pizzamn Orange County Otters Defensive tackle
2047 (S32) Pasta the Turtle Baltimore Hawks Safety
2048 (S33) Doc Fireball New Orleans Second Line Linebacker
2049 (S34) Rumble Ronson Chicago Butchers Running back
2050 (S35) Ganyu (Blake Baskin) New Orleans Second Line Linebacker
2051 (S36) Mason Jones Colorado Yeti Linebacker
2052 (S37) Kevin Mcthumper Berlin Fire Salamanders Linebacker
2053 (S38) Grayson Yates Colorado Yeti Linebacker
2054 (S39) Antoine Winfield Jr. Baltimore Hawks Safety
2055 (S40) NotSo Smart Arizona Outlaws Safety

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