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| current_team        = Portland Pythons
| current_team        = Portland Pythons
| position            = Defensive End
| position            = Defensive End
| birth_date          = {{birth date and age2|{{CurrentDate/yy}}|{{CurrentDate/mm}}|{{CurrentDate/dd}}|2021|13|8}}
| birth_date          = {{birth date and age2|{{CurrentDate/yy}}|{{CurrentDate/mm}}|{{CurrentDate/dd}}|2020|13|8}}
| birth_place        = Bedourie, [[wp:Australia|Australia]]
| birth_place        = Bedourie, [[wp:Australia|Australia]]
| death_date          = <!-- not needed unless the player is actually dead -->
| death_date          = <!-- not needed unless the player is actually dead -->

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Demon Jaxson
A young Demon Jaxson taming his first wild animal
No. 17 – Portland Pythons
Position:Defensive End
Personal information
Born: (2020-13-08)January 8, 2020 (aged 25)
Bedourie, Australia
Height:6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Weight:300 lb (136 kg)
Career information
High school:Did Not Attend High School
College:Pomona College
Career history
Roster status:Active

Demon Jaxson (born January 8, 2022) is an American football defensive end for the Portland Pythons of the Developmental Simulation Football League (DSFL).

Early years

Demon Jaxson was born in Bedourie, Queensland in Australia. The identity of his parents are unknown and it is assumed that they died when he was a young boy. As a youth, living in the wild Outback, Jaxson quickly learned how to fend for himself, fighting off the wild animals of the Outback. His bush tucker diet helped accelerate his growth and increase his strength and speed. Jaxson was also self taught in maths and can play the piano, aswell as speak four languages. At the ripe age of 17, Jaxson decided to uproot from his shack in Australia and go to follow his dream of studying Neuroscience in the USA.

However, when he arrived at the land of the free, he quickly realised that he wouldn't be able to afford college. Jaxson had an idea though, living in Australia, he had been decent at the sport Aussie Rules, and so, he began writing to schools offering to play sports for them if they allowed him to work on his Neuroscience degree while he did it. Ponoma College saw his letter and were in awe of his physical attributes, and so, took him up on the offer, they told him he would have to play running back and defensive end for them, and so, thus began his collegiate career.

College career

In his Freshman season at Pomona, Jaxson was and instant success on both sides of the ball. At running back he averaged 7.2 YPC on 152 attempts, giving him a total 1095 yards and 13 TDs. At defensive end Jaxson didn't play as many snaps, but still finished the season with 8.5 sacks,2 forced fumbles and a pick 6. However his outstanding displays didn't help the teams overall performance, and the team finished the season with a poor 3-6 record.

Jaxson only got better going into his sophomore season. Running the ball, he averaged 8.7 YPC on 168 attempts giving him a whopping 1461 yards and 17 TDs, aswell as this, he caught 15 passes for 254 yards and 3 TDs. This left him with 1715 yards from scrimmage and 20 TDs. From defensive end, Jaxson notched 11 sacks,3 FFs and 2 picks with 1 defensive TD. Once again however, Jaxsons individual performances were not enough for the team and they finished with a 5-4 record. Jaxson did manage to pick up some individual silverware, winning the Gagliardi Trophy and the Melberger Award. This was Jaxsons last season with Pomona, as he went to the pros soon after.

College career statistics

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Professional career

Pre-draft measurables
Ht Wt 40‑yd dash 20‑ss 3‑cone Vert jump Broad BP Wonderlic
6 ft 6 in
(1.98 m)
300 lb
(136 kg)
4.54 s 4.1 s 8 s 35 in
(0.89 m)
10 ft 0 in
(3.05 m)
33 reps 47

Professional career statistics

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Achievements and records

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