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Jackson Kingston was named the ISFL offensive MIP during the 2040 (S25) season.

The International Simulation Football League Breakout Player of the Year Awards (formerly NSFL MIP, Most Improved Player or Breakout Player of the Year) is an award given by the NSFL HO & GM committee to the American football player who is considered the most improved since last season in the International Simulation Football League (ISFL). Since 2038 (S23), the league has presented separate awards for the Offensive and Defensive Breakout Players of the Year.

ISFL Breakout Player of the Year Award winners

The ISFL Awards Committee has presented a Breakout Player of the Year award since 2017 (S2). The award is voted upon by a panel of 15 dedicated head office members and general managers at the end of the post season, though the results are not announced to the public until the following preseason.

Season Player Team Position
2017 (S2) Erasmo Broadway Baltimore Hawks Linebacker
2018 (S3) Dan Miller San Jose SaberCats Defensive tackle
2019 (S4) Owen Taylor Baltimore Hawks Running back
Clee Hardrool Yellowknife Wraiths Free safety
2020 (S5) Eric Kennedy Yellowknife Wraiths Running back
2021 (S6) Cameron Taylor Yellowknife Wraiths Strong safety
Ian Bavitz Orange County Otters Free safety
2022 (S7) Haruki Ishigawa Colorado Yeti Linebacker
2023 (S8) Carter Bush Philadelphia Liberty Running back
2024 (S9) Mason Brown Orange County Otters Linebacker
2025 (S10) Viggo Squanch Arizona Outlaws Wide receiver
2026 (S11) Vincent Valentine Baltimore Hawks Wide receiver
2027 (S12) Damien Arnold New Orleans Second Line Safety
2028 (S13) Jordan Von Matt Philadelphia Liberty Wide receiver
2029 (S14) Sam Hardwick Arizona Outlaws Wide receiver
2030 (S15) Arbin Asipi III Baltimore Hawks Defensive back
2031 (S16) Cameron Olsen San Jose Sabercats Tight end
2032 (S17) Quentin Sinclair Colorado Yeti Cornerback
2033 (S18) Easton Cole Austin Copperheads Quarterback
2034 (S19) Ludicolo Bigby Baltimore Hawks Running back
2035 (S20) Wayne Howyanow Philadelphia Liberty Linebacker
2036 (S21) Darrel Williams Baltimore Hawks Running back

Offensive Breakout Player Award winners

Season Player Team Position
2037 (S22) Deondre Thomas-Fox San Jose Sabercats Wide receiver
2038 (S23) William Lim Colorado Yeti Wide receiver
2039 (S24) Michael Witheblock Sarasota Sailfish Wide receiver
2040 (S25) Jackson Kingston New York Silverbacks Wide receiver
2041 (S26) Taro Raimon Arizona Outlaws Wide receiver
2042 (S27) Raphael Delacour Colorado Yeti Wide receiver
2043 (S28) Calvin Golladay Arizona Outlaws Offensive lineman
2044 (S29) Cmon Skiuuup Berlin Fire Salamanders Wide receiver
2045 (S30) Deadly Memes Arizona Outlaws Running back
2046 (S31) Jay Cue Jr. Yellowknife Wraiths Running back
2047 (S32) John Huntsman Sarasota Sailfish Running back
2048 (S33) Cliff Burton Austin Copperheads Wide receiver
2049 (S34) Rejoignez Lordresombre Chicago Butchers Wide receiver
2050 (S35) Lonnie Jackson Philadelphia Liberty Running back

Defensive Breakout Player Award winners

Season Player Team Position
2037 (S22) David Rector New Orleans Second Line Cornerback
2038 (S23) Spike Suzuki Philadelphia Liberty Linebacker
Douglas Quaid Yellowknife Wraiths
2039 (S24) Haha Mango-Panda Sarasota Sailfish Linebacker
2040 (S25) Jack Banks New York Silverbacks Linebacker
2041 (S26) Bob Roberts New York Silverbacks Safety
2042 (S27) Rusty Rucker Colorado Yeti Linebacker
2043 (S28) Dex Kennedy Austin Copperheads Linebacker
2044 (S29) Honky Tonk Haywood Philadelphia Liberty Defensive tackle
2045 (S30) C.J. Sonjack Philadelphia Liberty Cornerback
2046 (S31) Makota Otawara New York Silverbacks Linebacker
2047 (S32) Chathackrius Smith IV Austin Copperheads Safety
2048 (S33) Orpheus Czargyros San Jose Sabercats Linebacker
2049 (S34) Marlon Brando Berlin Fire Salamanders Defensive end
2050 (S35) Kalam Mekhar Yellowknife Wraiths Cornerback