ISFL Defensive Player of the Year

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ISFL Defensive Player of the Year
Given forThe best defensive player in the NSFL the previous season
Presented byISFL Head Office
First award2016
Most recentXavier Walls, Hahalua

The ISFL Defensive Player of the Year' award is presented annually to the defensive player adjudged by the ISFL Head Office and league general managers to be the best in the in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL). The award is not yet named for a specific person.


Year Player Team
2016 Isaiah Rashad Outlaws
2017 Jayce Tuck Outlaws
2018 Jayce Tuck (2) Outlaws
2019 Dan Miller Sabercats
2020 Harrif Ernston Outlaws
2021 Antoine Delacour Hawks
2022 Ian Bavitz Otters
2023 Boss Tweed Wraiths
2024 Dermot Lavelle Wraiths
2025 Boss Tweed (2) Wraiths
Mason Brown Otters
2026 Chad Pennington Wraiths
2027 Mason Brown (2) Otters
2028 Julian O'Sullivan Second Line
2029 Alex Selich Outlaws
2030 Arbin Asipi III Hawks
2031 Raymond Vans Outlaws
2032 Danny Grithead Wraiths
2033 Chase Jensen Copperheads
2034 Richard D’Attoria V Liberty
2035 Mo Berry Yeti
2036 Mo Berry (2) Yeti
2037 Mo Berry (3) Yeti
2038 Galf Wilf Outlaws
2039 Derred De Ville Hawks
2040 Galf Wilf (2) Outlaws
2041 David Rector Second Line
2042 Melvin Murder-Moose Yeti
2043 Dex Kennedy Copperheads
2044 Tyler Montain Copperheads
2045 Rickie Vaughne Sabercats
2046 Juan Domine Butchers
2047 Big Slammu Hahalua
2048 Jacob Raske Fire Salamanders
2049 Orpheus Czargyros Sabercats
2050 Xavier Walls Hahalua

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